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Where is CBS Atlanta’s Markina Brown?


CBS Atlanta meteorologist Markina Brown has been off the air the past month.

CBS officials have only told me she’s on medical leave but provided no specifics. Good news: she will be back on February 14.

The Detroit native has been relatively inactive on her Facebook page the past month, though people have been asking about her status. The only postings she’s made the past couple of weeks were asking folks to vote for her in the Creative Loafing annual “Lust List” survey which features women around Atlanta. (Singer Keri Hilson ended up winning.)

I’ve emailed Brown on Facebook and am awaiting a response.

Brown joined CBS Atlanta in October 2010 after stints in Lansing, Mich., St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles. Brown replaced Dagmar Midcap, who broke her contract to leave Atlanta, citing health issues related to the suicide of a former boyfriend. Midcap is now a weather forecaster in San Diego.

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By Rodney Ho, Radio & TV Talk

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February 7th, 2012
9:08 am

was wondering the same thing, hope you are doing well, please come back soon! I miss those side shots from the camera!!!

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February 7th, 2012
10:27 am

I with you on that Flaker. Three dimes– Markina, Tracey H and Michelle Marsh. Winners!

Allison Wonderland

February 7th, 2012
10:49 am

Perfect opportunity for Paul Ossmann to come in and take her place!

What about Brett Farveruh?

February 7th, 2012
10:54 am

Why are the comments closed on the Monica Pearson entry?

I just want to comment she said one of the most inane things I’ve ever read.

“I’ll miss the viewers”…….How can she miss something she doesn’t see or interact with?

What a tard


February 7th, 2012
11:18 am

Still get a chuckle when I read about a reference to a San Diego based meterologist. Easiest job in the world. ‘Once again, your weather today is going to be 72 degrees and perfect – back to you Ron’.

Paul Ossmann's the Better Weather Person

February 7th, 2012
11:42 am

Let Markita Brown stay on leave. In fact, send her back to from where she came. She’s not half as attractive as she thinks she is. There are more attractive, smarter women everywhere. She’s not needed in this area. And don’t bring back that ditsy, idiot, unattractive, false-breasts Dagmar either. She couldn’t see the man she was with was psychotic or she’s so emotionally unstable herself that this is the type of person she selects. Paul Ossmann will do as a replacement for Markita. He wasn’t successful as meteorologist in this market for so many decades for no reason. We like Paul. And, besides, he has a nice looking body.

Markita looks like a repackaged male.

February 7th, 2012
11:53 am

We don’t need her. How about bringing Jeff Hill or Joanne Feldman to CBS Atlanta. They’re young, they know what they’re doing and they’re folksy. Fox 5 and WSB know how to re-staff their news people (we don’t watch 11-Alive); CBS Atlanta does not. We’re not impressed with any of the young, new people CBS Atlanta has brought on. But at least they got rid of that goofus, unattractive Gil Tyree — and why is Fox 5 messing up their staff with Tyree (don’t do it Fox 5). And when is Ken Cook going to retire; we’re tired — of seeing him.

A newswatcher who tells the truth.


February 7th, 2012
12:52 pm

Hope she is well, would like to see her move to 4:00 or weekends or noon, bring Paul Ossmann on full time. I think most people want this.

Decatur's Finest

February 7th, 2012
2:32 pm

Just relax folks. From a reliable source, she will return next week. Bring on more side shots!!!!

The Real Fan

February 7th, 2012
3:20 pm

“What about Brett Farveruh??: Only a person with no regard for others would use the word “tard” which shows you for what you are.


February 7th, 2012
8:37 pm

Don’t know if Rodney can answer this. I notice that I haven’t been seeing Kim Fettig lately, and I’m aware that she’s pregnant too. Is Kim still at CBS Atlanta, or is she no longer there?

As for weather on CBS Atlanta… I assume we’ll be seeing Markina and Cris on evening newscasts… Jennifer and Justin on mornings… and Paul on weekends.

As for Monica’s retirement from WSB… I see that it’s not open to comments either. Monica is a very well-liked and well-respected talent. We don’t know quite yet what local TV news in Atlanta will look like after she leaves in late July.

