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Who won ‘Dancing With the Stars 14′?

Donald Driver winning

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DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 1410" - In the final one-hour performance show, each of the couples competed in two dances. All three couples had the chance to show their improvement over the course of the season, performing a dance chosen by the judges that they had previously performed, but were able to incorporate new music and new choreography. Each couple also performed the unpredictable and always entertaining no rules Freestyle dance to music they chose themselves, on "Dancing with the Stars," MONDAY, MAY 21 (8:00-9:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ADAM TAYLOR) PETA MURGATROYD, DONALD DRIVER, TOM BERGERON, BROOKE BURKE CHARVET, CHERYL BURKE, WILLIAM LEVY, KATHERINE JENKINS, MARK BALLAS

DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 1410" - In the final one-hour performance show, each of the couples competed in two dances. All three couples had the chance to show their improvement over the course of the season, performing a dance chosen by the judges that they had previously performed, but were able to incorporate new music and new choreography. Each couple also performed the unpredictable and always entertaining no rules Freestyle dance to music they chose themselves, on "Dancing with the Stars," MONDAY, MAY 21 (8:00-9:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ADAM TAYLOR) PETA MURGATROYD, DONALD DRIVER, TOM BERGERON, BROOKE BURKE CHARVET, CHERYL BURKE, WILLIAM LEVY, KATHERINE JENKINS, MARK BALLAS

There’s happiness in cheesehead land!

In what was arguably the most talented crew of finalists to date on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” a third NFL player took home the crown: Donald Driver, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

Driver peaked at the right time Monday night with his first perfect judges’ score with a cha-cha-cha.

Sure, the judges were handing out perfect scores like Snickers on Halloween.  But the final three were all pretty close in skill sets. Runner-up Katherine Jenkins, a British opera singer, got two 30s on Monday while actor William Levy also had one.

So with the judges’ scores so close, it came down to popular votes. The conventional wisdom was Levy winning given the reactions from the audiences. But the Cheeseheads may have helped Driver take home the prize.

His athleticism, his drive, his competitive joy got him the mirror-ball trophy. He would not be denied. and he wasn’t shy shedding his shirt and showing off his six pack (or was that an eight pack tonight?).

Driver is the third NFL player to win in 14 competitions. Emmitt Smith was No. 1 season three and Atlanta’s Hines Ward, who just retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers, took home the crown season 12.

Here’s video from the show

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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May 22nd, 2012
11:31 pm

I really think they need to stop inviting football players to this show. The fan base skews the results to where lesser talents go farther then they should. Donald only got his first perfect score last night, and should have been eliminated two weeks ago.

By contrast, Maria Menunous got three, and didn’t even make it to the finals.

Kurt Warner should have been eliminated weeks before he was two seasons ago. Same with Hines Ward.

Don’t get me wrong; Donald and Hines are talented dancers and should have made it to the semis, but they were not the best dancers. And it was the football fans who skewed the results again.

In a perfect world, Katherine and Maria, with maybe William, should have been in the finals.


May 22nd, 2012
11:48 pm

go donald and peta. th two of you rocked the whole season. and you did not need the 10s from lynn!!!



May 22nd, 2012
11:53 pm

It could just as easily be said that “others” have fan bases too – what Katherine has the “art” crowd with her background. William has the lusty housewives’ vote. He has the NFL. I don’t know the ration of men to women phoning/texting in votes, but I have to believe the women are doing it, and the men do not care one iota!

Similar to American Idol, I think the main reason some of the real young’uns stay around are because they go to a high school with 1,000 built-in texters who care. Certainly these are just a few examples of built-in bases, but I think he won on his talent.


May 23rd, 2012
12:29 am

SHOCKED !!!!!!!!!!

He was not the best dancer. Katherine and Mark were the best all season. They were cheated out of the title.

traci 404

May 23rd, 2012
12:29 am

Congrats to Donald. He got creative when it counted. Lynn refused to give him 10’s all season long until the end. I am glad the fans do get to vote. It made the difference.
All 3 stars were neck and neck until the very end. This was the best season ever!


