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Carol Sbarge joins Fred Blankenship at noon on Channel 2 Action News in January

Carol Sbarge has been with Channel 2 Action News for more than 20 years. CREDIT: WSB-TV

Carol Sbarge has been with Channel 2 Action News for more than 20 years. CREDIT: WSB-TV

Veteran anchor and reporter Carol Sbarge will move from early mornings to “Channel 2 Action News at Noon,” joining Fred Blankenship.

Sbarge will also report for the early evening newscasts, starting at 4 p.m.

She currently co-anchors “Channel 2 Action News This Morning,” beginning at 4:30 a.m. with Blankenship.

Linda Stouffer, weekend morning anchor, will join Blankenship in the early morning weekday newscasts when Sbarge moves to noon. The change will take effect Jan. 7.

“We’re so glad to have a veteran like Carol,” said Tim McVay, general manager for Channel 2 Action News, in a press release. Sbarge anchored weekends for 11 years and has been anchoring mornings for five years, while filling in other time slots. “Moving Carol to the noon news takes advantage of her great relationship with Fred and adds her reporting power to the three hours of local news, 4-7 p.m.”

“This new assignment gives me the best of both worlds,” Sbarge said in the release. “I continue to work with Fred at noon and then report for the 4, 5 and 6 p.m.”

“’Channel 2 Action News at Noon’ represents a key hour in the day’s news coverage,” said Mike Dreaden, news director for Channel 2. “It’s the newscast of choice for many of our news viewers. It has become even more important in our overall coverage of the day’s events since we launched the 4 p.m. newscast last year.”

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November 23rd, 2012
9:51 am

Good! Finally, someone gets promoted based on ability and not their skin color. Channel 2 was going a bit dark there. I listen to news for the stories and not who presents them. But, it appears everyone is reporting the same thing with the same spin on it. Not so fast CNN/MSNBC.


November 23rd, 2012
10:30 am

you sure amanda davis want show up there


November 23rd, 2012
10:41 am

war eagle—-get real, always been lily white just a bit dark

Bleu Willow

November 23rd, 2012
10:44 am

Congratulations Carol! You are one of ATLANTA’s greatest news anchors! You along with Fred make a great team! I will be watching!

[...] Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]


November 23rd, 2012
11:11 am

J-J you know the deal. If Ch2 did not have blacks on the tv, John Lewis and the NAACP would be protesting about equality regardless of skill. Its about color and representation not facts :-) which is a shame and MLK dream is dead.


November 23rd, 2012
11:55 am

Any other Cox Media Group press releases going out today Rodney?

Rodney Ho

November 23rd, 2012
11:57 am

@Jason I don’t think so!


November 23rd, 2012
12:27 pm

Why does everything have to be about color? Why can’t it be about the talent that a person has? This is letting everyone know that racism is alive and doing well in Georgia..


November 23rd, 2012
1:51 pm

One color dominates and that’s green. If the colors are not generating green then they’re gone.


November 23rd, 2012
2:00 pm

adavis62, you should ask war eagle that question.


November 23rd, 2012
2:12 pm

Now that they finally retired Monica Ch. 2 is on an upward trajectory. In her prime Monica was very good at what she did but she hung around way too long and got kinda loopy there toward the end.


November 23rd, 2012
2:32 pm

I’d be happy to watch either telecast with Ms.Carol or Ms. Linda, if they did the shows naked.

The Real Fan

November 23rd, 2012
2:41 pm

After seeing the comments from war eagle I see why auburn is so bad this year.

Ned Puddleman

November 23rd, 2012
2:42 pm

Joanne Feldman rocks!


November 23rd, 2012
3:24 pm



November 23rd, 2012
5:46 pm

Congrats to Carol. Also love Linda Stouffer… she deserves more airtime. I was suprised she was not added to the 4:00 newscast as co-anchor when Monica left.


November 23rd, 2012
11:16 pm

I guess many of you were not watching….for weeks the co-anchor seat was rotated. Erin had the best chemistry with John and a non-nasal delivery of the news stories.


November 24th, 2012
6:59 am

re:more black faces please

First you made the statement “Everyone knows people want to see people of their race.” Then later you stated “unfortunately, we are a long way from judging people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. ” Sounds to me like you are part of the problem

Not Surprised

November 24th, 2012
8:03 am

Did anyone consider that Carol and Linda were offered the positions and accepted, not because of their race or gender but their desire was maybe for the advancement of their career and the benefit of their family. Until one get past judging a person or promotion on race, they should consider an individual’s preference.

