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Will TNT renew ‘Leverage’?


Should TNT bring back "Leverage" for a sixth season

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Atlanta-based TNT has one drama that it has not renewed so far on its current lineup: “Leverage,” which is in its fifth season.

The season finale is on Christmas Day and is titled “The Long Good-Bye Job,” which is effectively an anticipation that this is the series finale.

TNT is still on the fence about “Leverage.” It has garnered decent ratings, but TNT even though it is expanding its original lineup, it still has finite resources. Already, the network has three new successful shows this summer: “Dallas,” “Perception” and ‘Major Crimes” while losing only “The Closer.” It has a few new shows percolating, including David E. Kelley’s highly anticipated “Monday Mornings,” based on a book by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta.

So it’s a bit of a chess game in terms of whether “Leverage” has enough leverage to garner one more season.

Dean Devlin, the creator of TNT’s “Leverage,” decided to send an open letter to fans, perhaps to get them to rise up and create a social media revolution to keep the show around:

Dear Leverage Fans,

As of the writing of this letter, we still do not know if there will be a season six of our show.  Just as we didn’t know when we created the last three episodes which are about to air.  Because of this uncertainty, John Rogers and I decided to end this season with the episode we had planned to make to end the series, way back when we shot the pilot.  So, the episode that will air on Christmas is, in fact, the series finale we had always envisioned.

This is not to say we would not do a season six should we get the opportunity. Everyone involved with the show, from the cast, the crew, the writers and producers, would like nothing more than to continue telling these stories.  But, in case we do not get that opportunity we felt that, creatively, after 77 episodes, we owed it to you, our fans, to end the show properly.

I sincerely hope you watch these last three episodes.  They build to our conclusion.  And the finale, I believe, is the most powerful episode we’ve ever done.

From all of us who make the show, thank you for watching, supporting and encouraging us.  I’ve never experienced a fandom as intense, loyal and wonderful as you all.

Let’s go steal a series finale!

TNT has declined to comment beyond to say it hasn’t made any final decisions yet.

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December 7th, 2012
3:34 pm

One of my favorite shows, I hope TNT gives us one more season – when is the last time there has been a show about modern day Robin Hoods?

Jeff Leiboff

December 7th, 2012
4:44 pm

It’s gotten really weird, but it’s still better than 90 of the other crap on TV these days.

Mercedes S.

December 7th, 2012
5:39 pm

It us to be one of my favorite shows but in its new time slot it competed against so many other shows I follow and I couldn’t record them all.


December 7th, 2012
9:34 pm

Leverage needs and should be renewed! Its the best all time show of any kind out there. It has every thing you want in a TV show! Drama,laughs,crys! It has you at the edge of your seat and wanting to see more. I think there should not only be more seasons but also more ep’s per season.Love this show and want a season 6 and more seasons after that.I will not watch any TNT shows if they can not renew such a great show.The number 1 Drama show in and on any network.


December 7th, 2012
9:35 pm

TNT needs to RENEW LEVERAGE season 6.


December 7th, 2012
9:38 pm

I absolutely love this show. The characters are great and the actors who play them even greater. I have everything crossed that TNT realise what a huge fan base Leverage has and comes to its senses and renews this fantastic show.

Lou Skunt

December 7th, 2012
9:41 pm

Renew it if it’s getting decent ratings. Dallas will fade out quickly without JR.

deborah ankrum

December 7th, 2012
10:16 pm

Leverage is my favorite show I love the action, humor and interaction of the characters.

SL Brandon

December 7th, 2012
10:36 pm

Love this family friendly show. The whole cast has a phenomenal chemistry and the writers keep it fresh and interesting. I’m sorry I don’t get why TNT is dragging their feet on this one. If they’re trying to shoot themselves in the foot, they’re doing a good job of it. I sincerely hope they renew and soon.


