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Confirmed: MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ leaves Atlanta, moves to Los Angeles


After two seasons in Atlanta, MTV’s drama “Teen Wolf” is leaving town to shoot in Los Angeles if it gets a third season.

Stefanie Paupeck, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Film, TV and Film, Music & Digital Entertainment office, confirmed the news over the weekend.

It’s the first time a successful scripted TV series is leaving Atlanta mid-run. (As someone mentioned below, judge show “Swift Justice’ left town last year  but also lost Nancy Grace in the process.)

California offers tax credits, like Georgia, but limits them to a certain dollar amount. Since there is far more demand than supply, the state holds a lottery.

MTV and MGM, the production companies that make “Teen Wolf,” put in for the lottery – and won. So “Teen Wolf” is going Hollywood for a likely third season. (The show is averaging 1.7 to 1.8 million viewers in its first run so far, comparable to season one. Though MTV has not said so, a renewal is likely.)

Despite what has been said by Georgia officials, an MTV spokeswoman said a final decision has not been made on a location, though that may be because they haven’t squared everything yet in California.

There is a hassle factor to move mid-run. They have to find new crew members and build new sets. Plus, the California credits aren’t quite as generous as those in Georgia.

But Warner Brothers clearly had its reasons to make the move and not turn down those credits. The fact is: most of the creative types (the writers, the producers, the main actors) live in Los Angeles and would prefer to stay there if possible.

Unfortunately for Atlanta crew members, this is a loss. But Atlanta is picking up plenty of other new productions so this is hardly a death blow to the city’s burgeoning film and TV infrastructure.

This move does show how competitive it can be to woo productions from one city/state/country to another.

From a creative standpoint, it’s doubtful viewers will notice. “Teen Wolf” is technically based in a generic, fictional small north California town.

Some shows have shot pilots here before moving elsewhere: TNT’s “Franklin & Bash,” ABC’s short-lived “Detroit 1-8-7,” NBC’s upcoming “Revolution” and Fox’s new Kevin Bacon drama “The Following.”

But I can think of just two relatively recent examples of scripted shows moving to another city in the middle of their run. It’s far more common for shows to move networks.

- ABC’s “Ugly Betty” shifted production in 2008 from Los Angeles to New York after its second season. The state wooed the dramedy with generous tax credits. The show was technically based in New York City so the third and fourth seasons looked more authentic when it came to exterior shots. Not that it helped the show’s ratings, which slipped sharply by season four, leading to its cancellation in 2010.

- “The X Files” in 1998 moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles starting season six. The apparent reason: star David Duchovny wanted to be closer to his wife Tea Leoni.

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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July 2nd, 2012
4:47 pm

I thought it was cheaper to film here in Georgia or North Carolina with the low tax breaks for movie company’s makes no sense for Teen Wolf to move it does not matter though lots great productions have started shooting in Georgia like the Walking Dead and Devils Knot staring Reese Wetherspoon and Colin Firth .


July 2nd, 2012
6:36 pm

Actually, David is still married to Tea. Why doesn’t Rodney do these articles plus the ones that Jennifer does? He seems to have it all in hand.


July 2nd, 2012
8:21 pm

They won’t be missed…anyone “in the biz”—know the cluster—that “production” was—would be an insult to call that “production” to REAL PRODUCERS/PRODUCTION CREW–who are professionals, know how to run a set. Good God–a kid in High school running a social club could have done a better job, running that set. Anyone in “the business” will ‘”not” miss that clown parade of missing heads chicken coupe…god even if I called them “amateurs”–would be an insult to “amateurs’–GOOD RIDDANCE=–don’t lel the door…well, maybe if the door does hit them–maybe knock sense into them. Plus, pretty much can bet you–this is how the show will end—they’ll go on “hiatus” blaming that set builds/filming,etc. is behind—they’ll have a 1/2 to full season of re-runs–and quietly release a press release–mentioning Teen Wolf has not been picked back up…TRUST ME on this….the show is gone (in more ways than one).


July 2nd, 2012
8:40 pm

“It’s the first time a successful TV series is leaving Atlanta mid-run.”

That’s not true. Swift Justice left ATL for LA with the #1 syndicated debut for its first season.


July 2nd, 2012
8:40 pm

LET ME BE CLEAR!!! If you know the biz, don’t need to explain, however those who don’t know the biz….CREW (Grips, etc)—not the same thing as “Production”–I’m talking about the clowns with too much self importance cause they get to hold a walkie-talkie that day—I’ve worked Atlanta and L.A.
If perception ever got out THAT is what was going in Atlanta—and “representative” of Atlanta–we would be TOAST—and LUCKY to get Baby Wipe commercials filmed here.

