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Atlanta’s Jim Stacy hits the barbecue trail on PBA’s latest ‘Get Delicious!’ special

Jim Stacy, host of PBA's "Get Delicious," samples Betty Patterson's ribs at Ms. Betty's House of Ribs. CREDIT: Johnny Crawford/AJC

Jim Stacy, host of PBA's "Get Delicious," samples Betty Patterson's ribs at Ms. Betty's House of Ribs. CREDIT: Johnny Crawford/AJC

Jim Stacy is no Ryan Seacrest. At 6 feet 6 inches tall, with a thick, red beard and a lumbering frame held up by overalls, the Atlanta native is more Santa Claus meets Grizzly Adams.

But his avuncular charm and insatiable appetite for all things scrumptious are why legions of fans devour his “Get Delicious!” TV specials, which air on Public Broadcasting Atlanta.

His third one-hour special, created on an ultra-shoestring budget of just $5,000, debuts at 8 tonight (Thursday, July 5) and focuses on all things barbecue, with side trips to a traditional North Georgia free-range hog farm, an old-fashioned butcher in Avondale Estates and a classic kosher deli in Atlanta.

One barbecue eatery featured in the show is Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt, not far from downtown Atlanta, where Stacy savors an order of ribs while his 2-year-old daughter Tallulah tugs at his beard. Barbecue “is kind of a birthright,” he said. Accordingly, when Stacy visits his childhood haunt, Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Jackson, he brings his father along to share some classic Brunswick stew before the TV cameras.

The specials, created with friends Jack Walsh and Gordon Ray, don’t just show loving shots of ribs slathered in sauce like a typical food show. Commentary and interviews are illustrated with free, public domain video from decades past that gives the show a lighthearted, campy feel. So when his disk jockey friend Mara Davis of Dave FM says she doesn’t like pickles on her pulled pork sandwich from Community Q in Decatur, the producers inserted dug-up grainy black-and-white footage of a woman who hates a pickle so much she knocks over a table.

He disarms the barbecue entrepreneurs he interviews. “He makes you feel at home, like we’ve known each other forever,” said Betty Hamilton, owner of Ms. Betty’s House of Ribs in Atlanta, also featured in the special.

But Stacy, a former chef, has serious intentions. He has a smokehouse at his home where he makes his own cured and smoked meats. (He takes private orders.) He wants viewers to learn about eateries in Atlanta that don’t begin with “Mc” or end in “King.”“We are so divorced from what we eat now,” he said.

He also wants to illustrate the melting pot that is Atlanta through food. In previous specials, he’s spotlighted a soul food restaurant run by a Nebraskan and a Thai family feeding customers Cajun cuisine. This time, he highlights Atlanta’s Heirloom Market Barbecue, an interesting amalgam of Korean and Texas barbecue.

“There are very few people raised in Atlanta. I’m one of them. But I love how people from the outside bring their own flavors to Southern food.”

Stacy, 45, also embraces Atlanta history. He manages the Starlight Drive-In, an Atlanta institution since 1949. And he purposely chose Ponce de Leon Avenue’s Plaza Theatre (circa 1939) to share a sneak peek of the special this past Sunday.

He appreciates irony, too. “I love the owners,” he said after the Plaza preview. “They allowed me to screen an all-meats show in a theater owned by vegans!”

Stacy — who has been a nightclub owner, punk-rock musician, tattoo artist and, yes, a professional Santa Claus — would love to do more than one “Get Delicious” special every 18 months. But his culinary desires exceed PBA’s modest purse strings.

“I’m always planning five or six steps ahead. When they said yes to the first one, I already had four more episodes figured out in my head.”

The next one, Stacy said, already has a title: “This Is Not Junk Food.”

The co-stars of tonight’s ‘Get Delicious!’

“Get Delicious” features a variety of barbecue places, plus a farm, butcher shop and deli. Jim Stacy provides quick takes on why he picked each one to highlight: Host Jim Stacy’s quick takes on each one:

Community Q BBQ: “Great brisket sandwiches and some of the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. It’s good to see some fine dining guys cooking barbecue.” (1361 Clairmont Road, Decatur, 404-633-2080)

Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt: “My favorite ribs in town. Hands down, my go-to place when my family is eating barbecue.” (264 Memorial Drive S.E., Atlanta, 404-222-0206)

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que: “A perennial favorite for our family. You can’t manufacture the atmosphere. It’s been open since 1929. That’s as old-school as it gets.” (1164 Highway 42 S., Jackson, 770-775-3182)

Heirloom Market BBQ: “I love Korean barbecue. I love Texas barbecue. The two of them together is a great asset to the city. Hands down, great kimchi slaw!” (2243 Akers Mill Road S.E., Atlanta, 770-612-2502)

Ms. Betty’s House of Ribs: “A quintessential rib shack. It’s in my neighborhood. I love eating as much as just hanging out and talking to the staff.” (1281 Bouldercrest Drive, Atlanta, 404-243-8484)