May 23rd, 2012
12:32 am

I agree all thee final couples were great and to that respect I think what won it for Donald was a larger fan base. I think this is actually a win that was the peoples choice.


May 23rd, 2012
1:14 am

I am a huge fan of football; not necessarily the Packers. But, I am glad to see Donald win, however, I would have been equally glad for William or Katherine. I would even add Maria to my list. This just happens to be a very, very talented group and I just enjoyed the entertainment. No need to find faults for the ones who didn’t win.

Divine Miss Jen

May 23rd, 2012
5:27 am

Well done to everyone in season 14! You put on a great show every week and leave yourselves wide open to all our criticism. Over the last 14 seasons we all fancy ourselves as experts criticizing the judges scores especially Len! A 10 from Len is like winning Olympic gold!

All 3 couples in the finals brought something unique to this season, Katherine brought perfection, William brought heat and fun and Donald brought drive persistence and continued improvement.

When contestants come to week one an obvious “champion” often they don’t improve much and lose my interest. A guy like Donald comes along and grinds it out every week slowly improving building to the finals … that gets my vote every time. Until they have a trophy for most improved dancer of the season,go for the dancer that earned his place in the finals week by week and not who blew to the top week one. If we have already crowned a winner week one, why have a whole season? Im just sayin’…


May 23rd, 2012
5:39 am

oh heavens to mergatroid Donald you make us all very proud Thank you both.

joy hamlin

May 23rd, 2012
6:09 am

Yep…the football stars have the greater fan base and win. I am very disappointed in
this season’s winner and agree with others that sports stars should not be in the
competition. This guy was not the best dancer. This was supposed to be a dance
competition not a popularity poll.


May 23rd, 2012
6:19 am

Tiberius that is not exactly true. I don’t watch football but I gave all my votes to Driver.he always came out and did his best. He showed real heart. He took all the judges comments and tried yo improve each week. That is why he deserved to win.


May 23rd, 2012
6:29 am

I think it came down, as usual, to the freestyle dance and Donald had by far the best freestyle. It looked even better when they repeated it on the results show. It was fabulous.

No Talent, No Class Slum Trash Driver

May 23rd, 2012
6:47 am

Driver was not at any time the best dancer and certainly not worthy of the championship. By the judges vote – Katherine won!!! She was the best all season….Driver was the Slum Trash and the stupid Cheeseheads favorite – little do they know of anything in the real world….To bad the Saints didn’t put a bounty on Driver……

[...] NFL Wide Receiver Donald Driver Wins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Competition [...]

ajc protestor

May 23rd, 2012
7:01 am

snorrrrrrrrrrrrre…………ffffwew……….repeat 100 times. This is getting old. Next season will be Tony Gonzalez, Robin Roberts, Bob Barker, and many other who cares contestants……Stay tun…….snorrrrrrrrre……..fffffwew….repeat 5000 times. Quick, breaking news, tell Jennifer whatersname Richt has the tummy flu.


May 23rd, 2012
7:29 am

Oh stop crying! You all know how all of these shows work-just look at American Idol-no way should Phillip be in the finals!!

C. Lewis

May 23rd, 2012
7:41 am

Tiberius—so not true. NFL players should be invited and have lots of talent. In past seasons, Bristol Palin and Nancy Grace got way too far with little to no talent. I heard one guy actually shot his television when Bristol Palin made it so far.

Declan Georgia

May 23rd, 2012
7:56 am

it’s become the family version of a NFL players sex tape…


May 23rd, 2012
8:14 am

The best dancer obviously did not win….consistent talent display should win… the voting needs a change…..NFL players are skewed… that is the largest fan base… the other two were not so well known until they came to Dancing…there is no reasonable expectation for them to compete with the same fan voting base… while the public should vote, the percentage should be given less weight to recognize the real talents…all in all, it was a good season and the competition down to the last four was very good… these last four could stand up against anyone that has been on the show… sorry, Katherine… you were the true champion and showed that from week 1…. cannot wait to see you and Bocelli later in the year…

Dorothy Underwood

May 23rd, 2012
8:18 am


Donald & Peta, you guys really performed the whole season &you danced very well. Your winning the championship was very well deserved. The final 3 couples were all great, but of course the best always win.