No. 1 News Team in America?

February 7th, 2012
10:32 pm

If not for Monica, WSB would not have the number 1 news team in America, as they continuously say. Rodney, I know the AJC is a Cox Enterprises instrument, like WSB-TV, but based upon what impiracal (sp.) data does WSB-TV say this? Surely, there are outstanding news teams in most of the big markets.


February 7th, 2012
11:15 pm

Markina, bring your fine, curvy self back ASAP!!


February 7th, 2012
11:24 pm

I’m really glad to see Paul Ossman back on a station I watch. Haven’t watched WXIA in a long time. Didn’t notice Markita Brown was missing until it was brought up in the blog. She’s ok, but this station does pick duds for the weather at night. Dagmar Mitcalf [couldn't possibly be a made up name] Jennifer valdez in the morning shouild be on at night, she is the best they have.


February 7th, 2012
11:24 pm

It’s a reason why Paul is now on his 3rd station in Atlanta. Let him stay on weekends. Markina is a breath of fresh air at CBS Atlanta. I like the team they’ve built with Markina, Stephany,Jaquetta and now Guy Rawlings!

"A-Town" is obviously related to Markina; maybe her husband.

February 8th, 2012
1:41 am

To show how illogical “A-Town’s” argument is — He says Paul Ossman is on his third Atlanta station. So — several of them have been on different Atlatna stations — they move around. And at least Paul wasn’t run out of Atlanta, as apparently Markina was for each city she was in. If the public votes, Paul win hands-down over Markina. CBS Atlanta should listen to the public and improve its ratings and expell Markina from Atlanta. She hasn’t helped you all so far, and she doesn’t have the talent to help you. We don’t watch her.


February 8th, 2012
5:49 am

Markina came into the the ATL CBS46 market like a breath of fresh air to a struggling news station. Not often do you see an educated, confident, highly skilled as well as very attractive “sista” grace the airwaves. And I say this to you Ms. Brown “Forget the haters and just keep stepping on to higher grounds!” I’ve missed you on the air and wait for your return. PS… The revamped news team at CBS 46 has made me a fan!

richard whiskey

February 8th, 2012
7:20 am

not half a hot as she thinks she is,maybe a 5 on a scale of 1-10,out side of that round booty nothing special

Rodney Ho

February 8th, 2012
8:02 am

@No. 1 News Team in America? Empirical data? WSB-TV does a lot of research on its personalities but I don’t have the data and I don’t think they’d give me access to it or be allowed to publicize it if I did. So I can’t say how much Monica’s presence impacts ratings or how much will her departure will hurt the station. WSB has tried to create a smooth transition to Jovita Moore and the 11 p.m. program (which she took over last year) does not appear to be tangibly hurt by the switch.


February 8th, 2012
8:54 am

Medical leave for a month- Isn’t that the recovery time for having a boob job redone? Just sayin…

The real ?

February 8th, 2012
9:17 am

Rodney, does this explain Jennifer Valdez missing in the morning? Have not seen her for several weeks, is she covering in the afternoons? Don’t get the opportunity to watch this time slot, so I’m unfamiliar with Markina and her work, but I sure have missed Jennifer.

"REM" must have come from under a rock.

February 8th, 2012
10:56 am

All the “sistas” who ‘grace the airwaves” in metro Atlanta are attractive, educated, confident, highly-skilled and more. Markina has not added anything to that. But unlike them, she thinks she has try and add sex appeal (of which, she has none) to attract fans, whereas they have attained many more supporters by their talent and the content of their characters. I am an attractive, black female with several degrees, and I must say Markina is not impressive and is an embarrassment. She’s not a role model for anyone, whereas, all the other black female television news personalities are. We in Atlanta want to maintain the professionalism that all the other black female television news personalities have displayed.


February 8th, 2012
12:12 pm

would rather see more of that sweet and fine little jennifer valdez,what a little honey


February 8th, 2012
3:30 pm

To the person who wrote under: “REM” must have come from under a rock. ”

You’re such a hater.

