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TLC features local clogging team Synergy on ‘Dance Down South’

This has been good times for clogging on TV.

TLC's "Down South Dance" special features Cumming-based clogging crew Synergy featuring coach Sarah Darby. CREDIT: TLC

TLC's "Down South Dance" special features Cumming-based clogging crew Synergy featuring coach Sarah Darby. CREDIT: TLC

The often mocked dance style, which includes elements of folk and tap, is alive in well in the South.

First, “America’s Got Talent” this summer featured the North Carolina clogging group All That. That studly group of guys made it to the semifinals.

Now TLC is testing out a potential show with a pilot called ‘Down South Dance,” which comes on at 11 p.m. tonight right after the season finale of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

In the hour-long special which could be turned into a series, two nationally competitive clogging teams are featured. One, called Synergy, is based out of Cumming at Sole Impulse Dance Studio.The other team, Sapphire, is from Gaffney, S.C.  There’s no love lost between the two crews.

Sapphire’s coach Chip Harrison likes to take players from other teams. He considers his team and the Cumming team are like the “Hatfield and McCoys.”

He on the program says he knows he’s “intimidating” and makes no apologies for it.

Sarah Derby, the Synergy coach, said she is “thankful we can represent the sport in a positive way.”

Her team tries to modernize clogging a bit by incorporating elements of hip hop. She even requires the girls on her team to take hip-hop classes.

“It’s been an evolution in the sport over the past ten years,” Darby said. “It’s, in many ways, high-octane tap dancing. It’s very in your face, very fast paced. I’ve done different forms of dance. This is one of the most difficult.”

While she can be tough, she tries to make a family-oriented atmosphere. Some of the kids’ moms compete on adult clogging teams, too. “I have three generations of one family here,” she said.

Two local girls get the most air time: Brittany Griggs, 14, from Dawsonville, who was recovering from a leg injury during taping, and Mary Kathleen “Merm” Crow, 15, from Flowery Branch, who is considered the best on the team. Chip tries to “poach” her for his team.

Darby,a competitive clogger since she was seven years old, describes herself as a bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: “When I’m outside the studio and not being paid to be a director, I”m probably one of the most outgoing silly people. But when I’m in the studio, I take my responsibility very seriously. I teach these girls applicable life skills, to teach them to dedicate themselves to something and see their goals through fruition.”

And she will kick girls off the team if they don’t do the work.

“Dance Down South”
11 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 26, TLC

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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September 27th, 2012
9:35 am

The whole show was contrived: the “poaching” was staged, Synergy did NOT win at the competition. it was another team entirely. The ‘ringer’ Chip brought in for his team dances on his other team. Hopefully the show got little notice and it will go away.


September 27th, 2012
9:52 am

I don’t know where PeachMom got her information, but Synergy DID, in fact, win the competition and also won in many other categories besides the Precision routine.


September 27th, 2012
10:26 am

CloogersMom is correct, Synergy did WIN at R2K competition. They have some very talented dancers, they are well prepared and they have a first class coach.
But a few weeks later Southern Dance Academy Southern Jewels Sapphire team WON in Nashville on Labor Day weekend.

@PeachMom Try being a little more positive! and stop hating. The show was great! And yes the rivalry is REAL!

Alpharetta Mom

September 27th, 2012
10:52 am

I loved this show. Way more intense dancing than “Dance Moms”.


September 27th, 2012
11:18 am

Wow! peach mom, where did you get your information? Both teams worked the tails off for this competition. Synergy did win several categories, not just the one shown on the show. I think if you are in the clogging world at all you would know that Rhonda and Keith Brady would never allow their competition to be “fixed”. This show was awesome, I hope they make a whole series. I can’t wait to see more. .


September 27th, 2012
12:02 pm

Just more TLC reality garbage that I will never watch. “The Learning Channel” indeed. Well, I guess if you want to learn about dysfunction….


September 27th, 2012
1:15 pm

I loved the show!!! I hope they make a whole series. The girls from Synergy were AWESOME!! Way to go Kayla. Your nephew really enjoyed watching his Aunt Kayla on TV ( this morning before school). We love you!


