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Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ spends third week on top on Atlanta radio



Adele is well entrenched on Atlanta radio with a third week at the top thanks to “Rolling in the Deep.”

It was spun 77 times more than the No. 2 song by Katy Perry (”E.T.”) and was heard on six local stations: B98.5 (24), Star 94 (50), V-103 (11), Wild (119), Q100 (82) and Dave FM (7).

As noted earlier, this is the rare song that is heard on both Dave FM and V-103.

V-103 morning host Frank Ski said it’s clear Adele’s soulful voice has helped her cross over to the hip-hop/R&B side. “People really want to hear good, live music and this sounds like a live track,” he said.

The fastest growing tracks this week were both by Lil Wayne: “How to Love” and “John,” both up 60 spins in one week thanks primarily to Hot 107.9.

Top 10 songs in Atlanta
1. Adele “Rolling in the Deep” 293 (+3)
2. Katy Perry “E.T.” 216 (-36)
3. Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough” 215 (+6)
4. Bruno Mars “Lazy Song” 199 (-5)
5. Marsha Ambrosius “Far Away” 178 (+26)
6. Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory” 173 (+29)
7. Kelly Rowland “Motivation” 165 (-5)
8. Miguel “Sure Thing” 163 (+15)
9. Lil Wayne “I’m On One” 156 (-1)
10. Britney Spears “Til the World Ends” 154 (-2)

New adds:

V-103: Marsha Ambrosius “Late Nights & Early Mornings,” Miguel “Quickie” and Verse Simmons “Boo Thang”

Hot: Miguel “Quickie,” Lil Wayne “How to Love,” Rihanna “Man Down”

Wild: Kelly Rowland “Motivation”

Q100: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem,” Britney Spears “I Wanna Go”

Kiss: Miguel “Sure Thing”

Majic, Praise, B98.5, Star: no new songs

Project 9-6-1: Theory of a Deadman “Lowlife”

Dave FM: Head and the Heart :”Lost in My Mind,” Mat Kearney “Hey Mama”

94.9/The Bull: Kellie Pickler “Tough,” Ronnie Dunn “Cost of Livin’ ” Brad Paisley “One of Those Lives”

Kicks 101.5: Keith Urban “Long Hot Summer,” Shania Twain “Today is Your Day”

Fish 104.7: Matthew West “Strong Enough,” Chris Tomlin “I Lift My Hands,” Steven Curtis Chapman “Do Everything,” MercyMe “Move” (Wow! Four new songs in one week???)

SOURCE: Mediabase 24/7

Top 5 songs on country and pop stations in Atlanta (next week: rock and R&B/hip hop)

94.9/The Bull
1. Blake Shelton “Honey Bee”
2. Taylor Swift “Mean”
3. Jason Aldean “Dirt Road Anthem”
4. Zac Brown Band “Knee Deep”
5. Justin Moore “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”

Kicks 101.5
1. Zac Brown Band “Knee Deep”
2. Taylor Swift ‘Mine”
3. Jason Aldean “Dirt Road Anthem”
4. Luke Bryan “Country Girl Shake it for Me”
5. Blake Shelton “Honey Bee”

Star 94
1. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”
2. Bruno Mars “Lazy Song”
3. Katy Perry “E.T.”
4. Bruno Mars “Grenade”
5. Cee Lo Green “F-You”

1. Bruno Mars “Lazy Song”
2. Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough”
3. Britney Spears “Till the World Ends”
4. Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory”
5. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”

1. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”
2. Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”
3. Katy Perry “Firework”
4. Pink “F**kin Perfect”
5. The Script “Breakeven”
Wild 105.7
1. Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough”
2. Adele “Rolling in the Deep”
3. Pitbull “Give Me Everything”
4. Katy Pery “E.T.”
5. Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On”

Atlanta’s Greatest Hits
1. Creedence Clearwater Revival “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”
2. Simon & Garfunkel “Cecilia”
3. Billy Joel “Piano Man”
4. LaBelle “Lady Marmalade”
5. Badfinger “No Matter What”

Fish 104.7
1. Casting Crowns “Glorious Day”
2. MercyMe “Beautiful”
3. Josh Wilson “I Refuse”
4. Tobymac “Hold On”
5. Tenth Avenue North “You Are More”

Source: Mediabase 24/7

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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June 25th, 2011
5:02 pm

I had never heard of Adele until one Friday afternoon Bookman posted her cover of the Dylan tune, “Feel My Love” as the “Traveling Music.” She is really awesome.

What makes her so unique is that she’s not skinny or beautiful or “sexy.” She gets by on her completely awesome voice and the way she sings a song. Kinda like the way music USED to be before MTV………….


June 26th, 2011
1:19 am

@Rodney :

1.) What’s up with the b98.5 top 5 songs? Have they changed their format? I swear that looks like an old star94 top 5!?
2.) Do country stations not overplay songs the way pop and hip hop stations do? I say that because I’ve never seen a country song in the top 10…

Rodney Ho

June 26th, 2011
9:27 am

@Kev 1)–B98.5 has upped its current song ratio a bit the past couple of weeks.
2) There are only two country stations tracked by Mediabase 24/7 (so I can’t include the rimshot stations like WNGC or the Bear). Both the Bull and Kicks play their top-ranked songs about five times a day. Very few country songs cross over. So even the top Toby Keith or Keith Urban song is spun maybe 70 times a week. Wild and Q100, on the other hand, spin their most popular songs 90 to 120 times a week (or 14 to 18 times a day). Thus, the top 10 in Atlanta is usually populated by pop/R&B/hip-hop songs.

Traffic Headache

June 27th, 2011
6:29 am

My ears are bleeding just reading this list. Really awful stuff.


June 27th, 2011
8:32 am

Top five as presented by Chuck Balla’more!
(1)“This funky ride of life”- Deidre Gaddis*******(2) “Flight of the Blackbyrd (Feat Phonte)” – ZO!******* (3)“I Got You” ( Feat Tiombe)” – Triple PPP***********(4) “U Told Me” Monet**********(5) “Lemon Squash”– Monodeluxe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WCLK 91.9>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

George P Burdell

June 27th, 2011
12:37 pm

“People really want to hear good, live music and this sounds like a live track”
Amen, I am tired of the over-produced techno sound; you can plug any voice into it and create a forgettable song.
When Kim Zolciak thinks she can mouth some words over generic techno tracks and create a song, then you know something is wrong with the music business.
And Traffic Headache, if Adele makes your ears bleed, then perhaps your ears have been dead for quite a while.

mary J

June 28th, 2011
8:24 am

I’m stuck listening to B98.5 at work. It’s about the only station that we can get a signal on and I am ready to scream. If I hear that awful Katy Perry shreiking “fireworks” one more time I”ll go ballistic. the Atlanta radio personalties and stations are just pathetic.

I Know Good Music

July 13th, 2011
1:30 am

I couldn’t agree more with mary J. Reality is that Atlanta does not have much in the way of good radio stations anymore, and B98.5 is probably one of the worst in Atlanta. Overplayed, insipid, and uninspiring is what I associate with that station. I’m not being invective or caustic here. It is the harsh truth, and I feel sorry if you have to listen to that station. I hope a new AC station comes soon.