May 23rd, 2012
8:25 am

Donald Driver won because he worked hard and became better week after week. Bottom line his free style was one of the best ever. Many dancers have pulled it off because of their free style. Anyone remember Donnie Osmond. He definitely was not the best dancer…but his freestyle was the best and he pulled off the championship over I believe a much better dancer Mya. These competitions will always be a popularity contest so get over it when the “best” does not win!


May 23rd, 2012
8:39 am

Loved Donald, but not sure the best dancer won. After looking again at them this a. m. the female, Kathrine was incredible. William Levy is certainly entertaining, too, but for dancing alone, it seemed to me she was the most talented and consisitent. Enjoyed this season so much!


May 23rd, 2012
8:42 am

WOW!! It’s funny how so many of you are upset that Driver won and now want football players removed from the show. Well if they remove football players then why not remove all athletes? So what that really means is Shawn Johnson didn’t deserve to win either. *food for thought*


May 23rd, 2012
8:43 am

Congratulations to Donald and Peta!! They danced their a**es off when it counted. He took the judges comment in stride and did what needed to be done when it counted. I voted for him every week. Katherine didn’t win because it was expected that she would. She thought that she was going to win as well. William’s looks and “bum” brought him far into the competition. I enjoyed this season. Good group of contestants. Give that man his props!! TEAM DONALD.

Brenda J.

May 23rd, 2012
8:45 am

Wow! This was a great season. I think that Donald, Katherine, William and Maria were all great dancers. I would have been equally satisfied with either of them winning. Since they were all great with wonderful attitudes (which is more than I can say for some of these bloggers), it just came down to personal preferences. Only Donald won the mirror-ball trophy, but they are all winners since they came out and gave it their very best!


May 23rd, 2012
9:19 am

Didn’t you all figure out a long time ago that this show is not about talent but about giving a venue for ABC/Disney, etc. artists to get television exposure?

If this show were about actual dancing talent then the only scores that would matter would be Len’s. The other two are there for entertainment value only (and even that is questionable). Just look at last night’s show. A virtual unknown from the Disney stable is allowed to do a freestyle despite being kicked off two weeks earlier, just because Disney felt he needed more exposure for his career (and their profits).

If you can’t watch this show with the right humorous attitude about what a complete joke it has become, then you haven’t been paying attention for the past 14 seasons.


May 23rd, 2012
9:26 am

To JT and C. Lewis, football is the #1 sport in America, with fan bases far exceeding that of most every other sport COMBINED. Doesn’t matter if any other athlete goes on the show, the football player will always go farther than he should.

Yes, Bristol Palin and Nancy Grace lasted too long. In 14 seasons, they are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

But the rule is that football players last too long past their actual talent – always.

I will repeat my earlier remarks regarding Hines Ward and Donald Driver. Both were good, even very good dancers, but they were not great dancers, and certainly not champion-level dancers as compared to others who haven’t won. I have no problem with fans being part of the voting process, but when that process is skewed for one group to the detriment of another, that process needs to be changed.


May 23rd, 2012
9:40 am

Realist, you should watch this show more carefully. EVERY star from this season got to dance again (not just Disney/ABC stars), and they all got to choose their routine.


May 23rd, 2012
9:44 am



May 23rd, 2012
9:47 am

This is for NO Talent, No Class Slam trash Driver comment you are a “HATER” and you must be a “RED NECK” from the hills of who know’s where Donald Driver put his heart and soul into every dance and he came out on top he is a true winner of dancing with the stars so get over it and for all the rest of you hating on him because he is a football ball player with fans how about he is just a all around nice guy who finished first because he went at it as a challenge and put his best foot forward and he won…..Good Luck Donald and Peta!!!!

magie krebs

May 23rd, 2012
10:01 am

Dancing withe the stars is supposed to be about dancing, not athletism,Driver did well showing his strenght and chest = all the football fans of course,
but when it comes down to real dancing, I admired the grace, the finesse,the real “feel” of the dance of William Levy and Katherine .
They showed the artistry of the dances with elegance.
DWST had the best season ever, a lot of talent, energy and enthusiasm.