September 27th, 2012
1:52 pm

I really enjoyed the show! I love seeing clogging become more popular and being shown on TV. It is such an exciting and intricate form of dance. I have a clogging team in Florida and we have another local team close by and there is that competiveness and drama going on like in this TV show.It was nice to see we are not alone.I hope the show continues!


September 28th, 2012
8:02 am

It is amazing to me what bitter, negative, petty people are in this world. Peachmom, go back to the miserable life you live. Not only are you wrong, you are stupid as well. 1911A1, clearly you didn’t even watch the show, and know absolutely nothing about the magic and love that goes into teaching these girls. It is amazing to me how hateful and spiteful people are when posting anonymously on the Internet. I’ll bet money neither of you two would say such a thing to someone’s face, because you are judgmental cowards. Shame on you both, pathetic people. God forbid you ever be happy for someone whose worked hard and achieved something great.


September 28th, 2012
9:39 am

First of all, I attended the R2K competition and yes, Synergy did win. Southern Mom, you said it well when you said that Rhonda and Keith would never allow their competition to be fixed. Both teams were very, very good, but Synergy was chosen by qualified judges as the WINNER! PeachMom, before you go posting things in a social website, you should probably double-check your facts.

Now let me address whoever posts as 1911A1. These kids and their families are FAR from being dysfunctional! Please indulge me while I educate you a little bit on their sport and their character.

Clogging is a very high energy, complicated dance form that is actually more of a sport than a dance. The average two minute clogging routine burns as many calories as running three miles and because of this, our girls are in amazing physical condition. You won’t find any couch potatoes or x-box addicts on our team. Clogging and laziness are mutually exclusive.

As most of the girls on our team have been dancing together all of their lives, they have also learned important life lessons such as how to respect one another, how to get along, and to treat each other with kindness and consideration. The director works diligently to instill in these kids every character trait necessary to succeed, either on or off the stage. The director genuinely loves these kids and they are fiercely devoted to her.

Since we are a competition dance team, these girls have learned how to work hard for what they want and how to be a team player. The hard work and dedication it takes to stay on top of our field has fostered a work ethic in these girls that is second to none among their peers. This work ethic spills over into every other aspect of their lives. On top of being two-time national champions, our girls are straight A students and most are active in their local churches and communities, as well. They are winners in every way.

Are there rivalries in the clogging world? Of course there are! After all, what is any competition without rivalries? But these rivalries usually only exist on stage. Off-stage we are all part of one big family who love and respect each other without question.

All this plus the fact that clogging is some of the most wholesome , family-oriented entertainment around.


September 28th, 2012
12:20 pm

As a long time member of the clogging community, this show was a total misrepresentation of competitive clogging. The instructors involved in this project should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Bogner Entertainment (the production company) to talk them into a storyline they knew was false and harmful to the competitive clogging community as a whole. I can safely say that I speak for hundreds of cloggers, clogging parents, and team directors who, like myself, were excited and supportive of this show only to watch with utter disappointment and dismay at the contrived drama and lack of “reality” which existed. If you are a Synergy or Sapphire parent, your opinion is biased and, as the mom of a 5 time national champion, I can understand why. But, if you look at this show from the perspective of other members of the clogging community you know that 1) teams are not allowed to have “stage time” practices before competitions, 2) respectable directors including those in this show do not “poach” team members and parents who are trying to raise their children with characteristics that include commitment, dedication and loyalty would never allow Chip or any other team director on their front porch for the purpose of recruiting them to another team , 3) the category that has been winning overall championships for many, many years now is line or moving (open) line, (Precision was the category to win with in the 1990’s.), and 4) there is no “Hatfield and McCoy” feud going on between these two teams and everyone in the clogging community knows it. The focus of the show was on this “made up” rivalry and not on what makes clogging great. The team directors came off as the Bobby Knight wannabees of the clogging world (too many curse words, negative comments, threats, etc.) andf that is not how the majority of dance instructors/directors motivate, teach and inspire their dancers to achieve. It is my sincere hope that the production company re-thinks the premise of this show—something they may have to do as I have been told that the major clogging organizations are no longer going to allow them to film at their competitions–or, I hope this show is cancelled. It is too detrimental to the loving, caring clogging community and the talented, professional male and female dancers who are working just as hard if not harder that those on this show to preserve America’s folk dance.


September 28th, 2012
12:51 pm

KickitGal, where do I start.

