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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ third season finale: you big dummy!

 The t-shirt Cynthia wore the morning of her wedding. Was she talking about herself?

The t-shirt Cynthia wore the morning of her wedding. Was she talking about herself?

This was the episode which had no big arguments, fewer than normal absurd moments and relatively few interesting quotes. Instead, there was an air of actual sincerity, reconciliation and warmth.

Who was your favorite Atlanta housewife this season?

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And the big question mark the producers milked almost to the end: would Cynthia Bailey actually go through with her marriage to Peter Thomas?

Regulars to this blog already knew the answer from last July, thanks to an over-enthusiastic publicist. Shockingly, the press wasn’t invited.

Here’s a brief recap of the 90-minute finale episode:

Cynthia is talking to her sister about her dire financial situation. They can’t pay the $3,000 guarantee for the bar at the Fernbank Museum, the site of the wedding. She doesn’t have the cash because it all went into the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge Peter had just closed. Her dad can’t give her the money but her mom eventually bails her out.

It’s the morning of Cynthia’s wedding and she looks like she’s ready to go to her funeral. With just nine hours before her weddings, Cytnahis takes a walk by herself to clear her head.

Who was your least favorite Atlanta housewife this season?

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(As a commercial break approaches, the camera guy points to a STOP sign. Subtle!)

Cynthia’ s mom Barbara finds her and expresses doubts. “I don’t like the way he handles his business,” she says. “I did it and see where it got me.” She said she feels Peter is abusing her financially. Cynthia keeps making excuses. “It breaks my heart,” Barbara says. “He needs to take care of you and Noelle.”

But it’s clear Cynthia wants to keep going.

She hears her dress isn’t quite ready yet. She still looks miserable until she sees it once she arrives at the museum, where the wedding and reception are being held. It’s a pretty, stylish platinum silver custom dress. She’s ecstatic, finally feels something is going right. She looks stunning. Her daughter Noelle gives her comforting words about Peter, the only person she said who seems to support her decision.

Then she realizes she doesn’t have the marriage license. She thinks it’s left at home.  Then we find out her mom and sister have it, pondering a way to sabotage the wedding. But they think the better of it, realizing Cynthia would hate them if she found out. So voila! The license is “found” and crisis is averted.

In the end, the marriage ceremony (however brief) goes off smoothly in front of a big dinosaur.

While NeNe supports her friend Cynthia’s decision, Kim is more cynical. She predicts it won’t last a year.

More cattiness points: Kim brings her own wine because she didn’t think Cynthia would have good wine. Sheree says she could tell the wedding was not ultra-chic and corners were cut. (Meow!)

In other housewives news:

- NeNe Leakes and Gregg are on the road to divorce. Gregg tries to reconcile with an apology but NeNe is having none of it. For her, the damage has been done. We see at Cynthia’s wedding Dwight Eubanks attempting to make things right with NeNe. NeNe seems receptive to that but I don’t think they are really buds anymore.

- Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss discuss their business arrangements. They agree they don’t want money to get between them so Kandi says Kim’s attorney should hash out the “Ring Don’t Mean a Thing” contracts with Kandi’s manager. Of course, we now know Kim went on to record “Google Me” with someone else while not releasing Kandi’s song. So clearly, finances were not straightened out. Heck, we already know the monies related to “Tardy with the Party” got a bit messy, too.

- Kim is dating Kroy Biermann seriously and uses Cynthia’s wedding as a “coming out” for the two of them to everybody else. Hey- at least she can show him off since he’s single and hot, oh, and an NFL player to boot. Plus, he’s not married. Within a month after this wedding, she’s pregnant. She said in “Watch What Happens Live” that she’s now 5 and a half months pregnant as of late January. That means she conceived in mid-August. She announced the pregnancy in late November. The show said she’s due in June but it’s more like May.

- Sheree Whitfield auditions for a movie, “If These Hips Could Talk,” her first storyline in ages. The panel judging her were as harsh as Simon Cowell. They ream Sheree multiple times in almost an excessive way, as if they expected a reality show star to become Halle Berry overnight. Sheree wasn’t half bad and she handled herself well. Ultimately, the panel was playing to the cameras because Sheree got the part!

