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Rock 100.5’s The Regular Guys get roasted at The Funny Farm

Larry Wachs, Eric Von Haessler, toastmster Marshall Chiles, Tim Andrews and "Southside" Steve Rickman. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Larry Wachs, Eric Von Haessler, toastmster Marshall Chiles, Tim Andrews, "Southside" Steve Rickman and John Rocker. CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

The Regular Guys roast at the Funny Farm Friday night was scheduled for 90 minutes. It ended up going for more than two and a half hours.

That wasn’t a bad thing. The insults flew around like a swarm mosquitoes in a swamp and bit their targets with regularity. But these mosquitoes contained no malaria. By the end of the show, there were no hard feelings. Because the point of roasts is to mock out of love.

The roasters of the Rock 100.5 quartet featured a heavy dose of stand-up comedians, led by Atlanta native Costaki Economopoulous.

Larry Wachs is bald and beautiful, as always.

Larry Wachs is bald and beautiful - at least when he's not wearing a wig.

The other roasters included show regulars such as Big Kenny, Herman from Dunwoody, Vinny Bucci, Steve Haigh and arguably the biggest name: former Braves pitcher and friend of the Regular Guys John Rocker. Sebas, who regularly does bits for the show, became a primary target. Marshall Chiles, who runs the Funny Farm, played toastmaster, surprised Sebas by throwing out dozens of gay jokes even though Sebas is not gay. (Most of those jokes are not even close to clean enough for me to print here.) Adam Carolla sent in an incredibly unfunny tape.

The owner of rival comedy club and a wannabe comic himself Jamie Bendall even showed up on foreign territory (and admittedly had a bad set.)

The event sold out weeks earlier and could have easily been placed in a larger venue. And since it was not taped for air, the naughty words came fast and furious.

In a quick summary, here are the basic insults:

Larry Wachs, the show ringmaster, is short, bald and Jewish but he says that every day anyway. Oh, and he’s a bit of an autocratic jerk. Eric Von Haessler is riding on Larry’s coattails, dresses like a homeless man, seldom shows up to public events and has been working on a documentary about Drivin’ ‘n’ Cryin’ seemingly forever. “Southside” Steve Rickman runs a bar in the middle of nowhere and sleeps with a gazillion women, even in his creepily advanced middle age. Tim Andrews is addicted to on-line porn and, well, got off pretty lightly, especially since he’s now skinny and not chubby and has a hot girlfriend.



Here’s a sampling of some of the roast jokes that I could print:

“No women on the dais. I wonder why. Maybe because they have something called Tuna Tuesday where only women can call in. It’s like a sketch of what a bunch of misogynistic high school a****** would do. It’s a very narrow demo. They have  two groups rooting for them: white guys and slightly older white guys.” – Costaki Economopoulous.

“I can see why George Stein [the DUI lawyer] and the Regular Guys get along. They both make money when you make a terrible decision in your car.” – Costaki.

Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews

“Eric Von Haessler. .. you’re the ugliest groupie for Drivin’ n ‘Cryin.’ But at this point, they could use any groupies they can get.” – “Southside” Steve (getting boos from Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ fans before he had to say, “It’s a joke! I love Drivin’ n’ Cryin’!”)

“Every time I talk to you, I get where Hitler is coming from. And I have to say, Schindler would have crossed you off his list.” – “Southside” Steve, about Larry.

“Larry Wachs.. he claims to be a die-hard conservative yet he’s been carrying Eric for 15 years.” – toastmaster Marshall Chiles

“John Rocker.. the arm of an all star and the mind of a Grand Wizard.” – Chiles.

“Rocker embarrassed Atlanta more than Wayne Williams, ” – Costaki, making an impressively old reference that actually got some laughs.

“Rocker was once a reliever. He still is but now it’s at  QuikTrip. He does the midnight shift. Go see him! He’s the closer!”  – Costaki, piling on Rocker.

“The last time a black man was smiling in front of so many white people, he was marrying a Kardashian.” – Big Kenny, the token black dude on the dais.

“Eric… the original golden-voiced homeless man.” – Big Kenny.

"Southside" Steve Rickman

"Southside" Steve Rickman

“Eric is producing a documentary on Drivin’ n’ Crying. What’s the matter? Georgia Satellites wouldn’t return your call?” – intern Steve Haigh

“Southside Steve. He has standards. Oh, wait. I mean STDs. Misread my notes.” – Haigh

“Larry is newly on the single scene – if  you like a short bald guy with crippling alimony payments.” – Haigh

“Eric is like all the pretentious pompous know it alls I went to school with minus the school part.” – Tim Andrews.