Musical Chairs

November 24th, 2012
9:26 am

I’ve liked Carol in the mornings, but knew Stouffer would be replacing her at some point. In fact expect Stouffer to be doing the evening news in the not too distant future. Or maybe Erin Coleman who may have the black ace up her sleeve given the demographics.

Has anyone else noticed that goofy look Carol gets when she looks over at Fred for the hand-off, then cuts her eyes back to the camera without moving her head much? Makes her look possessed.

Does anyone else think Brenda Wood was more likable before they started letting her talk/adlib? She just starts babbling about a subject and sounds goofy. Liked her much better when she just read the news.

Markina Brown does not do her ethnic group proud. Can’t enunciate and flails her arms making her sound and look less than professional. Almost like it was her looks were the main reason for the hire. Which it was. Add her to the “carny folk” they have doing the morning program and it’s no wonder CBSAtlanta is the train wreck it is.

But compared to other cities, we are pretty lucky with the programs we have here with NBC and ABC local news.


November 24th, 2012
10:08 am

All you people with these races comments get a life. Comment on this statement……… If you peeled back all the skin off all of us, we would all bleed the same blood. No one man or women or child is better than the other one. This is an uplifting blog about to great women who work at a news station getting promoted. Get off this race stuff. It’s getting old on these blogs…..


November 24th, 2012
10:33 am

Rodney, you may have to shut down the comments for this story. Thanks for reporting it.

America's Rudest City

November 24th, 2012
12:02 pm

Just read a national “America’s Rudest Cities” survey. Atlanta (metro Atlanta) is in the top 10. Also, its residents are adjudged to be some of the ugliest in the country. Not surprised.

Brad Pitt

November 24th, 2012
12:45 pm

Linda Stouffer is absolutely gorgeous. Could watch her on any newscast, any time. Should team her up with Joanne Feldman and have the best looking morning show in the world.


November 24th, 2012
12:46 pm


How did a promotion at Channel 2 bring out so many dumb comments. Please everyone that is outside of the Atlanta area do not think that these idiots represent Atlanta on a whole. They are just the loud, fringe small percentage of people that exist in all areas of the world.

Congratulations Carol and Linda!

Mike Gee

November 24th, 2012
1:13 pm

I think I’ll stick with the story and not go off on the tangent so many others have wasted space here posting. Carol, congratulations and I hope you future is bright and happy. You and Karen Minton are my main reason to watch the news (the actual reporting is also good and factual).

Favorite Atlanta Newscasters

November 24th, 2012
5:41 pm

I like Carol Sbarge, Linda Stouffer, Jovita Moore, Brenda Wood, Amanda Davis (is she coming back) and Deidra Dukes. Karen Minton is very amatuerish.

Truth be Told

November 24th, 2012
11:18 pm

I agree with Brad Pitt above. Linda and Joanne Feldman are both articulate, gorgeous and know how to deliver a story. Linda came to my city on a story last year and I watched her report live and then met her and her cameraman. She is down to earth, friendly and could make any interviewee comfortable. As far as Brenda Wood, she is so totally obnoxious with that fake laugh during and after almost every story. Stop with the chit-chat-UGH. Her new co anchor (whatever his name is ) looks like a fish out of water with her (as have almost all of them).


November 25th, 2012
12:32 am

For now Georgia is still a Republican red state so why would anyone be surprised about postings like WAR EAGLE. Unfortunately that is The IQ and mindset that’s keeps Georgia red. There is hope in the future as nature thins out folks like WAR EAGLE.

scott ennis

November 25th, 2012
1:05 am

Koodos to both of these ladies…they deserve the promotions….Question though, who is Sbarge replacing at noon (i cant remember now)and where is that person going?

Sbarge needs to watch her makeup..there were a few mornings where it was thick,,lipstick was red..mascara was heavy…and looked bad..She has natural beauty and it doesnt take much to over due the makeup thing. Keep it toned down

Mostly watch Channel 2, then 5..used to be a Ch11 fan but boycott them with firing Paul O., but now replace it with Ch.46..they actually have very good broadcast too.


November 25th, 2012
11:35 pm

major photoshop!


November 26th, 2012
8:33 am

I stick to CBS where I can watch Stephanie Fisher and Markeena Brown. Talented and beautiful.

Early Cuyler

November 26th, 2012
12:00 pm

Sbarge is getting near retirement age for a female anchor. When she reports out in the real word (as opposed to artificial lighting in the newsroom), let’s just say she couldn’t fool Rhett Butler. And he wouldn’t have to look at her hands.


November 26th, 2012
3:05 pm

agree with Pitt- both ladies are worth getting up early for.