- Phaedra Parks has her most touching, real moment of the show when she leaves the house for work after eight weeks with Ayden. She sheds a tear. She says nothing ridiculous, just sincerely can’t believe how emotional she got over leaving Ayden. It was actually sweet. At the end of the episode, she said she feels complete with work, child and husband. All is good.


Kroy said he loves Kim’s personality. “She’s not like anything what people think she is.” Kroy said he has not met Big Poppa. (I have a feeling that won’t ever happen.) His family is supportive of Kim, he said.

Kroy, despite a cute grin,  is showing the personality of wet cardboard on the live show.

Andy gives a bunch of cheesy gifts for Kim, including a baby bottle of wine and a Sheree onesy: “Who Gonna Change Me Boo!” Plus, he provides an “in memoriam” for Kim’s old boobs. (She got new ones but the show didn’t make that much of a deal out of it.)

“Top Chef: Just Desserts” Yigit Pura provides some dessert cookies including Kim’s boobs and Kroy’s butt.

The viewers polled voted Kandi as favorite housewife (31%), followed by Kim (23%), NeNe (22%), Phaedra (13%), Cynthia (6%) and Sheree (5%).

Andy also reads this Tweet from NeNe as she watched the episode:

NeNeLeakes She’s a victim again! Don’t bring it if u can’t take it


“They are such saggy t*****. Get a refund, b****.” – Kim, about NeNe’s work compared to her own.

I’m showing off my figure and my lactating breasts. I’m feeling pretty darn good.” – Phaedra, very happy at Cynthia’s wedding.

“Sometimes, people front and flex when they’re on the verge of foreclosure and bankruptcy. It doesn’t surprise me Cynthia was able to pull off this million-dollar wedding for 50 cents.” - Phaedra.

“I’m ready to sue everybody.” - Phaedra, being so happy as a lawyer.


On January 23, “Real Housewives” drew a series record 3.43 million viewers. The show is averaging 2.9 million viewers over 15 episodes, up from 2.8 million season two. It’s the top “Real Housewives” franchise.


Bravo is running repeats next Sunday against the Super Bowl. So the two “reunion” shows taped earlier this month at Georgia Aquarium will air the following two Sundays. We see a teaser of Kim and NeNe reprising their bus argument yet again.

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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January 31st, 2011
12:52 am

It was a toss up between Derek J and Lawrence for tackiest wedding attire. Anyone agree?

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January 31st, 2011
5:29 am

I thought it was “who’s gonna check me, boo?” (not change me). I didn’t see the show though (will watch the repeat).


January 31st, 2011
7:09 am

just as usual the biyaches showed their true color…lol…
cinthia- married a drunk looser—darling, he will always be a drunk looser….you are now known as Mrs Drunk Looser, get used to it.
candy wrapper: :)
fadra: you could take yo baby to work witcha if you didn’t rep the pimps and hoes or our fair city
nunooo: plz go to LA and take that ugly azz son bricey with you…he ain’t nothing but trouble looking for a jail cell.
kim:…………oh lawd, preg and not married….3 babies, 3 different baby daddy…you do fit the show after all…showin dat true color, sista…lol…lol…lol…

I don’t really even watch it…

God bless!


January 31st, 2011
7:44 am

Did anyone alip and fall from Dwight’s jeri curl juice from his baby jeri curl? Did his makeup melt from the heat? Or Did Derek J. have a fit because Cynthia’s shoes look better than his? Inquiring minds wanna know.


January 31st, 2011
7:54 am

It’s “Entertainment” People. How soon we forget, lol, lol, lol


January 31st, 2011
7:55 am

I was at Cynthia’s wedding and it was gorgeous. There were a lot of celebrities there, the reception had several different live entertainment acts that were flown in from New York, the food was fantastic and I think Bravo did Cynthia a disservice by not showing much of the event on television. I don’t know why Bethany of NY show got so much air time for her wedding, but I think they don’t want to show a beautiful black woman having a beautiful wedding. I think since Cynthia didn’t act as ghetto as the rest of the cast that Bravo didn’t give her as much airtime. it’s a shame because she is much more representative of an Atlanta housewife than anyone else.