December 7th, 2012
11:35 pm

I have watched Leverage since the beginning. The acting is supurb. The story lines are great. It is different from anything else on TV, so that is the best reason to keep it on. Dallas does not hold a candle to Leverage. I hope the “Powers that be” reconsider and renew it immediately.

ann ryce

December 8th, 2012
12:52 am

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ann ryce

December 8th, 2012
1:13 am

Leverage is a fantastic show and should be renewed for several more seasons. At the beginning Eliot, Parker, and Hardison were social outcasts who trusted no one nor showed emotions. Nate came along and brought them back to the real world by teaching them to work together and open up through their cons that helped others. It didnt take 43 minutebut was a slow 5 yr process that we have come to love! They are our family now, and we can see some of ourselves in each character. Our fan base is worldwide not to mention fan groups that have been created. TNT seems to forget people are the ones that watch the shows and if we decide NOT to watch TNT and convince our frineds not to, what will happen. We have learned through Leverage, we CAN take down big companies. We have also learned we CAN run a few “CONS”of our own, Leverage is VERY educational as well as excellant family viewing. We will and are ready to fight for more seasons and we WILL be heard around the WORLD!
let’ go steal a season 6!!


December 8th, 2012
2:07 am

PS Another reason why Leverage is so good, it gives the common man the chance to feel that someone is getting even, for all of us, with all of these big businesses for their greed, producing poor quality products in foregin countries (taking what used to be American jobs), and their attitude regarding the average person , that we don’t matter for anything.
I will be done with TNT if Leverage is cancelled. I am sick to death of teenage shows, about vampires, singing and dancing contests, reality shows starrring no talent people, etc. Oh, there is that greed factor again….producing lousy shows that cost little to make (reality).


December 8th, 2012
6:36 am


December 8th, 2012
7:52 am


December 8th, 2012
9:01 am

We need Leverage. This is the only show on TV that gives me hope that there are actually good people in the world willing to go the extra mile to help the helpless. Leverage is a show that I can watch with anyone, including children, and not be inundated with innapropriate content. Absolutely the best show on tv. TNT has nothing else that comes close.


December 8th, 2012
9:12 am

I hope that it will be renewed but I’m glad there will be a proper ending if it’s not.


December 8th, 2012
9:42 am

I am so tired of this… TNT has treated the creators, producers, writers, and cast of this show with complete disrespect for their talent and their work. I have had all of TNT I can take and as of today I am not watching anything on TNT EXCEPT Leverage…if they renew I’ll rethink that position..if they don’t, I’ll never watch another thing on a channel that cancels a show as fun, entertaining, intelligent, and just joyful to watch and renews crap like Franklin and Bash.


December 8th, 2012
9:49 am

TNT must renew Leverage!!! Original and entertaining, a delight to the minds of viewers, a show the whole family can watch! Leverage has all the elements of a hit show and appeals to many different types of fans. With it’s hard hitting, high flying, spectacular stunts, and fantastic special effects, along with it’s intricately planned, high tech, well executed, extravagant cons, Leverage always gets two thumbs up from me! With a good dose of “wit” to keep us laughing and smiling and just enough “awww” moments in the relationships between characters, makes this show complete! “We provide Leverage”, “…sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.”, and “Let’s go steal a…”, you know what to expect, and they never disappoint! It is so well written and directed, each episode in itself is complete, yet still leaves it open for a new adventure each week. With the assembly of the most amazing cast, who so fantastically portray their characters, you can’t help but love them. Love watching these “modern day Robin Hoods” help the “little guy”! They’ve brought down some great adversaries over the years and look forward each week to who guest stars next. We’ve watched closely as they unravel the many layers of each character, yet they leave enough unanswered questions, and create a few new ones, to keep you coming back for more. Leverage needs a season 6 and beyond!!!


December 8th, 2012
10:18 am

My job keeps me from being able to watch most television shows because I work through primetime, but Leverage is the ONE show I kept up with and up to date by shear willpower. I plan the week around Leverage. The writing and the production is top notch. The cast is stellar and the men behind it are Chris Downey, John Rogers and freaking Dean Devlin!!!!!! This would be the brilliant men behind Hollywood hits (writer, producer, director)- American Outlaws, Transformers, The Core, Stargate, Independence Day, The Patriot and the TV series King of Queens. These men KNOW how to blend the perfect mix of drama and comedy. Leverage is beautifully blended. My family’s hobby seems to be making Leverage fans (Grifters) out of everyone. We have yet to introduce someone to the show without them becoming a fan. It is THAT amazing. If TNT decides against it, I won’t have any use for television at all. My BluRay player will get a lot more exercise because there is nothing worth watching on television anymore. TNT wants to go the reality route, good riddance is all I can say. And they’ll have to lose their tag, because FAKE REALITY drama (aka Drama Queen) is NOT drama.