First of all, this sport is completely unknown nationally. This show is going to blow the doors wide open and expose it to people who have never heard of it before. It is going to introduce clogging to a an entirely new demographic and do nothing but raise awareness about the sport. If you think that is a bad thing, you need your head checked. The country’s perception of clogging is that it is a bunch of hillbillies dancing in wooden shows to a banjo. How on Earth is this show going to tarnish that image?

Second, this is a TELEVISION SHOW. Last time I checked, people don’t like to watch boring TV. For starters, the drama was not even that bad. Can you name a TV show that doesn’t have some element of drama in it? That is what keeps people watching, and keeps them interested. If you think you could do a better job of producing a drama-less TV show that people will watch, be my guest. The producers had one hour to produce ONE pilot that would gain enough national attention to warrant turning it into a series. Obviously you cannot fit every single aspect of clogging into that time frame. Obviously you aren’t going to make every person on the planet happy. However, if you actually step back and look at the big picture, you will see that this was a good thing for the sport, and neither director would be involved if they did not think it was.

What you’ve been told by “major clogging organizations” is false, or completely fabricated. Even if it were true, let them ban all they want. Two of them have already signed contracts with the production company, so I’m not sure where you get your information from. The sport is going to evolve despite anyone else’s opinion, and you can choose to evolve with it or be left behind. In any event, you should be ecstatic that this obscure sport that virtually no one knows about is now in the national spotlight. Or, if you’d rather have your unknown, family friendly competitions, you are more than welcome to. When this sport evolves into a real league, with a real sanctioning body over it, a consistent method of scoring, and national attention, I’m sure you will be singing a different tune.

Stop getting so caught up in nit-picky details. Your complaints about what is not “reality” are completely trivial observations. To say there is no drama in the world of clogging is a flat out lie. There has been an ongoing rivalry between these two teams for years. If anyone should be ashamed it is the people who are so terribly judgemental. That’s not a trait I’d be passing on to my children.

If you have issues then you should contact the directors in person rather than making anonymous posts. I’m sure they would love to hear feedback from one of the super friendly, warm, loving people who like to talk behind their backs in this caring, drama-less clogging community.


September 28th, 2012
2:47 pm

Wow. Just what we need; another ongoing debate about a trailer park reality show…about clogging no less. I guess the Honey Boo-Boos of the south are yet alive and well….


September 28th, 2012
4:58 pm

I know all the girls on synergy … There all so Amazing !!! and Why???? These girls are not Trailer park girls!!!!! They live in Really nice houses for your information.. And also you must be from the north Because you think all southern people are rednecks and Hillbillies .. We are civilized people we have manners .. Yea maybe we have a southern accent.. Does that make us stupid? No! Your just stereotyping the south! Maybe Honey Boo-Boo put a bad impression on Georgia …But would you like it if i stereotyped the north to all be like Snooki or One of the Beverly Hill Wives! I don’t think so and the Darby’s are great friends of my family Sarah’s dad taught me how to play baseball/softball! You better learn not to talk bad about us Country Folk… Buh Bye Have a Nice Life!


September 28th, 2012
5:25 pm

To DannyMcDance. I guess I’ll have to agree to disagree. You see, I believe the stereotype about clogging you described in your first paragraph is no longer applicable thanks to teams like The Southern Belles, All That and Dynamic Edition who brought clogging to mainstream America on such TV shows as America’s Got Talent, America’s Best Dance Crew, and So You Think You Can Dance. Furthermore, they did so in an honest, professional and forthright manner without resorting to fabricated drama. These teams demonstrated to the nation that clogging is a high energy, skilled percussive dance form that incorporates a variety of dance styles including tap, jazz, irish step and hip-hop and can be performed to all kinds of music. This country’s perception of clogging is not what you described. Unfortunately, the perception about competitive clogging and team directors’ behavior and motivation as portrayed in this one hour epsiode of Down South Dance is so negative that it, again, in my opinion, harms the competitive clogging community as a whole.

It is not an obscure sport and it has been evolving for many, many years. If and you think it is obscure, you haven’t clogged in Poland, German, or Australia. Clogging teams practice, compete and perform in all parts of the US and in many parts of the world.