“Larry’s been on the air talking about keeping Mubarak in charge in Egypt. He fears the domino effect. First, Egypt, then Iran, before you know it, democracy might show up on the Regular Guys show.” – Eric Von Haessler, about his long-time on-air partner.

“Larry would say if I could be more like him, the show would be better. I remember the time, he said, ‘You have to play porn backward on the air!’ Then there’s the day, he came in and said, ‘I got it! I got them on tape talking to each other in the bathroom. That’d be great!” – Eric, referencing two skits that got the Regular Guys in trouble on 96rock.

“I’m locked into this show. I can’t run. My house is upside down. My kid is in college sucking up dollars… I’m here under protest!” – Larry on the dais, minus the cursing.

“The other day, Steve heard on the news there was going to be a cold spell. Steve didn’t come in because he didn’t feel he could spell cold.” – Larry, on Steve.

John Rocker roasts the Regular Guys.

John Rocker roasts the Regular Guys.

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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February 13th, 2011
9:54 pm

It was Friday night – not Saturday. Costaki was never married to Caroline Rhea, and they’re broken up now. That said, it was a great show. Yeah C’mon!

Biff Pocoroba

February 13th, 2011
9:56 pm

“Costaki Economopoulous, who is married to Caroline Rhea (”Sabrina: The Teenage Witch”).”
They got married? Someone should tell Costaki.

Rodney Ho

February 13th, 2011
9:56 pm

Thanks. It did end around 11:40 p.m. Friday – almost Saturday! And whoops about Costaki.

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Norma Lee

February 13th, 2011
11:02 pm

The Regler Gahs are my favrite. Sumtahms Steve give me hot thrashes, but i luv em all. and tell larry i ain’t no freeloafer.

Daniel Baines

February 13th, 2011
11:05 pm

I was there. Praise Allah. Almost three hours, but it seemed like one. Best entertainment ticket bargain in Atlanta by far. Laughed my butt off that long for $25 bucks. Would gladly pay for a video download if they offered it.


February 13th, 2011
11:06 pm

Costaki Economopoulous is one of the most untalented, ‘1st thought,’ unfunny,
lazy “comedians” this side of the Saturday matinee show in Branson, MO.

Oh, and Willie B. was my first gorilla.


February 13th, 2011
11:08 pm

Larry tried too hard to be funny. He’s not, and it’s obvious he gets jealous of Tim when he gets cheap laughs on air.


February 13th, 2011
11:43 pm

Haven’t been able to listen to the show in a while. Didn’t know Larry got divorced. The regular guys do what they do well. But it is not as funny when Tim is not on.


February 13th, 2011
11:51 pm

Too bad it wasn’t over an open flame. Hasn’t the world heard enough of these d-bags?


February 13th, 2011
11:58 pm

Hey Ugh, you are in no way forced to listen, so what does it matter to you. Apparently a good number of people find their show funny. So here’s some advice. In the morning, don’t put your radio on 100.5. There, you don’t have to hear anymore from these “d-bags”

Pepé Le Pew

February 14th, 2011
2:31 am

They’re still good, but not quite as good as they used to be. Tim is the most underrated person on the show.

Drivin’ ‘n’ Poopin’

February 14th, 2011
4:00 am

I can’t wait for EVH’s documentary to come out. It should be good.

TRG are still the best morning show in town. It’s not even close. Who else is there? The Bert Show? Frank Ski? Lonnie Donnegan & The Breakfast Bunch? Cindy & Ray? Come on, people. Let’s be serious here. TRG aren’t awesome but they’re better than the alternatives…by a mile.

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February 14th, 2011
7:40 am

I’m suprised the blacks aren’t complaining about this


February 14th, 2011
7:52 am

So what’s the deal with Wachs getting divorced? Been out of town for a few years and have only heard it hinted at. Kelly get tired of his schtick?


February 14th, 2011
9:02 am

Also surprsied the brothaz have not caught wind of this yet.

Mr. Peebles

February 14th, 2011
9:09 am

Larry looks very presidential in these photos. Could this be the beginning of a presidential run for the boys in 2012? Vote REGULAR GUYS in 2012. The USA needs THE REGULAR GUYS because the current morons in the White House are running the USA into the ground.

Vote REGULAR GUYS or else we’re stuck with muslim Barry and brain dead Biden for another 4 years.


February 14th, 2011
9:29 am

Remember The Regular Guys before Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction?
Atlanta still loves’em, but man I wish they could go back to those days!