Most stations want a female meteorologist with sex appeal. Ever watched the Weather Channel?

Markina is smart and attractive. Some of yall just hate to see a fine black sister shine (Including people who come in here pretending to be black women). It drives you crazy!! Talking about Paul Ossman. What can he do that is so special? The meteorologists only get a couple of minutes to talk anyway, so what’s the big deal? Some of you are just some jealous, hating mofos.

Gringo Bandito

February 8th, 2012
4:23 pm

She is just healing up from “her” gender reassignment surgery.

Tommy Gunn

February 8th, 2012
4:30 pm

Martitka wears those awful ‘ho’ outfits, most of which push her boobs up on display. One hoped when idiot Dagmar fled Atlanta that her replacement would be more certified & professional looking. For example, Jennifer Valdez. But no, she’s exiled to the morning with that eye-shadowed tattooed egomaniac.


February 8th, 2012
6:27 pm

As for WSB-TV after Moinca retires… I could picture Fred Blankenship and Carol Sbarge being moved to 5PM news… John Bachman staying on 4PM news… Justin Farmer on 6 and 11PM news… Jovita Moore on 4, 6 and 11PM news… maybe Helen Neill (former WGCL-TV anchor) as new morning and noon co-anchor. Just a thought.

CBS Atlanta acknowledged Markina’s absence on 5PM news today.

"Eric," you idiot, you watch CBS Atlanta news!

February 8th, 2012
6:36 pm

And Markina thinks she’s stripping, not delivery weather in a major news market. Does she need to be at the Cheetah or some place like that!


February 8th, 2012
7:40 pm

11 pretty much ran me and other viewers off when they let Paul go. 46 seems to be trying. The only disappointment that I have in CBS is the cancellation of Noon news last September.


February 8th, 2012
7:42 pm

I have a habit of flipping through the channels too. 1 minute I’ll watch 2’s news… the next, I’ll look at 5’s news… as well as look at 11’s news and 46’s news.

Bob Weiss

February 9th, 2012
1:36 am

Speaking of hot chocolate on local TV…I think Erica Byfield is very underrated.

[...] and TV columnist Rodney Ho at the Atlanta Journal Constitution wonders: Where is CBS Atlanta’s Markina Brown?  According to Ho, “CBS Atlanta meteorologist Markina Brown has been off the air the past [...]

billy mac

February 9th, 2012
9:16 am

like vanilla don’t like chocolate

Erica Byfield is not underrated.

February 9th, 2012
8:08 pm

People certainly can see her talent, and she is, in fact, attractive — unlike that drag-queen looking Markina. Erica is young and talented. I don’t know how much dues she’s paid, but if she keeps this up, she is bound to be on top some day. I see her attaining national news stature. I have never been disappointed in the content or delivery of her reporting. Seems that she learned well in journalism school. Erica is going to get her just desserts some day. And there are a lot of other good-young reporters in this market. Thank goodness they come to Atlanta. Markina is mudding the waters.

Peggy Duncan

February 9th, 2012
11:33 pm

I’ve wondered where she was. My household appreciates that she’s a scientist. Beauty and brains..yes she is. I look forward to her returning.


February 10th, 2012
1:10 am

Anyone have a link to some pics of Erica Byfield? I don’t watch much local news so I’m not sure who you’re talking about.


February 10th, 2012
11:38 pm

Must be nice to miss so much time from work!


February 12th, 2012
1:32 am

Ok, I think a couple things. I used to really watch CBS Atlanta before Markina, but now, I flip to WSB when she’s on. She is a very bad weather anchor. CBS, fire her. CBS, fire Cris Martinez too! He is a weird anchor, not to mention talks like a girl. Paul Ossmann should have the week nights. Done.

Jimmy Goodyear

February 12th, 2012
5:39 pm

Markina Brown is very pretty,college educated, and is a fantastic weatherwoman. She brings beauty and brains to the airwaves. Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! An AKA. You go Markina!

trebor wilson

February 12th, 2012
9:41 pm