As I mentioned before, I was excited about this show and hoped that it would bring even more positive exposure to a dance form I love so much. I am now extremely disappointed at the result. There are so many wonderful things about clogging and so much drama that occurs naturally, it could have made a terrific impact on the clogging community. (Please note that I agree there is drama in clogging. The drama does not have to be fictionalized to be good, though.) With what was portrayed on TV the other night, it sheds a negative light. And, by the way, there are too many TV shows to name who have been successful without depending on fabricated drama.

If you say I am too nit-picky or judgemental, then so be itI I am entitled to my opinion the same as you are entitled to yours. I am too far up the food chain in the clogging world to not speak out about something I have worked so long and hard for–that being, respectibility in the dance world for clogging. I know Sarah, Missy and Chip and I have no problem telling them to their faces what I have stated here. They are good people and I believe that they were so willing to please the producers, they forgot about the impact of what they said or how they acted and how it would affect others within the clogging community.

Other folks have verbalized their disappointment to Chip and he has been told how some in the clogging community feel. I also know that the Chamber of Commerce of Gaffney, SC is not pleased with Chip’s opening comments in the show and the image it portrayed of their community. The negative backlash he is getting will only get worse if this show does not take a more accurate and positive turn soon.

If you want to continue to defend this show, of course you are entitled to do so and the loving, caring clogging community will continue to embrace you, your team, child, and other family members. But do not expect us to like the show, support it, or keep quiet about our disappointments regarding the tainted image it portrays.

Just a Guy

September 28th, 2012
6:34 pm

To KickItGal:

Personally, I think DannyMcDance was dead on. I’m not in the clogging world, so I can speak as an honest viewer and not someone who has immersed themselves in the sport so much that they forget how the outside world perceives clogging.

People do, in fact, think of hillbillies in wooden shoes dancing to a banjo when they hear the word clogging. I know, because that’s what I thought it was until I was shown otherwise. It’s just that there haven’t been any nationally televised representations, prior to this show, that have given us common everyday folk a reason to think otherwise. Even with the clogging teams on these talent shows, all you saw was a 2 minute routine and that was it. It wasn’t enough to grab the nations attention. So, yes, I think this show will bring loads of needed attention to the sport. Which, you should be thankful about, given that you stated you’ve been in the clogging scene for a while. It must get tiring when people ask what you do for fun and you have to explain it to them, rather than just being able to say, “Oh, I’m a clogger”. If this show gets picked up then it won’t even be an issue anymore.

Furthermore, The rivalry between Synergy and Sapphire isn’t fabricated. I, again, who is not in the clogging world, even knew about it before the show came on. I also knew that he tried poaching dancers. These were all necessary installments to the show to try and grab Americas attention. If all people want to do was watch dance routines for an hour then they will just go to Youtube. There has to be other elements to the show besides dancing, which is why you have the drama factor. If the producers didn’t think it necessary then they would have left it out.

Lastly, I think, based on what you have said so far, that all of this hostility coming out of you stems from a deep rooted jealousy that you and/or your team didn’t make it to the show. You know as well as anyone else that if you had been approached by the producers that you would have done the show as well. These girls/coaches/parents did the best they could to keep as real as possible, and giving that I know a lot of them and that my sister is a part of Synergy, I would have to say they did an excellent job. So, if you still have any harbored resentment towards the show, then take out on the producers. Don’t sit here and bash the cast members for something they had no control over.

To CloggerLisa; DannyMcdance:

Thank-you for voicing your well put, educated, and intelligently written opinions about the show. The clogging world needs more people like you 2 to bring the show and the sport to where it deserves to be.


September 28th, 2012
8:41 pm


I will stress again, it was a one hour pilot designed to capture enough viewers to go to series. It has to be entertaining, otherwise no one is going to watch it. Do you know what people outside of the clogging world have been saying? They’ve been talking about how cool clogging looks, and how they had no idea it was like that. Over a million people learned how much hard work, dedication, and passion goes into clogging. If you think that somehow tainted the clogging world, then so be it. No one has been able to provide a specific example of what exactly tainted the clogging community and how it did so.

The exposure this will give to clogging will be unlike anything the clogging world has ever experienced. There isn’t a soul who clogs who should be anything but thrilled about that. People are being hateful for the sake of being hateful, and it won’t be soon forgotten.