Atlanta still has a *LONG WAY* to go. “CREW”–I’m talking the “worker bee’s” that MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN–any article you read–you’ll see they are WELL RESPECTED—-so much so—some productions (actually most)—simply come here for “crew reasons” (to save money)

Cause I GUARANTEE YOU—I don’t want my name–associated with people calling themselves “Actors”—-there’s maybe 2-4 very real, very qualified–actors that which–”Hollywood” would “know/hire” etc. If you’re in the business, you’ll know who, if you’re not, not gonna mention–cause they’ve managed to fly under the radar for 20+ years..surely don’t want to “out them” now.

Hollywood is still not giving Atlanta actors (sans 4 previously mentioned)—their due respect—cause, there’s probably a good 50-100 who have “earned the right”—to Audition—but Hollywood still insist on hiring out of L.A.—and I mean, the other, 10,000 people putting “Actor” on Faceblook..

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW now “Immature” and *INSANE* some “EXTRAS” are in Atlanta (Yes, it’s bottom of pool–but still–MY GOD!!! you MUST HAVE MORE Horse sense–that to put on Facebook you are “EMPLOYED” by “the Walking Dead” (or GOD FORBID the really insane nut cases)–putting “Warner Brothers”–as their employer cause they were an extra–probably on the cutting room floor.

THAT is simply business since 101. If XYZ temp agency–hires you to do some project work for Google–YOU ABSOLUTELY NEVER—-put “Google” on your resume as Employer—you put–XYZ Temp-Consultant to Google—then describe what you did.,

Not only is it disingenuousness to say “Warner Brothers” was your employer–it’s an OUTRIGHT LIE–and when people from Hollywood see that. They say *NO WAY:” do I want to deal with THAT kind of nonsense–it is PRECISELY why—the up/coming working actors have to go to L.A. get some cred, THEN come back to Atlanta.

If that were not enough—(Union Rules–not worth explaining-not in biz)–however, L.A. based (living in L.A.)-are changing SAG Status to “Home Base:” Atlanta–will fly themselves out here (on on dime)–to Audition—cause it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for them. So, they’ll give up all the “union perks”–travel pay, location pay, hotel pay, meal pay, etc.etc.etc. Simply cause they know they come out–they’ll 90% get hired…

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July 3rd, 2012
10:08 am

GOODRiddance, your writings are hard to understand. Not sure what you are saying. You stated, “LET ME BE CLEAR”, but it was anything but clear.


July 3rd, 2012
11:34 am

GOODRiddance sounds like a real pro. I look forward to him posting his undoubtedly impressive resume. It sounds like he really “knows the biz”- because, you know- that’s what everyone who works in entertainment calls it- “the biz.”

Native Atlantan

July 3rd, 2012
12:51 pm

ummmm….GOODRiddance…someone pee in your 4th of July basket? No one invite you to a party tomorrow or did you get canned on set for being such a moron?


July 3rd, 2012
12:54 pm

In reality its is great that these shows put money into the state of Georgia..but in reality THEY do NOTHING for actors in Atlanta other than throw them the bone of being an extra…They all IMPORT talent and EXPORT nothing…bye


July 3rd, 2012
12:55 pm

I don’t understand why anyone likes that show. I tried to watch it, but turned after 5 minutes. It looks soooooo low budget….

[...] Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed the report over the weekend with Georgia Film, TV and Film, Music & Digital Entertainment [...]


July 3rd, 2012
1:06 pm

Who cares? MTV hasn’t been relevant for well over 25 years now

belinda james

July 3rd, 2012
1:22 pm

the Extra Casting Atlanta only paid hourly on Teen Wolf – that’s the only extra casting company that did that. All other extras casting companies treat extras better, guarantee payment for 8 hours considering being an extra is not a regular job, we pray to get casted, get calls at midnight to be somewhere at 5AM and sometimes scenes on Teen Wolf were shot 2 hours away in the middle of the night.


July 5th, 2012
12:06 pm

boo hoo — high school scenes filmed at my old high school — fun to watch to see the old place even if the lockers had been painted blue eons ago!!

[...] Despite what has been said by Georgia officials, an MTV spokeswoman said a final decision has not been made on a location, though that may be because they haven’t squared everything yet in California. Source [...]