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What did I miss while on vacation? Melissa Carter, Emmys, ‘Falling Skies,’ top sports talk shows

Melissa Carter is back on the air, doing news at 106.7 in the afternoons. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Melissa Carter is back on the air, doing news at 106.7 in the afternoons. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

I was out for two weeks. Here’s a quick summary of things I missed and so may have you:

- Melissa Carter, who stepped down from Q100’s Bert Show last year, has decided to get back into radio: she is now the afternoon host at All News 106.7, owned by the same company, Atlanta-based Cumulus Media. She can be heard from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays.

“It is nice to be in a newsroom, rather than the only news person,” she wrote to me via Facebook. “And I must say I do NOT miss the 3:30am alarm!”

Ratings for the all-news station in its first month were modest and a big drop off from its predecessor Atlanta’s Greatest Hits. In June Arbitrons, the station garnered a 1.1 share (22nd place) compared to 2.9 (16th place) in May when it was a music station.

- Monica Pearson is ending her incredible 37-year run at Channel 2 Action News on Wednesday at 6 p.m. She made the announcement earlier this year. I will blog about it tomorrow.

- TNT’s “Falling Skies” was renewed for a third season, although ratings have been down about 15 percent this year than season one. Overnight ratings have settled around 3.6 million viewers with a 1.2 18-49 rating. Still, its average ratings over a week (Live + 7, including DVR use over a week) has been 5.9 million, with 2.7 million 18-49. Those younger demographics make the show a formidable basic cable show. Plus, it has received hit status in multiple countries overseas.

- Locally made TV shows didn’t get any love from the Emmys. The most likely recipient of an Emmy nomination of any sort would have been AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” But the drama was shut out.

Turner Broadcasting shows didn’t garner many major Emmy nominations either. “Falling Skies” picked up an “Outstanding Special Visual Effect” nomination. “Southland” picked up a nomination for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination.” “Christmas in Washington” has one for “Outstanding Music Direction.” Conan O’Brien on TBS received one modest nomination: “Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Enhancement To A Television Program Or Series” for its Team CoCo app. Cartoon Network’s nominations included “Children’s Hospital” with “Outstanding Special Class – Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs” and four nominations in Outstanding Short-format Animated Program, including “Robot Chicken” (Adult Swim), “Adventure Time,” “Regular Show” and “MAD.”

- I missed the entire brouhaha over DirecTV and Viacom, which ended over the weekend. For a couple of weeks, DirecTV did not air MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and Comedy Channel, among others, to its 20 million customers. Viacom was able to get a 20% increase in its rates, down from its initial 30% request. The result: ratings fell sharply among those networks while they were blacked out. Smaller Dish Network is in a dispute with AMC Networks, so those subscribers are not able to watch that network since the end of June.

- Talkers magazine ranked 100 top sports radio shows. A few local teams were named. My colleague Darryl Ledbetter wrote about it last week.Top ranked Atlanta show was David Archer and Mike Bell of 790/The Zone at No. 30, followed by the Rude Awakening on 680/The Fan at 62, the Zone’s mid-day show with the 2 Live Stews at No. 81 and Mayhem in the AM snuck in at No. 97.

- The Southeastern Emmys, which was taped last month at the Hyatt in Buckhead, will air on WPBA-Atlanta at 10 p.m. Saturday, July 28.  11 Alive News (WXIA-TV) took home 23 Emmys at the Southeastern Emmy Awards, by far the most of any TV station. Channel 2 Action News, the local ABC affiliate, won 11 Emmys.  11 Alive reporter Matt Pearl took home the most individual trophies for the night: six. He was on stage so many times, special honoree and former CNN CEO Tom Johnson joked to the audience that he thought Pearl might get his prize.

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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Erin Gray

July 24th, 2012
11:57 am

Melissa Carter?

Shouldn’t she busy boycotting Chick-fil-A?

[Expletive] if I ever want to hear her or her uniformed, anti-Christian opinions against people who mind their own business on the radio & speakers I paid for ever again!

I enjoy carpet as much as anybody else, but Dang…

JK in Acworth

July 24th, 2012
12:19 pm

Rodney, You also missed local chef Joe Rego competing on Food Network’s “Chopped” against 2 other local chefs and winning! The show aired on July 17th.

Sage of Bluesland

July 24th, 2012
12:42 pm

Congrats to 790, who have upped their collective game in the past year-plus. Mayhem-in-the-AM should have been ranked higher–it’s much better than Bell/Archer; not even close. (I still laugh thinking of “Arch” when he complained that he didn’t think QB was a need of the team when it drafted Chris Miller in the first round back in 1987; trust me, Dave, it was the biggest of needs; his arrogance still reasonates unappealingly today).

I have completely stopped listening to 680. Perry, Kincade, and Chernoff are radio-death to me. I’ll especially never forget the continued excuse-making by Kincade on the incompetence of the Thrashers ownership and management (i.e., Don Waddell)….and then the nerve to blame the fans for the perpetual intelligence-insults. Nope, that was the last time I listened to 680….and I haven’t looked back.