September 29th, 2012
2:32 am

Such nonsense here. Almost as much nonsense as the show. First off no players in the competitive clogging world are jealous. We are a small community of maybe 50 people who manage teams, judge or otherwise give so much of ourselves to this sport. To the fools who said there was jealousy you should have seen the HUGE support as we all got behind All That just a few weeks back. Tweets, Facebook all the directors, judges and so on were taking about it and getting the word out. Same thing when DE did the MTV show and even TnC when they were on TV last year. The silence from the directors was deafening this time. Several directors turned the show down before Chip and Sarah agreed. There is no jealousy you see…only disgust. When folks at R2K saw what was happening many refused to sign releases. Many of us have always felt Chip is a jerk of the highest order…we all know his ego could not say no but we expected better from Sarah. The clogging community is a warm and supportive group. For nearly every major player to express their dismay or say nothing positive is HUGE! As to why we are disgusted is simple. Most of us devote much of our lives to clogging. We sacrifice family time and several judges and directors have taken major pay cuts in their work lives to devote time to it. Sarah and Chip made a mockery of this. Every time I have had a nervous parent afraid of letting a child compete I tell them how sweet and supportive the clogging world is. How it is “not like dance mom’s”. So ya’ll have cheapened what we do, damaged what we have worked so hard to create and made us look like fools. Just like dance mom’s has created a negative image of dance comps…so now Sarah and Chip have done the same for competitive clogging. I think Peachmom is right…Synergy did not win overall at that comp if I remember right ..just that category and I think it only had two in that age group but that’s not what’s important. It is very sad to see that these two directors have put their egos ahead of the clogging community. I can only hope that if it does become a show other teams will step up and demonstrate what class is. You see, the only way these folks can explain away many wonderful people who have expressed their horror about the show is to say they are jealous. It is hard to admit to your own failings and teachers and parents. So if the clogging community was not jealous of all these other teams on TV before. and other teams and dancers turned down the show…it’s hard to take you seriously saying the overwhelmingly negative response by almost all the clogging community is because we were not on the show. Nope, we are unhappy because you took this wonderful activity and group we so love and made it look like a ugly, redneck, sleazy, nasty thing. Clogging parents everywhere are going to be judged by people on what they saw on the show and that may be the worst part. How is that good for clogging? All so these directors ego’s could be fed? Don’t tell me it will grow clogging or it is good for it. It just created a negative stigma for all of us. Shame on Sarah, Shame on Chip and Misty and shame on the parents who played it up for the cameras.


September 29th, 2012
9:32 am

Can someone point out to me what was cheap, sleazy, or nasty? You have no problems with a how that is judged by Howard Stern and Sharon Osborne, but this was sleazy and nasty? Please, to make yourself NOT look like a jealous snot, point out EXACTLY what was sleazy, contrived, and cheapened clogging. There is nothing featured in that show which cheapened the sport, in fact it turned out better than anyone could have even hoped for. Clogging was portrayed as a fierce, competitive dance form. The nation is now focused on this. Just look at the reaction on Facebook and Twitter, the majority of it is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the only negative reactions are coming from a select few in the clogging community. That right there says all you need to know.

For the record, there isn’t a single other team that was considered for this show. Anyone that claims they were is lying. As I said before, everyone knows who you are, and your lack of support for these for these kids, directors and parents who have ALWAYS shown support for your teams will not be soon forgotten. You should be ashamed of yourselves, I am embarrassed for you actually.


September 29th, 2012
9:49 am

And by the way, your assertion that clogging is a warm and loving community could not be further from the truth. The infighting, jealousy, rudeness, cliques, and divisions are real. Simply because you choose to ignore it does not make it go away. Your lack of support is a prime example.

This sport is evolving, and I hope you don’t get left too far behind when it does. You should be thankful that people like Chip and Sarah put themselves out there to advance this sport. Just look at the evidence, the nation loved the show.


September 29th, 2012
10:05 am

Momentum was seriously considered for this show; just ask Sarah. The facts, as you know them, DannyMcDance, are not quite accurate. I am not jealous of the teams and directors presented in this show, I, for the third time now, am only saddened and disappointed by the way competitive clogging has been represented.