Patak Meat Products: “Anthony Patak is the king of Atlanta sausage for sure. He has, hands down, my favorite frankfurters and wieners anywhere.” (4107 Ewing Road, Austell, 770-941-7993)

Pine Street Market: “Near and dear to my heart. I grew up in a butcher shop. Seeing a guy my age able to make a living as a butcher and bacon maker is a precious thing.” (4A Pine St., Avondale Estates, 404-296-9672)

Riverview Farms: “Great organic, free-range pork grown by a great family. Great organic produce coming out of there as well.” (954 White Graves Road N.E., Ranger, 678-910-2831)

The Kosher Gourmet: “You actually get homemade pastrami and corned beef in a kosher deli. Can’t really beat that.” (2153 Briarcliff Road N.E., Atlanta, 404-636-1114)

TV preview
“Get Delicious!”

8 p.m. Thursday, PBA, with repeats at 2:30 a.m. Friday, 9 p.m. Sunday and 2:30 a.m. Sunday

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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Jim Stacy

July 5th, 2012
9:33 am

Thanks Rodney!
Had a great time hanging out ang getting to meet you. We appreciate the coverage and interest and the Restaurants and Folks featured on the show will be helped by the attention you paid them.
Again, thanks!
P.S. We could make 5 shows for $5000, that’s a shoestring!
Go Get Delicious! young man!
Jim Stacy


July 5th, 2012
12:02 pm

Every day people head to the latest trendy Atlanta eatery and pass by the kind of great places that Jim Stacy showcases in his shows. Places where the people are more passionate about the food than their profit margin and where the smile of a satisfied customer is more important than the words of a food critic. Anyone who is interested in the Atlanta food scene needs to watch the Get Delicious series and check out some of these great places – your taste buds and your wallet will thank you!


July 5th, 2012
2:32 pm

Looking forward to this! We’ve been to a few of these spots, and we’re huge fans of Daddy D’z. I love Korean BBQ, so Heirloom Market sounds like a great spot.


July 5th, 2012
2:33 pm

Anyone who’s ever passed by Daddy D’z with their nose in the air has missed some amazing barbecue

[...] Read the entire piece on Rodney’s Radio & TV Talk blog. [...]

Former Ormewood Park

July 5th, 2012
2:51 pm

Wyatt’s Country BBQ at the intersection of Memorial Dr and Maynard Terrace/Wyman St has reasonable prices. Rib Plate with 2 sides only $10.54. Take-out only. You move sideways from order to cashier.


July 5th, 2012
2:58 pm

Rodney great piece…thanks

Atlanta '58

July 5th, 2012
5:41 pm

It’s about the food, family, and passion. Jim (a fellow native) is an outstanding example of all three. Loved the trips down memory lane in episode one.
Thanks, Rodney

Joe Meat

July 5th, 2012
5:43 pm

This hipster fool don’t know sh1t about barbecue!


July 5th, 2012
9:18 pm

Once had a loaded BBQ sammich on our menu at a rock club i worked at on St Simons called The Labrea Stomper in honor of Jim and his to try one of his hams

Jim Stacy

July 6th, 2012
12:03 am

Hey Joe Meat,
1. Never call me a hipster.
2. I’d be happy to take you and stuff better meat than you deserve down your gullet if you show up with a $20 bill.
3. Don’t hide behind a handle.
Jim Stacy

El Mongol

July 6th, 2012
12:22 am

Hey, love this dude his shows are awesome. PBS we need more Stacy.

Joe Meat

July 6th, 2012
12:25 am

1. First, city boy hipster, you would have to pull your head out of your a-ss.
2. Joe Meat is not a handle.
3. When you get past 1., we’ll talk.

Joe Meat


July 6th, 2012
6:47 am

Hey Joe Meat, why don’t you beat it!

Chuck Norris

July 6th, 2012
7:47 am

@Joe Meat – Even in a nose-to-tail culture, the anus is unpopular.


July 6th, 2012
8:02 am

Atlanta BBQ club fully endorses “Get Delicious” . Jim Stacy has some excellent choices of BBQ and other “meats”. Our only complaint is that is was only an hour show that left off some of our favorite places. Hottie Hawgs, JimNNicks, Fox Bros, Sam’s BBQ 1 , Boners, check out all our favorite places at


July 6th, 2012
8:12 am

@ Rodney Ho and Jim Stacy Thanks for the smiles, yums and aggravating the bums.


July 6th, 2012
8:25 am

Thanks Jim and Rodney. That was a fun show. It had me salivating for some good BBQ. That kimchi slaw looked fantastic.

Van Jones

July 6th, 2012
8:27 am

Jim Stacy, because of you I have a list of BBQ places I WILL be trying. Most, if not all, of these are places I would not have known about if not for you. From one GA native to another, great job!!

