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‘Idol’ bits: Phillip Phillips, Kris Allen, Colton Dixon, Keith Urban coming to town

Kris Allen won "Idol' in 2009.

Kris Allen won "Idol' in 2009. CREDIT: AP

Here are a few “Idol”-related upcoming Atlanta appearances that I know of:

- Colton Dixon, one of three “Idol” contestants from season 11 to seal a record deal (in his case, Christian label Sparrow), is doing a private event Monday but is leaving time to meet with me after a “Good Day Atlanta” appearance. He has a new single out “You Are.” And he will be opening for Third Day next year at the Fox Theatre April 13. So I’ll have plenty to talk about with him.

- Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips of Leesburg will appear Nov. 21 at the Mall of Georgia Village Amphitheater at 6:30 p.m. for a free acoustic performance and album signing for his new release “The World From the Other Side of the Moon.” He is also performing at the Star 94 Jingle Jam Dec. 13.

- “Idol” judge Keith Urban’s tour includes a July 27 stop in Atlanta, his website notes. But a location was not included.

- Kris Allen, season 8 winner, is appearing at Eddie’s Attic (capacity: 150) January 20. Wow. That is a small venue, isn’t it?

- Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood is at Gwinnett Arena Dec. 19. A few seats still available.

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November 14th, 2012
1:56 pm

Thanks Rodney, lot of Idol love for Atlanta. Capacity 150, LOL, like I said during season 8: Kris who?


November 14th, 2012
4:37 pm

We know Kris Allen is a talented musician who has a knack for taking a known song and coming up with a new twist on it. But that may also be part of his (or his management’s) problem. He’s good at working new arrangements but not so good at picking or writing original material.

The result being that Adam Lambert has been more successful than Kris since their Idol days.

Playing devil’s advocate, 3 years later, Adam hasn’t exactly burned up the charts or reached the exalted “best ever in the whole entire world”-title that all the Glamberts predicted, either. :lol:


November 14th, 2012
4:39 pm

“The result being that Adam Lambert has been more successful than Kris since their Idol days.”

Okay, so that’s a bit of an understatement. So, sue me! :D

Mercedes S.

November 14th, 2012
4:42 pm

But doesn’t Kris Allen LIKE small venues?


November 14th, 2012
7:10 pm

Digital sales update from Billboard: Phillip Phillips’ “Home” rises 10-9 with 98,000 (up 16%).

Seth T

November 14th, 2012
7:44 pm

PP was blessed to get a great original song given to him. That is the main key to launching a successful career in the biz.

There are thousands of really good singers, or artists that are very good in a cetain genre. The right song at the right time, with promotional backing — is the difference.Carly Rae’s “Call me Maybe” is another example.


November 15th, 2012
8:46 am

I agree with Seth T. Timing and a great song were perfect for Phillip Phillips.


November 15th, 2012
9:14 am

I reallyl like the song, and it suits P2 perfectly. Catchy melody, something you can sing/hum along with in the car – Idol did a really nice job there. Only first song other than Kelly’s “Moment….” I’ve liked.

♥ kelly&carriefan ♥

November 16th, 2012
12:33 pm

Keith Urban is likely performing at Gwinnett Arena.

Kris at Eddie’s Attic? Well, it’s a nice, intimate venue. Seems like the kind of place he’d play. Tho, I am surprised he can’t book The Tabernacle or something along those lines. Hmm.


November 16th, 2012
3:42 pm

Well of course the Glamberts were wrong. After all, the “best singer in the last 50 years” (or was it “the best singer ever”?) was on last season.


November 20th, 2012
1:36 am

“wow, that is a small venue, isn’t it?” that all what you have to say? Great music review! Your insight is really overwhelming! #SorryCouldntHelpit

Last couple of years, I have seen Kris singing in huge theatres, arenas as well as intimate settings! & he is fantastic live in whatever setting! All what I have to say that You are just lucky to have him perform in an intimate setting! Go see him & then we talk before any further intelligent comments.

And Poor Glamberts, are you still so bitter?! Hate kills you, you know?! are prolly too old anyways! So by all means! Carry on!

Maria Cathleia

November 20th, 2012
2:51 am

nice one Pete :)


November 20th, 2012
10:44 am

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Kris several times in the NY area this summer and fall and he is fantastic live.He did 2 outdoor concerts on Long Island that drew huge crowds and they loved him.I also saw him at sold out shows at Joe’s Pub which is part of The Public Theater and I agree with Pete.,seeing Kris in an intimate is incredible.
Thank You Camellia is a beautiful album and Kris is a very talented songwriter.


November 20th, 2012
11:55 am

I have never been to a live Kris Allen show, but I get chills just watching him on YouTube. Thank You Camelia is an amazing album and Kris is an amazing songwriter. He has a lot of loyal fans who love his music better than any other artist’s. So I’m definitely with ‘Pete’ on this one, the magic of Kris Allen is in his intimate shows, or any shows.
In conclusion, I suggest you get a life.