Norma Lee

February 14th, 2011
9:41 am

I didn’t post the above posting Feb 13 11:02. The four regular guys are just my friends.
Rodney since my video open the TRG Roast it seems that would of been one of the things you mention in this article. It’s on Norma Lee Show YouTube The Regular Guys Roast.

quality rules

February 14th, 2011
9:49 am

I’ve seen steve with some high quality chicks in the last year–very top shelf stuff–what’s his secret?

Put a sock in it Norma!!

February 14th, 2011
9:53 am

Why do TRG’s even bother with NORMA LEE?

Andy in Blarsville

February 14th, 2011
10:00 am

Larry is one goofy looking jew is he not?

joe mason

February 14th, 2011
10:13 am

So these guys even talk too much when they’re not on the air. I guess they enjoy hearing it!


February 14th, 2011
10:13 am

Those guys are talentless, racist, unfunny douche bags.


February 14th, 2011
10:18 am

Hannah banana


February 14th, 2011
10:25 am

cause norma hot & they’re are talent guys. larry should go after her

Enemas for Arbor Day

February 14th, 2011
10:25 am

Who cares about these guys? Have you ever noticed those who get roasted are usually has beens or no names in an effort to bolster their presence?


February 14th, 2011
10:42 am

“Southside Steve. He has standards. Oh, wait. I mean STDs. Misread my notes.” – Haigh

HAHA we laugh because its true.


February 14th, 2011
11:00 am

Now maybe Larry got a chance with Norma since he and Kelly break up.


February 14th, 2011
11:26 am

Only #1 way for Larry to fine out. Rare lady. money not important


February 14th, 2011
11:32 am

If Larry got divorced, it’s so he could marry Nancy!


February 14th, 2011
11:35 am

no he loves norma. nancy his sister


February 14th, 2011
11:41 am

Maybe Larry’s wife got tired of him selling his soul to the Tea Party. Eric’s political mind is interesting to listen to , but Larry is a jackass


February 14th, 2011
11:54 am

doing what he believes in is NOT wrong. Larry tea party might help everyone.


February 14th, 2011
12:10 pm

These bozos (mainly Larry Larry and Daryl) are still on the air? Thank goodness for a MP3 player and music downloads.


February 14th, 2011
12:20 pm

The fact that these idiots have an audience saddens me, but judging by graduation rates and test scores in local area public schools, it’s not surprising.

juan carlos diego sanchez

February 14th, 2011
12:30 pm

I thought south side Steve was in the hospital after a failed spelunking expedition in the vagina of 52 year old Kim Zolciak…ye’ come on


February 14th, 2011
12:37 pm

oh norma lee wouldn’t have larry. he cusses to much.


February 14th, 2011
12:53 pm

TRG is the best morning show in Atlanta. They are 4 different guys that each bring a certain something to the show. I laugh out loud every morning when listening to them. I did not get to go to the roast but I hope they have it online somewhere. I would be all for extending TRG to noon on week days. Oh, and less Norma Lee would be great. I’m sure Larry doesn’t want to encourage his stalker.


February 14th, 2011
1:12 pm

TRG the best show . They need to add Norma to the show. Larry can ignore her every day.

Tough Manchez

February 14th, 2011
1:43 pm

I just want to know how these comments go from TRG to Norma?
Who gives a flying leap about Norma Lee? TRG rocks!

Norma Lee

February 14th, 2011
2:19 pm

Congratulation TRG. Please quit all this posting about me or putting my name posting .Enough roasting for one day guys !! thank you


February 14th, 2011
2:30 pm

Tim Rhodes should talk about other’s relationships. Tim, how’d that go marrying a stripper? Last long? Still drinking? Where do you work now? Thought so.

girl who loves TRG

February 14th, 2011
2:49 pm

What Steve has is that he smells really, really good. Also, he treats every girl like she’s special. I’m not his “type” but when I met him at 37 Main in Buford last year, he was super sweet.

Tough Manchez

February 14th, 2011
3:11 pm

What happened to Tim Rhodes?

Big Dog

February 16th, 2011
12:21 am

Steve is a d-bag that has no use for people who can do nothing for him or that don’t have a vagina.
That’s why he was sweet to you, Girl……
I wonder if I’ve seen you at 37 main. I’ve been to many a Rock Mafia night.


February 16th, 2011
3:40 am

Why not show a little respect for Steve and the other Regular Guys? Steve interested in Norma only. She’s all dried up.


February 16th, 2011
3:44 am

these guys suck. that little jew boy is rather cute tho.


February 16th, 2011
6:34 pm

100.5 should take them off air. I don’t listen to their trash