January 31st, 2011
8:07 am

The economy is real tight for NeNe, did anyone else notice her arriving at Fernbank in a Chrysler 300 sedan. And if Phaedra, is such a big time attorney to the stars, she arrived in a 5 series BMW and not a 7 series.

I'll take RHOA for $1000, Alex...

January 31st, 2011
8:07 am

A – Rodney and the RHOA’s…

Q – Name 7 Ho’s that live in Atlanta…


January 31st, 2011
8:28 am

The poll asks “who was your favorite housewife”? Then the results read “who was your least favorite housewife” with the results. Why is the question phrased differently in the poll results? Please keep it simple. I had to think too hard to realize that Kandi, whom I voted for, was the favorite in the results. :)


January 31st, 2011
8:45 am

I watched the show last night just to see what everyone keeps talking about. What a freaking train wreck. I wont be doing that again. I was embarrassed. And was Kim pregnant when this filmed….cuz she sure drank and smoked a lot. Just wondering.


January 31st, 2011
8:46 am

For RHOAFan – Bethanny’s wedding got so much “air time” bc it was her show — not an ensemble show — and the entire premise of the season was her planning the wedding and having a baby. If this had been “Cynthia Getting Married” and not “RHOA” then I’m sure she would have had equal screentime regarding her wedding.

Rodney Ho

January 31st, 2011
8:49 am

@S — The phrase is “Who’s gonna check me boo.” The baby joke was a reference to diapers, thus “who’s gonna change me boo?”


January 31st, 2011
8:53 am

It is amazing what a makeup artist can do. Did you people see how below average and bad cynthia looked before her redo. She looked almost as ghetto as Nene.


January 31st, 2011
8:53 am

The finale was good. I can see why Barbara and Malorie (Cynthia’s mom and sister) were a bit on the reluctant side of the marriage. And I know that they have Cynthia’s best interest at heart. But, Cynthia is a grown woman and if her heart told her to marry Peter, in spite of the financial crisis that they were having at the time, then, let true love reign supreme. Was it me, or did Cynthia look absolutely breathtaking in that lovely gown? Wow!!! She looked like a beautiful chocolate porcelain doll in an exquisite platinum silver gown!! Wow!!! Kim is, well, I am SO tired of Kim!! No one cares about her boobs. I know I don’t. No one cares about her wigs. I know I don’t. And, I am sick of her “I am the victim here” attitude. Now, once again, was it just me, or was every other comment that came from her mouth about NeNe? If they replace anyone, it is Kim that needs to be replaced. I wish NeNe much success in all that she do. And I will be watching her on The Apprentice. I love NeNe because she is ghetto and does nto try to hide it. To me, NeNe has been the only real one (personality-wise) since the start of the show. You know where she is coming from and you don’t have to second guess. My heart went out to Mrs. Nida as she left her infant son at home and she shedded tears. No matter what she does for a living adn who she represents, it is, always, touching when a mother has to leave her baby home, alone, for the first time. But, clearly, this was not the first time, as she did go to Miami (or, was it and Bravo showed Miami out od sequence? Hmm….). I am glad to see that Sheree did win the part. But, Terri J. Vaughn was hard on her. Maybe it was because of the “Diva Bi-ch” Sheree had in the first season. Hmm….whatever it was, Terri was super harsh. But, in the end, Sheree showed them that she got what it takes and landed the part. Kudos to Sheree!!. I TOTALLY understand Kandi’s point when it came to how to handle Kim. Kim does nto own “The Ring Doesn’t Mean A Thing” and she can’t profit from it. Kandi went more into business mode with Kim this time. She gave Kim “Tardy For The party”, as a friend, and Kim’s SGL friend, Tracy, did several remixes. I have not heard “Google Me” (and I don’t because her voice, singing and talking, is more annoying than Fran Dresher’s was when she played Fran Fine on “The Nanny”) and I have not heard anyone singing it. Now, with Lawrence, I think that Kandi has found a potential Sylvester of the new century. He has a great voice and has a stage presence. Now, I would love for Lawrence to do a cover of Sylvester’s “(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real”. I think that he would blow it out of the water because he has that same Gospel tinged voice that the late Sylvester had. If Kandi is reading, let Lawrence cover that song!!!!

