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Interview with Kendra Wilkinson, signing her newest book at Outwrite Books Sept. 29


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Kendra Wilkinson is honest, almost to a fault – or you can say that’s her charm. In her second book, “Being Kendra,” she opens about having sex with her husband Hank Baskett on the stairwell after sending her assistant Eddie out to buy a plunger.

She wrote that this wasn’t sexy sex per se but given that the baby was sleeping upstairs, the couple had to grab the opportunity when they could.

“The plunger was just an excuse,” she said in a brief interview last week to promote her new book “Being Kendra,” which came out this week. She will be at Outwrite Books in Midtown Sept. 29 at 7:30 p.m. for a free book signing. (To get a signed book, you need to get a copy at the store.) “Now every time, we want to have sex, we tell Eddie, ‘Go get a plunger!’ ”

Kendra, a former stripper known as one of Hugh Hefner’s gals and starring in “Girls Next Door” on E!, has had a whirlwind few years after meeting Hank and leaving the Playboy Mansion. She has gotten her own hit spin-off show called “Being Kendra” and had a son Hank Jr. She finished a respectable sixth on “Dancing With the Stars” earlier this year.

The book chronicles her shift from party girl to married mom. “It’s almost like culture shock for my fans,” she said. “A lot of people never thought I was going to be the one to grow up and have a baby. And my first book was a New York Times bestseller. Why not write another one? I have a lot more to talk about”

She goes through postpartum depression and even ponders suicide in her darkest days. Due to her husband’s inability to find steady work in the NFL, he moved from Indianapolis to Philadelphia to Minneapolis in short order. He is now unemployed though Kendra said he is working on some business ventures, specifics of which she’d like to save for her show, which returned Sunday, Sept. 25 at 11 p.m. on E! for a fourth season. “I didn’t marry him because he was a football player,” she said. “That was a bonus part of it. I married him because he’s a true man. And he’s so smart.”

She complains in the book about the stresses of all the moves, which made good fodder for the TV show. But she didn’t blame Hank. “I’m a very adventurous person when I got with him,” she said. “I thought I would love going to each city and exploring. I wanted to experience each city. Then after having the baby, reality set in. That’s what I wrote about.” (Okay, she had a co-writer Jared Shapiro but you know what she means.)

Kendra said one thing she picked up was which types of homes she didnt want. She tried the condo route. Not for her. Once they settled back in Los Angeles, they chose a house that was kind of like the one she enjoyed the most in Indianapolis. “We wanted a home that resembled Indiana,” she said.

Some of the most interesting parts of the book come when she describes how the reality show actually works. She wrote that E! tapes the first month, almost documentary style. Then the producers come back and ask her to “re-enact” segments that they didn’t quite capture satisfactorily. That could mean a traffic jam where she gets frustrated or an argument with Hank that didn’t provide enough context the first time around.

The toughest chapter to write for Kendra was the one about her estranged relationship with her mom. After Kendra had her baby and started moving around, she didn’t keep in touch with her mom as much and her mom, she wrote, felt the fame had gotten to her head. Kendra also sensed jealousy from her mother, though she provided her plenty of money. Since she wrote the book, she said, they have patched things up.

Despite all the issues she raises, she said at the moment, “I am perfectly happy raising my child. Then two kids.” Not pregnant yet, though, she added.

Kendra has been to Atlanta exactly once many years ago, she said. “I went to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. I was like craving that every day of my life it was so good! And I went to Jermaine Dupri’s club. I had the best time!”


Kendra Wilkinson, “Being Kendra”
7:30 p.m. Sept. 29, 2011
Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse
991 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta

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