I won’t, either. Kudos to 790 for getting back to basics.

Fetus Breath

July 24th, 2012
12:43 pm

What did you miss while you were gone? How about what do you miss while you are here.

DirecTV vs Viacom?

Vast Wastrel

July 24th, 2012
12:48 pm

Not sure if Longmire was renewed before or after your hiatus but its viewership has been rising and the wife and I have really enjoyed it as a well acted and written throwback kind of show. Robert Taylor really shines in the lead as a psychologically flawed Marlboro man who appears to have replaced the cigs with a few beers. Don’t quite understand the approach Lou Diamond Phillips has taken as he is seemingly channeling Jay Silverheels as the wooden Indian. I know Mr. Phillips can act so this is obviously deliberate but his dialogue is so stilted that it is the main flaw in the series to date for me.

Why do the DVR +7 numbers matter? Do the advertisers care that people are watching their shows mostly sans commercials?


July 24th, 2012
1:00 pm

A 1.1 share (22nd place) compared to 2.9 (16th place) in May. Yep, Cumu-sucks makes another brainstorm decision. This is one broadcasting corporate that needs to collapse in a giant heap of bankruptcy. How do you spell stupid? C-U-M-U-L-U-S.


July 24th, 2012
1:15 pm

You’re slipping, Rodney.

No mention of former 99X’ers Toucher and Rich at #11 on the Top 100 Sports Talk list?

Was Once Y106.7

July 24th, 2012
2:58 pm

If Melissa Carter is anchoring afternoons, what happened to Cheryl Castro?

Morly Moe

July 24th, 2012
3:14 pm

@ Was Once Y106.7

Cheryl is on mid-days with John Lisk on ALL NEWS 106.7

Colonel Quackers

July 24th, 2012
3:16 pm

At least the news on 106.7 doesn’t put you to sleep as WSB does. WSB is a real snooze fest!

Was Once Y106.7

July 24th, 2012
3:55 pm

All News 106.7 has made significant strides. They’re good, but they could be much better, AN 106.7 still has their work cut out for them in developing sources and stories. That’s where WSB Radio has the advantage. They’re still too dependent on FOX 5 news and utilize way too much imaging going into different segments. The music tracks under sports, business news and weather is very annoying. It reeks of the old CNN Headline News. If you’re short on content then wow ‘em with the bells and whistles.


July 24th, 2012
5:38 pm

Big whoop. 106.7 got eliminated from so many radio pre-sets when they ditched music that it will never amount to anything in the Atlanta market. Great job Cumulus! Enjoy your lackluster ratings!


July 24th, 2012
10:51 pm

Please, no more Monica information! Good luck to her.
I added 106.7 to my preset, just to have something to listen to other than WSB!


July 25th, 2012
8:19 am

106.7 sucks…..bring back the oldies!


July 25th, 2012
9:49 am

Rodney, obviously you are not very familiar with the national radio scene. WYAY has had the best launch of any all news station in the past year, and thy have built the audience themselves. A 1.1 is very impressive. But, you being an AJC/Cox man….. You would do anything to make WSB look good. Watch as AN106.7 grows–and it will be further proven that we shouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes for a talk show to end to get our news. By the way, WYAY is using top notch talent. Which beats Sandra Gibbons out of the park.


July 25th, 2012
11:31 am

@Gary….you are obviously married or linked to someone at WYAY. There’s no such person on WSB named Sandra Gibbons. Nice try though, maybe some clueless people bought your attempt to help that sorry station. And P.S. 1.1 isn’t good by anyone’s yardstick. If it doesn’t rise about 2 within the next year—-and I’m guessing it won’t—-expect Cumulus to change format.


July 25th, 2012
4:17 pm

Maybe some national list likes 790 better, but noone locally does. Archer and Bell, who compiles the list, 40 somethings who wish they were 20 and still acting immaturely?


July 25th, 2012
5:25 pm

So thrilled that Melissa Carter is back on air…. she should have her own morning show with Wendy Adams, who also left TBS. Love them both.


July 25th, 2012
9:18 pm

106.7 replaced WSB as my #1 preset. WSB got shoved all the way to 6. What WSB is selling, I don’t want. Except for traffic. WSB has far better traffic and probably always will. That’s it. WSB is saved by a bunch of contractors. But if traffic reports aren’t included, it’s a slam dunk for 106.7.


July 26th, 2012
8:03 am

Why would we listen to liberal leaning talk shows on 106.7, which history shows always fail…PLEASE bring back oldies, please

Rodney Ho

July 26th, 2012
8:32 am

@jv I’m not sure what station you’re thinking of but 106.7 is an all-NEWS station. It has no talk shows.


July 27th, 2012
7:45 am

I’m so glad Melissa Carter is back on the air in Atlanta! She deserved much better than that petty morning show on 100. Best of luck, Melissa!