Overall, I do wish the ladies success in where their journies take them. New motherhood, new career endeavors, new marriage. You name it. If there is a season 4, I will be watching. And I hope that NeNe is back. Because NeNe is my favorite (BAM!!!!). And as for Kim (that Kim..that’s a lowdown, dirty monkey with a wig on), I hope that childbirth and new motherhood (again) will calm her down (as it did Phaedra) and she will get emotions towards everyone.


January 31st, 2011
8:57 am

I am so sick of all the HATERS who constantly bash this show, it`s entertainment …DON`T WATCH IT!!!!! I am also sick of the RACIST`s who post here disguised as Black people bashing everything that has to do with Black culture in the AJC. It`s been going on for years from the Atlanta Falcon blogs, Politics, to the RHOA….it has to STOP!.


January 31st, 2011
8:58 am

How can this show be called RHOA when only 2 of the housewives are married, 1 is getting divorced, and 1 has 3 baby daddies? I agree some of the housewives don’t get alot of airtime because they don’t act as the producers want them to for ratings. It’s a shame that some of these women are portrayed as they are for the sake of a paycheck.


January 31st, 2011
9:03 am

Is that what you call it–black “culture.”?


January 31st, 2011
9:07 am

hey romelus…..GET OVER IT


January 31st, 2011
9:12 am

@ outspoken1 – nobody can take you seriously until you learn to spell LOSER (not looser) and AUDITION (not addition)


January 31st, 2011
9:14 am

I thought Cynthia looked gorgeous in her wedding gown … a true beauty. I have Many doubts about Peter. There’s something about the way he talks to her that I don’t like … you can visibly see her shrink when he gets angry, and he apparently wasn’t forthright regarding the financial status of his business. Kim has no right to comment on marriage period. She was a public mistress for years, and is now pregnant again without the benefit of marriage. Kind of ironic that her teenage daughter has more sense than she does, she stated that she wanted to practice abstinence. One final thing … is it just me or has anyone else noticed the way Dwight looks at Phaedra? When he looks at her, I actually see the man in him.

meyouand she

January 31st, 2011
9:17 am

Ne-he is a big dumb, stupid negative……she is so scared someone else is getting more attention than she gets. I think she needs to spend more time home as a mother, once Greg is out of that house….there will be no home balance.
Oh Cynthia……I have never seen a bride as gorgeous as you were. God bless you and Peter. Ne-he was drulling over Peter when he came by. God also bless the negative people that made the not-so-nice comments about her wedding.
You go Kandi!!!! Keep making that money. Don’t give away anything else for pennies.
Kim you still love lovely pregnant.

Paedra ease up off that shiny lip gloss.

Congrats Sheree on landing that part.

Ne-he grow up. You are one big man looking over age NERD! Don’t make a fool of yourself all the time….just to get a few chuckles. DUMMY!


January 31st, 2011
9:42 am



January 31st, 2011
9:47 am

NeNe is a racist and makes all of Georgia look like a stomping ground for a bunch of chicken heads!!! Hope she moves to LA to never be heard from again!!!! Racist, fat, loud mouth B%$^#!!!


January 31st, 2011
9:53 am

NeNe sinks to a new low: I think it was obvious that Kim’s wealthy male “friend” in Miami was more than a friend (she gets around, doesn’t she?). But regardless of their personal arrangement, the fact of the matter is that the guy was very nice and polite to all the ladies and he invited them to his home to stay, and be waited on like they were in a resort. NeNe steps in the door and immediately insults him with a quip about his friendship to Kim, and then struts around the place with an attitude bigger than a 20lb Frito chip on her shoulder, and no regard whatsoever to the hospitality being given to her by the man.

Sorry, but word of the day (or week… or well, life) for NeNe…. “Ghetto”. Absolute, low class, tacky, classless, ghetto attitude.