December 8th, 2012
10:32 am

Leverage is my favorite TV show and I haven’t missed a single episode. On the contrary. I’ve watched every episode more than once! I love the characters and I love the stories. I really hope that TNT will come to their senses and renew Leverage!


December 8th, 2012
11:05 am

leverage is the best show on TT best show on TV please Renew this show for many more seasons


December 8th, 2012
12:12 pm

Please renew this show, it is one of the best on TV and I have loved it from the beggining, and still do!!! It is a wonderful show for TNT, and will continue to be so. Grifters forever!!!


December 8th, 2012
12:13 pm

I have loved Leverage since the pilot and have never missed an episode. I have stuck with the show despite TNT making it sometimes hard to find by moving it around and hardly ever promoting it. This show deserves to be renewed! It is smart, adult programming that has great storytelling and provides a good message. It has just the right mix of drama, humor and action to always be fun, while never becoming too graphic for my children to also watch and enjoy. The actors while each individually great, are an amazing ensemble cast and the writers never disappoint with their smart and funny dialog.
I never miss Leverage. I loved The Closer and now love Major Crimes. I enjoy Rizzoli & Isles but could get by without it. I watch Angel in the mornings on TNT if I am up before the kids and find I turn on The Mentalist in the afternoons. I am only one person, but TNT will lose my viewership if they do not keep the best show on television and renew Leverage. I find it is very disrespectful of them to keep the fans waiting for so long. And even more disrespectful to leave the lives of all the people that Leverage employs up in the air about their employment.


December 8th, 2012
12:19 pm

The fact that Leverage has not been renewed has me gobsmacked. The show is artfully written. The chemistry of the team is phenomenal.The characters are someone that everyone can relate to in one way or another. I think they have had to write every season with a season finale that could end the series because the writers know that the fans would be so disappointed to not have an ending. I am certainly hopeful that the Christmas day episode isn’t the series finale, but Dean Devlin and crew are giving us more respect than the network is giving them. Come on TNT, get off the fence. You are on the fence about a wonderful show that is up for a Peoples Choice award. I simply don’t understand. #LSAS6

I dropped my fried twinkie

December 8th, 2012
12:24 pm

Good Show love the characters. DALLAS sucks keep Leverage!

Mrs. Smith

December 8th, 2012
12:39 pm

Social Media Revolution? You can bet!!!
Leverage might be a “small” show, but it’s a fan’s favorite, so GO, #GRIFTERS!


December 8th, 2012
12:52 pm

Look, I watch these types of shows to relax and get away from the days problems. There needs to be more shows like this and less reality shows. Leverage is one of those few shows that gets the character and casting just right where they all mesh well. Dont kill a show that has the package deal (plot, action, drama and believable character interactions)


December 8th, 2012
2:06 pm

This show is easily the most fun show on television right now, and the only one that I count down the days until.

It’s too bad that the finale has been scheduled for Christmas. In season 4, the one on Christmas had the lowest ratings of the season. It’s such a great show, I’m sad that TNT hasn’t given them the recognition they deserve.


December 8th, 2012
3:20 pm

This show, this group of people, are part of my family. I like certain shows and the characters of there shows are a part of my like. Please do not take them away. I am sick now, and cannot work, so I need my family by my side. Please renew Leverage for season 6. Thank you.


December 8th, 2012
3:37 pm

This show is the one thing I look forward to seeing every week. It is fun and smart and the acting is well done. I think TNT needs to keep it going.

Sandra McBride

December 8th, 2012
4:25 pm

I love Leverage!!!! My favorite episodes are the ones that depict the team helping someone who has been victimized by a big corporation or someone who is rich and powerful but who has no compassion. I feel that this premise is especially appropriate in view of recent happenings in the U.S. Please give us one more season of this witty, clever and inventive show.