May 23rd, 2012
10:16 am

Tiberius must have tasted too much of the haterade. Donald Driver is a talented dancer and has improved each week. I don’t care too much for footable so I never heard of him before the show. He deserved the trophy and he got it….

Now, here’s a tall cup of red koolaid with a heaping of haterade mixed in…gulp away (lol)!!

Beau Bock

May 23rd, 2012
10:44 am


May 23rd, 2012
10:46 am

Heinz Ward played for the Steelers. In Pittsburgh. Thank you.


May 23rd, 2012
11:12 am

Divine Miss Jen said it all and correctly. Donald was the most improved and that’s what the dance competition was all about — in my opinion. Don’t take the atheletes out — they learn, they listen, they try, and for the most part, are very competitive, which boils down to a lot of drive. Donald came a very long way from the first week and I certainly think he deserved it as it did not come as naturally to him as some of the others.


May 23rd, 2012
11:23 am

He totally deserved to win


May 23rd, 2012
11:38 am

Hate football. Never heard of Donald Driver but loved him from day one and couldn’t wait to see him each week. He always listened to the judges, improved each week and had some fabulous routines. I loved how enthusiastic he was. He deserved it all the way. Wonderful season with wonderful finalists.


May 23rd, 2012
12:18 pm

@magie Krebs

William Levy shaking his ass every week really showed his “grace”, “finese” and “artistry.”


May 23rd, 2012
12:21 pm

no F” inn way ! another attempt to be PC correct, yeah ‘m sur those votes were accurate. Thats it for me no more DWTS, feaks queers, and minorites -thats what the show is about


May 23rd, 2012
4:36 pm

Good thing that Donald didn’t do a “Lambeau Leap” into the crowd. That could have hurt some folks!


May 23rd, 2012
7:41 pm

The way I see it, they pick apples and oranges for the program. They pick talented people who are already young, experienced entertainers and then they also pick athletes, older folks, and other “stars” who obviously have none or not much exposure to dancing and throw them all together. So, the playing field is not fair to begin with. Naturally, people tend to vote for the people they think are trying really hard or have some hardship of some kind, or are just popular, and so the really really good dancers get left in the dust most every time. They should have just all total non-dancer types or all more potential dancer-types and then the competition would be more realistic. And, the good dancers would have a chance for once. The way the program is now, the best dancers will never win and I don’t think that is right, either. Just my 2 cents.

Reality Check

May 24th, 2012
1:24 am

Since when is this a “competition” about improving every week, or about enthusiasm? Katherine was consistenly the best, yet there is no carry-over. Donald Driver performs two good dances at the end after eight-plus mediocre turns, and somehow goes home with the trophy. I hope Katherine and Gilles are invited back to the next season for those who unjustly lost in the past, and this time NO NFL PLAYERS! Can we just choose the dancers who are good, and not the ones who have a fanatic base?


May 24th, 2012
3:49 am

Who had the best average -Katherine The most 10`s -Katherine Top 6 weeks out of seven -Katherine ,THe gridiron fans who would know nothing about dancing voted him ,Katherin e your grace beauty ,class ,wonderful artistry intellect stood out you did both Wales and Britain proud The British forces sweetheart,Your voice is even more beautiful than your dancing.
Ibelieve a lot of your votes were not allowed through when all Drivers were.Robbed By a dumb footballer.


May 24th, 2012
4:22 am

The one who lasted way too long in past seasons was Kate (minus her 8)!


May 24th, 2012
4:23 pm

DONALD DRIVER congrats to you and all your fans that make this happen for u i am so glad u final get the 10s u need to make it happen .hoping to see REGGIE BUSH next season

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