I was raised to respect others who are being hospitable to you. To say “Please… thank you… you’re welcome…”, and to remain silent around others who are not involved in a personal squabble with me, and to take up my issues with someone face-to-face, in PRIVATE. Yes, I know, that doesn’t make for high ratings on a TV reality show, but the point is that in the last couple of episodes, NeNe has shown that while she’s TRYING to fit in with the real world, she’s letting her Mrs. Hyde side take over – and it ‘aint pretty.


January 31st, 2011
9:57 am

Ne Ne is a disgrace to black women everywhere she is a lound mouth ghetto hood rat that has no business on anybody’s TV screen. Why was every other statement out of her mouth about Kim? Ne Ne Leaks is clearly just a fat old a** hater. My thing is damn if you gunna hate on somebody why not hate on a person with talent? Kim’s whole body is made up of plastic parts. She has 3 baby dad’s and until she met that bench warmer Kroy(anybody that knows football knows Tony Gonzalez is the starting tight end for the Falcons) was a career mistress why hate on some one that clearly has no selfesteem and no self worth? If you are the strong black woman you clame to be how can a person with such low moral standards command so much of your attention? Cynthia bad move on the wedding. if you can’t trust a man to be financially responsible why marry him? you are going into your marriage knowing this man has no business running a business but he has started another business?!! Disaster waiting to happen. (Side note:if you have to wait until your dressed and getting ready to walk down the aisle to know that this is the right thing to do, it is surely the WRONG thing to do!!!) Kandi LEAVE kim the HELL alone when it comes to music she is a no talent jackass that wudnt have made any money off of “tardy for the party” if not for YOUR hard work and the gay communites love of horrible songs!! Sharee you are a terrible actress that’s only getting a shot because of RHWOA so take advantage of it. Take some acting lesson’s from dr. tyree i mean he was able to fool quit a few people!! Look in the mirror, there’s one right there! LOL!! Phaedra girl with them big pretty lips and that phat a** ghetto booty i can’t say anything bad about you….well then again yes i can. Girl you grown stop lyin to yo momma if your were givin up the goods and became with child before you tied the knot with sticky fingers just tell her that. You makin up dates so she will think you some kinda good girl. Wit a body like that i knew you were givin up the cookies before you got married. Speakin of your marriage i guess it’s fake because you lied to make mommie think you waited to get married, that could only mean you got married to hide the fact that you were pregnant?!! So i give that marriage about 3-5yrs tops. Kim please sign Sweeti’s freedom paper’s and let her go!! Kim you are a terrible role model for your kids. people like you should have their tubes tied and never re-produce! You have no morales fake tit’s and fake lip’s. Why get a LPN license and not use it to make a better life for you and your kids? I guess you thing lying on your back with another woman’s husband is the best way to make money?!! Now you go and get knocked-up by the 3rd string tight end for the falcons?!! You are a 1st rate hoe!! Please get your life together and start making better decision’s.

My Name

January 31st, 2011
9:59 am

Does anyone know what part of Atlanta Sheree lives in currently? I absolutely adore her house! Its the best one this season!

Gresham Brown

January 31st, 2011
9:59 am


January 31st, 2011
10:00 am

@ outspoken1,

Maybe you shouldn’t speak (or type in this case) if you don’t know how to spell.


January 31st, 2011
10:14 am


In reguards to your post @ 9:57 am, apparently, you have no clue about football or the Atlanta Falcons. Kory is the starting Defensive End for the Falcons. He is actually a good football, but stupid for hooking up with Kim. He was one of the key players this year.


January 31st, 2011
10:16 am


Please fire all the unREAL Housewives of Atlanta and find REAL women that are married and have REAL income. I’m so sick and tired of looking at Ms.Olympia Musclehead SHERRY (her name aint no doggone Sherree lol), ghetto,loud, crazy, big hand unattractive, BIG nene, and Phaedra’s pseudo class having self. Sick of ‘em! Folks can say what they want to say about Kim, but at least Kim has a degree to fall back on.


