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Changes in local daytime schedules: ‘Steve Harvey,’ ‘Katie,’ ‘Jeff Probst,’ ‘Ricki Lake’

Katie Couric will be on WSB-TV at 3 p.m. starting Sept. 10. CREDIT: AP

Katie Couric will be on WSB-TV at 3 p.m. starting Sept. 10. CREDIT: AP

Welcome Steve Harvey, Katie Couric, Ricki Lake and Jeff Probst to the busy daytime talk show world.

All three very different personalities are entering a very crowded field that is still very much in flux since Oprah Winfrey left the field in 2011.

The most widely anticipated is Couric, who has now done morning TV, evening news anchoring and talk shows. Her show will air locally at 3 p.m. on WSB-TV after “General Hospital,” which moves back an hour for the first time in decades. She starts Sept. 10 with her first guests Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow. Her second episode, on Sept. 11, features Aimee Copeland, a Georgia graduate student who lost parts of all her limbs to a rare flesh-eating bacteria. Copeland is facing a rigorous recovery process and learning to use her prosthetics.

(While I was out of town in July, my Buzz colleague Jennifer Brett sat down with Couric for an interview while Couric visited WSB.)

“Steve Harvey” will be the biggest addition on the Fox 5 WAGA-TV daytime lineup. Harvey’s show, shot in Chicago, debuts Sept. 4. Though he lives in Atlanta, the syndication company offered up Chicago as an option so he has moved up there for the time being (though he has kept his house here.) In an interview I did with him in the spring, Harvey said his dream years ago was to do a late-night talk show but since his best-selling relationships book came out and his radio show has taken off, he has become more friendly to the daytime crowd. He plans to make it about relationships, while using his humor to differentiate himself from other shows, and less about celebrities.

“Survivor” host Probst is a wild card entry. 11 Alive (WXIA-TV) will air his show at 2 p.m., swapping out for “The Rachael Ray Show,” which is being moved to 8 a.m. on sister station WATL-TV (which is dropping a second airing of “The Steve Wilkos Show” at that time).

In a talk with TV critics in July, he said the show will not be celebrity driven either, but it won’t be “Maury” or “Springer.”  What it will actually be is a bit harder to tell.

Speaking of Harvey, his game show ‘Family Feud” (shot at the Atlanta Civic Center this past summer) at noon is moved from Peachtree TV to the CW 69 station at 7 and 7:30 p.m., taking over for repeats of “Two and a Half Men” starting Sept. 10.

Ricki Lake, who was popular for a time in the 1990s,  returns to the talk show world at 5 p.m. Sept. 10 on CW 10.

Interestingly, there are no new major judge shows debuting this fall – or any major new syndicated TV game shows either.

Here are a summary of other changes on the broadcast networks, most of which start Sept. 10:

WATL is adding a second half-hour of “The Andy Griffith Show’ at 10;30 p.m. on top of a recently added episode at 7:30 p.m. At 11 p.m. the station adds “The Simpsons.” This replaces two episodes of “30 Rock,” which is being moved to 1:30 a.m. “That 70s Show” remains at 11:30 p.m., followed by ‘Everybody Loves Raymond” at midnight instead of “South Park.”

Sister station 11 Alive is also jumping into “The Andy Griffith Show” game, adding him at 12:30 p.m., replacing an episode of “Extra.”

On WATL-TV, Jerry Springer’s GSN show “Baggage” is airing at 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. instead of “That 70s Show” and “Cash Cab,” which moves to 2:30 a.m. “Cops” is bumped from 2:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. (”South Park” is off the WATL schedule completely.)

WAGA-TV drops two court shows at 1 p.m. (”Divorce Court,” and “Judge Alex”) for “Steve Harvey.” “Dish Nation” at midnight returns. instead of  “Access Hollywood.” “Divorce Court” was bumped to 3 a.m., replacing the cancelled ‘Swift Justice.” A repeat of “Dish Nation” airs at 3:30 a.m.

WPCH-TV: “Judge Alex” moves from Fox 5 to WPCH-TV at 11 a.m. “The Cosby Show” is off at 10 a.m., replaced by “In the Heat of the Night,” which also airs at 9 a.m. “Judge Alex” replaces “Excused” at 11 a.m. “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” moves up an hour to noon, replacing “Family Feud.”  “Excused” moves to 1 p.m.

There are no major changes at WGCL-TV.

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August 31st, 2012
4:42 pm

Harvey, his game show ‘Family Feud” (shot at the Atlanta Civic Center this past summer) at noon is moved from Peachtree TV to the CW 69 station at 7 and 7:30 p.m.

Does this mean that the show has already moved or is moving? If the move has not yet happened, when it is scheduled?


CONservative Johnson

August 31st, 2012
6:37 pm

DirecTV guide says Family Feud moves to CW69 at 7PM on Monday Sept 10th


August 31st, 2012
6:57 pm

@Rodney: Silly question but does The Andy Griffith show still bring in lots of viewers for these networks after all these years? Such an old show still does that good? Or is it still an effect of his recent passing?

benita michelle wheeler

August 31st, 2012
7:07 pm

i love steve havery…he has come long way, and i hope he continues his success.


September 1st, 2012
12:55 am

A talk show that got missed from this article… The Ricki Lake Show airing on CW69… not sure of the time-slot though. Ricki being a familiar face to daytime TV… the previous incarnation of The Ricki Lake Show aired from 1993-2004, and was seen on WATL-36, before moving over to 11Alive for several years, and moving back to WATL in 1997. The new incarnation won’t look anything like the previous incarnation.

Kelly Ripa from Live! with Kelly will be getting new co-host… and it appears that the WABC-TV produced syndicated talk show in leaning in the direction of Michael Strahan. It’s unclear if the show will be titled Live! with Kelly and Michael… or Live! with Michael and Kelly. Regis Philbin departed last November.


September 1st, 2012
10:38 am

A better choice at 3:00pm is Bill Cunningham’s show on Channel 69!


September 4th, 2012
7:35 am

Re: Andy Griffith – My guess is that yes it’s related to his passing, but also, it’s got to be extraordinarily inexpensive for the stations to air the show. The rights to a 50 year old show cost next to nothing compared to a newly produced show.