September 29th, 2012
12:10 pm

And Momentum has been highly complimentary of the show because they are a class act. They were the only team that was seriously in the running, and the claims that others “turned it down” are totally false. People may want to believe that, but the truth is that the directors picked Sarah and Chip for a reason.

You still have yet to show me how clogging was portrayed in a negative light. This isn’t a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact when I say that the general public was overwhelmingly positive in their reaction to the show. The only bad reactions are from delusional directors and parents. You are wrong here, very wrong.

When this show does go to series, the Sapphires and Synergy will be the epicenter of clogging to the general public. I would keep that in mind as you cast judgement and have such trivial grievances about this whole thing. The world saw two teams that care about their dancers and the sport. What you saw was tainted by a bad attitude from day one, as proven by the poster above who claimed people wouldn’t sign R2K releases. It’s petty, trivial nonsense from people who claim to be adults. Good things are about to come to everyone from this show and when they do I want you to remember who to thank for it.

Just a Guy

September 29th, 2012
4:19 pm

Obviously, neither side is going to break. One feels the show was a great opportunity for the clogging world, and the other feels as though it had a negative effect. Whatever, either way neither one of our opinions are going to make a difference in the show in the long run. We just have to see how everything plays out to be able to determine which side was more accurate.

Having said that, lets look at the effects our comments can make. The side that is pro Down South Dance, well, it’s going to do nothing but lift these dancers up and show them that what they are doing IS a good thing, and it will encourage them to continue following their dream in doing something they love so much. On the other hand, the negative comments are going to nothing but discourage these dancers and make them feel as though they should be embarrassed for what they did. These two points are fact, no matter which way you look at it. There is no debate on this subject whatsoever.

So, whether or not you mean to discourage these girls isn’t the point. Don’t come back on here and try to defend yourselves by saying “None of this was directed towards the dancers”, because, ultimately, they are the ones who are going to suffer due to your negativity. My bet is on that a lot these girls have already seen some of the obscene stuff you have written and have begun to feel as though they made the wrong choice. I hope for their sake and yours that the majority of them read the positive posts and overlooked what the rest of you have written.

Why don’t you think about that before the next time you decide to come on to a public forum and start trash talking everything these dancers have worked years to achieve. The fact of the matter is, some will like the show, others will not. You say you’re looking out for the best interest of the clogging community…Well, I say, all your doing is hurting it.


September 30th, 2012
7:42 pm

Well I for one am glad that the clogging community extends much further beyond Tennessee and Indiana. There has been huge support from most of the clogging community, and I know both teams and directors are grateful for that. They are both doing this purely to promote the sport, and make it even bigger and better.


October 1st, 2012
1:21 am

I enjoyed watching this pilot show and I hope they do make a series out of it because I will be one of the millions of people hooked to it! So, to all of the negative people who felt they needed to voice their uncalled for comments…if you don’t like the show then DON’T WATCH!

Alpharetta Mom

October 1st, 2012
10:46 am

Calm down. I’m totally outside of the clogging community and I didn’t think the show made anyone look bad. It was the opposite. I thought it was amazing to see the hard work and dedication the moms/girls showed. I thought everyone was so supportive, but more importantly it made me want to get my little girl into it b/c it looks so stinking fun!!!!!!!! Come on, going to a festival in October to watch fierce dancing!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! Lets not lose sight of that fact b/c of differing opions on the show.


October 1st, 2012
1:11 pm

I am a long-time clogging instructor. I was really anxious to see the show, but wound up disappointed. There are too many dancers involved in each school for the audience to ‘fall in love.’ If the show focused only on half a dozen or so dancers (rehearsing line/open line or rise and shine solos) it would be easier to become emotionally involved. TLC totally played into the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ stereotype for clogging, made evident by Chip’s opening comments and the choice of competition category with the gingham dresses. The costumes were cute and the routines were fierce, but I would really love to see the line/open line and solos and the more flashy costumes in those categories. Certainly there is rivalry, jealousy, back-biting, etc. in clogging as is in every other form of performing arts. Like it or not, clogging has had a hard time in the past dozen or so years in trying to escape the stereotype of ‘hillbilly dancing.’

Friend of Dancer

October 2nd, 2012
6:42 pm

Syneregy did win I personally know, work with and am a friend of one of their dancers and yeah they won. They are national champions they are not gonna be beaten by amatures.