January 31st, 2011
10:17 am

Folks can say what they want to say about Kim, but at least Kim has a degree to fall back on (after she rolls out of bed with Tracy and big Poppa) lol


January 31st, 2011
10:32 am

It is clear that Nene is projecting her frustrations of a failed marriage onto Kim. She’s huge, and has probably used her size in bullying people for her entire life. I hate the quality of her voice, and one day, she will get too close to the wrong person’s face with her yelling and screaming; and she will get the sh*t kicked out of her. My guess is that she hasn’t come across that person yet, but, she will.


January 31st, 2011
10:39 am

Cynthia’s gown was amazing. She looked beautiful and showed a bride doesn’t have to wear white. Peter’s first suit looked like he was going to a restaurant. He should have worn the second sut to get married. I foresee financial difficulities for Cynthia. Even though I believe Peter loves her, I think he knows he can rely on her financially in his business ventures. I can’t wait to see Ne Ne on The Apprentice and hear The Donald tell her “You’re fired.” She won’t be chosen to work for Trump. She’s too bossy.Terri Vaughn was overacting judging Sharee’s acting abilities. It looked as if she was auditioning for her own reality show. Kandi is about the music and has a lot of talent. Good luck to her dealing with nontalented Kim. Kandi did her a favor no one else would have done. Phedra has class even though she’s a little over the top. I like her style and how good she feels about herself as well she should.

I can’t wait to see the reunion and Season 4.


January 31st, 2011
11:13 am

I still cannot figure out why Cynthia didn’t marry Leon (the good looking actor). He looks 10x better than Peter, they look better together, he’s probably more stable financially, doesn’t have a bunch of kids like Peter, he’s the father of her daughter, and they’re best friends.

But she looked absolutely stunning in that dress — too bad she was marrying a man who doesn’t have enough respect for himself to not show up tipsy at his wedding.

I thought Kim, Phaedra and Sheree’s comments were absolutely small and really demonstrated their pettiness and jealousy. And folks can say what they want about NeNe but she did make the more classy and sincere remarks of the night about the wedding and didn’t nickpick every detail like some the other crazees decided to do.

@CaseC — NeNe will be doing Celebrity Apprentice in which they are competing for dollars that go to a charity not a job with Trump. And she’ll probably be around a while (like he kept Dennis Rodman waaaaayyyyy too long) because she is good ratings. They’re already promoting the show with NeNe which means they think she’ll be a hit.

atty tom

January 31st, 2011
12:09 pm

I enjoyed the show this year and look forward to next season.I understand that it is entertainment. However , it will indeed shape and influence alot of peoples perspective and understanding of black people.

With that in mind am I the only one that believes the show essentially depicted black men as:

1) gay , homosexual ( almost every male character on the show this year was gay , . The only exceptions that come to mind are Appollo , Peter and Gregg). There were at least 50 other men depicted as gay on the show.

2 )underemployed or unemployed

3) felonious or criminal ( Appollo)

4) abusive , manipulative (Peter )

5) unfit , fat , old and unattractive. Only one exception Appollo.

6) irresponsible.

Falcon Fan

January 31st, 2011
12:10 pm

Kory you are a JOKE. Your parents didn’t do too great of a job rearing you if you are settling for Kim. Come on man….she has two baby daddys and you make the third. It quite evident that she has whipped you. A little boy from Montana isn’t use to the sexual favors she has put on you!!! She’s is after your money ONLY! You are the BIG DUMMY because its clear she doesn’t want to work and marriage is a partnership. What does she bring to the table besides sex??? You will get tired of that and she will be living off your money for child support. Believe me youngster, she has a plan and you are just to young to see it! Start thinking with your other head!!! Kim is a low life and wants to depend on someone else for her survival. Wake up Montana!! You are why the Falcons will never rise up!!


January 31st, 2011
12:12 pm

Cynthia really wanted a “wedding” just to say she went through with it and I don’t think she fully understand the “marriage” part because she stated she can always get a divorce even before she said “I Do”. Ne-Ne is really mad at BRAVO about how Kim is being portrayed “better than her”. She can’t take it out on Bravo, so she takes it out on Kim because she knows the real “Kim” and brought her on board. Phaedra is in la-la land living out her fantasy just as she said.That is until reality hit and she loses clients from acting so darn “looney” through out the show.Peter didn’t even get the “wedding band”!! Enough said about him!!!Kim wanted a safe haven and found it in Kroy contract…Kandi is NOT a good solo singer, her voice is not for ballots(like MONICA).She should just keep writing and do collaborates with people.Sheree has some potential and look like she has accepted the fact that her azz gotta work!

atty tom

January 31st, 2011
12:21 pm

True to form black women were accurately depicted as :

1) overweight , obese , unfit , out of shape , fat. Cythia was an exception. Ladies , Kandi and Sheree are” thick “. However, they are overweight..