Roxanne Mackenzie

December 8th, 2012
6:25 pm

Another one here who LOVES Leverage (wish it stayed in Chicago but I digress)

Please do not cancel it.

Andi Lau

December 8th, 2012
6:42 pm

You MUST renew Leverage. It is the BEST show out there. I watch it live and also DVR it and then watch it again. I also manage to see it through my cable network. There are way too many reality shows that do absolutely nothing. Leverage has great writers, the scripts are outstanding and NOT cheesy. The actors are wonderful. I have watch interviews with them on Portland TV and they seem to really have a good relationship on and off camera. Come on TNT let’s get a Season 6, 7, 8.

Ferrel A BIrd jr

December 8th, 2012
8:47 pm

WE JUST LOVE LEVERAGE SOOO ! much we need to see more & more & more we all ways look forward to seeing them and their expressions on their faces to each other nlike elliots to hardison nd elliots to parkers and we just seen a little bit of the hot potato job we had to go to my wifes funeral that morning but we all know that family comes first hen other things last so we always look frward to future episodes so PLEASE RENEW LEVERAGE FOR US FANS THANK YOU


December 9th, 2012
7:35 am

Leverage is a brilliant show. It has managed to combine all the aspects that keep you interested drama, action, comedy and a good plot line. The writers and cast have managed to give us characters that we feel interested and invested in their lives, we actually care what happens to them. It is an intelligent show that appeals to both adults and children and deserves to be renewed. I am sick of turning on my TV and finding all the reality rubbish that passes for so called “entertainment”. Don’t treat us like idiots we deserve to have shows that treat us like we have more than 1 brain cell.


December 9th, 2012
8:37 am

TNT seemed to abandon Leverage this season. It’s been in 3 different time slots with very limited promotion yet those of us who love it keep finding it. I love the TEAM concept, rather than one more buddy/partner show. Now the last episodeof the season plays on Christmas, a ratings nightmare, however my family and I will be watching and DVRing it Christmas or not. TNT PLEASE give us AT LEAST one more season to enjoy the Leverage team.


December 10th, 2012
8:33 am

TNT needs to take in consideration that even though the ratings has slipped, its partially TNT’s own fault. This summer it barely marketed it’s return. It’s changed it time slot and day about 7 times in the history of the show. It competed against the olympics which didn’t help its ratings but it maintained. But despite all the changes in timeslot and lack of marketing, Leverage has given them some good numbers. Its got a hardcore loyal fanbase that have gone to 1 official convention and 2 conventions in the UK plus two fan-run conventions with the stars and creators coming out for all five. The cast and crew are fabulous and very fan friendly. The writing is witty, funny, dramatic, and engaging. The characters are unique and interesting. They’re even up for a People’s Choice award! I don’t know what more TNT could want from a show.


December 10th, 2012
11:17 am

I LOVE Leverage and have watched the show since the first season. It reminds me a lot of the show, “Mission Impossible” where the characters assume other identities to achieve their goal to right a wrong. I love the characters, each has a unique skill and they are very entertaining. I was a fan of and watched the original series of Dallas, in fact, some of the scenes on the show were shot in the building I worked in down town Dallas. I can’t get into the “New” Dallas and now that JR has passed, I think the show will lose its luster and interest will fade. So PLEASE KEEP Leverage on the Air!!!!


December 10th, 2012
2:10 pm

I LOVE leverage, and the characters. Some of the new shows on TNT I will not be watching besides Major Crimes. On Dallas, Larry Hagman is now deceased so do you think the show will really prosper? I say please KEEP LEVERAGE ON.

Karen G

December 10th, 2012
3:55 pm

Leverage should be renewed for another 5 seasons, at least. It is absolutely my all time favorite TV series, ever. Cannot get enough, even watching the same episode for the 20th time, it still feels fresh and pulls you in. TNT is nuts to even consider canceling.


December 11th, 2012
3:36 pm

I don’t watch much television. However, Leverage is one show I never miss. It’s well-written, well-acted, and well-produced. Please give its fans one more season.