Jason Greene

July 6th, 2012
10:41 am

Joe Meat, what a friggin jerk! Jim Stacy’s unpretentious style, and down home approach is so refreshing. And I eat at all the top spots, to the best hole’s-in the wall. Daddy D’z, has been a favorite of mine, since they opened. It’s about the que, not the atmosphere. Rock on Jim!


July 6th, 2012
10:42 am

It’s silly to expect an hour-long show to hit all your favorite places, so my smoker is half-FULL. The whole point of these shows is to get out and try places that aren’t familiar. I already love Community Q, but I’m looking forward to visiting Heirloom and can’t wait to find my way out to Patak… this polish dude could use some real old-country kielbasa!


July 6th, 2012
10:44 am

Ms. Betty’s too!

FM Fats

July 6th, 2012
10:59 am

I hit Hottie Hawgs entirely by accident. Another fine addition to the ATL Q scene.


July 6th, 2012
11:46 am

I sure enjoyed Jim’s first two episodes and look forward to watching last nights show this evening (I Tivo’d it). I sure love my Q, and with so many places to chose from, I sure wouldn’t have wanted to whittle down the list to just a few, but I’m confident Jim and friends have chosen a nice selection to profile.

John at Parkgrounds

July 6th, 2012
1:14 pm

Hey Jim,
Great show!!!
BUT I didn’t know you were an intown hipster. We can’t be friends anymore, sorry….


July 6th, 2012
1:30 pm

I lived in Athens around the same time as Jim Stacy. Enjoyed his band and love these shows.

I also loved the Downstairs and would give a pretty penny to replace my t-shirt with his artwork on it.

Rock on, Jim!


July 6th, 2012
3:37 pm

Jim, don’t let the Meathead bother you. Some people are mighty brave on the interwebs. The rest of us are glad you’re here. Keep up the good work.

Percy Flage

July 6th, 2012
4:11 pm

Enter your comments here

David Galloway

July 6th, 2012
5:19 pm

Jim, great show as were the other two prior offerings. You do a great job of “hipping” the residents of Atlanta to some of the superb, and hidden, offerings in our city. Love your style and production. If PBA were smart, they would fund your ass off instead of some of the other offerings.
As for the Meat, please let me know when the “meating” is to take place. Would love to see it, but he’ll never show.
Thanks again.


July 6th, 2012
7:04 pm

Love the shows, just don’t watch when you are even close to being hungry. You will lose your mind if you do.

Jim Stacy

July 7th, 2012
12:02 am

Joe Meat,
Everyone’s a tough guy on the Internet.
My invitation to feed you is hereby withdrawn.
I need to get my head back in my hipster ass.
Jim Stacy.

Jim Stacy

July 7th, 2012
12:16 am

Hey everyone, Thanks!
Yeah, trimming it to an hour was tough, and I didn’t just want BBQ on the show. That’s been done to death.
Had we had time, Fox Bros., Old Clinton in Gray, Poole’s in Elijay (for pig hill alone), Wyatt’s on Memo Dr. and some others would have been on there. Hell, I’d have spent more time at Spotted Trotter.
You can follow Get Delicious! at
or there are links to every establishment in all three shows at:

The great thing is how much you guys interest and patronage has breathed new life in these precious restaurants. There were some that were hard hit in 2008 that wouldn’t have made it without folks being curious as to if I knew what I was talking about – I glad it’s worked and we’ve all gotten fatter as a result.

Hey Marsh, come over to the Facebook page and I’ll draw you a picture of My Brother Pete and Dog. I’ll find a Downstairs shirt I have and get a picture of it for you too.
Again, Thanks Guys!
Eat Good, Eat Local, Teach a Kid, Tip Well and Stay Fiercely Loyal!
Jim Stacy.

El Mongol

July 7th, 2012
12:29 am

Me thinks Joe Meat needs some roughage. Rock on Jim…


July 7th, 2012
7:12 pm

Good show, Jim!


July 7th, 2012
8:27 pm

Went to try Heiloom BBQ last month. Got there as it was just opened for the day, the line was already out the door. Ordered the Korean BBQ sandwich, it was awesome! Kimchi slaw was a great compliment.


July 8th, 2012
10:00 pm

Just watched the show. Fantastic. Thanks for spotlighting these marvelous little spots. I can’t wait to try Heirloom and Daddy D’z!


July 9th, 2012
11:10 am

There’s a guy up in Cumming, J’s Southern Smoke, who’s doing it right. Worth the trip for the beans. You wouldn’t think that a guy named Michah Shapiro would be this good at smokin’ pork, but he is!

Stacy R.

July 12th, 2012
9:45 am


Love the show! I stumbled upon it one late night then spent the rest of my time looking up every video I could find. I really enjoyed the one about Buford Hwy eats but my favorite was the meat & 3. Which I could eat all the time. It’s so sad that people are hating on you specially since you are trying to enlighten everyone on local eats. I for one commend you for your work. I wish there were more people like yourself who spotlights local dinning. Keep up the good work. I will keep watching. If you ever need a friend to dine with you have a new one in me. :)

- (a fellow) Stacy