2) confrontational , argumentative , loud , profane , violent ,

3) sexually promiscuous ( sp?)

4) lusty ,too concerned with sex

5)uneducated , Phaedra was an exception

6) single , unmarried mother , divorced , not part of a husband/wife , father/mother family unit.

Rodney Ho

January 31st, 2011
12:26 pm

Interesting how the readership of this blog has a different feeling toward various housewives than those who did the same poll on “Watch What Happens Live.” Kandi and Phaedra are more popular while NeNe and Kim are not. And NeNe has managed to lift herself up to least liked of the “Housewives” by a wide margin .

Big E

January 31st, 2011
12:29 pm

After hearing all the negative comments about NeNe, I have to say that she was needed on the RHWOA to keep the ratings going. I take back everything that I said about her as she is the one who will probably get a spin-off from the show like Wendy Williams because she turned a bad interview with Germain Dupree into something classy. And just think she will be laughing all the the way to the Bank. She is very Marketable.


January 31st, 2011
12:30 pm

Kory looks retarded or kind of slow. I really think he is having second thoughts about wifing and impregnating Kim. If I were him I’d want to do a paternity test, for some reason I think that she is having Big Poppas baby.

Cynthia looked absolutely stunning at her wedding!! I wish her all the luck in the world, but for some reason I believe that Peter beats her.

Kandi you need to make sure your contracts are tight when you are doing business with Kim, she is very selfish and thinks of no one but herself.


January 31st, 2011
12:35 pm

there ain’t nothing classy about NeNe!! She is straight up Ghetto. The ratings are high for this show because people across the country get to sit back and see why the black folks are looked at as being uneducated, free loading, loud. sex deprived, drunk, money hungry leaches on society. This show helps the country see why their is so much racism in the south and it isn’t the white folks who are the racist…its these black women who supossedly represent Atlanta and all the blacks in Georgia!!!! A damn disgrace to all humans. They should can this show!!!


January 31st, 2011
12:38 pm

@MZRED – one casts “ballots” and sings “ballads”.


January 31st, 2011
12:58 pm

I’ve watched all the HOUSEWIVES shows and ATL is the poorest!!! Yes they have the highest RATING!! BUT people like FOOLERY!!!!!


January 31st, 2011
1:07 pm

I don’t know what the next season will bring, but they need to get rid of Kim. NOW, three different children by three different men, and not married to either of them??? And we think young people are not hearing the message about safe sex. It’s obvious the older ones don’t care either. Poor Kroy. GG said it right: He has to be having second thoughts about sleeping with the blong bimbo.

I'm Not A Math Major, But...

January 31st, 2011
1:14 pm

His name is Kroy Biermann, not Kory.
AGE :25 YEARS (in the NFL):4
Position: Defensive End
HT :6′3 WT :260
ACQUIRED :D R ‘08 – RD 5
COLLEGE :Montana

I'm Not A Math Major, But...

January 31st, 2011
1:18 pm

Should read ACQUIRED D R (Drafted)‘08 – RD 5

For some reason, the :D was inserted intead of the “: D”


January 31st, 2011
1:37 pm

Do any of the Bloggers realize Bravo paid for the wedding, and that we only saw bit parts on the Show.
The producers instructed the panel to play up for the camera and Sheree knew to expect and accept.

Just a thought

January 31st, 2011
1:47 pm

NeNe and Kim seem like the most bitter, hateful, envious women ever.

Kroy seems below average in intelligence and picking a woman like Kim confirms that he definitely has had a head injury or two~ DUMB

Poor Cynthia, it seems every bit of common sense should have prevented her from marrying Peter.