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TV best bets with season finale of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ Joan Rivers, Tiffany & Debbie Gibson

Joan Rivers. CREDIT: AP

Joan Rivers. CREDIT: AP

If you’re in the mood for pure cheesiness, this week is for you.

RuPaul, the drag queen supreme, starts seeking others of his ilk on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on Logo Monday.

Joan and Melissa Rivers get their own reality show (because who doesn’t?)  on WE Network Tuesday. If you like Joan, she camps it up as always.

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman reminisces about his past chases on Wednesday on A&E in a special 200th episode..

Tempestt Bledsoe (of “Cosby Show” fame) takes over for Niecy Nash on  “Clean House” on Style.

“Jersey Shore,” which keeps breaking ratings records with 8.9 million viewers last week (6.9 million 12 to 34), is back on Thursday, of course.

Ed Asner co-stars in his first sitcom in ages, this time on CMT on Friday.

And in a case of bizarro casting, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, the two ’80’s teen pop idols, get down and dirty  in a Syfy film called “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” on Saturday night.

That may even beat the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for pure guilty pleasure silliness.

“The Bachelor” 8 p.m. ABC — Dr. Drew pops up as three get eliminated.
“Chuck” 8 p.m. NBC — Can Chuck’s mom (played by Linda Hamilton) finally help the team crush Volkoff?
“House” 8 p.m. Fox — House secretly helps Cuddy’s daughter get into a prestigious preschool.
“Being Human” 9 p.m. Syfy — Danny reveals how Sally died.
“Castle” 10 p.m. ABC — A retired detective dies before he has a chance to tell Beckett about his mom’s homicide case.
“Harry’s Law” 10 p.m. NBC — Strong ratings last week. Will viewers stick around a second week?
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” 10 p.m. Logo (third season debut) — Former Atlantan RuPaul tries to find another amazing drag queen.
19 Kids & Counting” 10:30 p.m. TLC (fifth season debut) — Jessa celebrates her 18th birthday by skydiving and going to a shooting range.
The Biggest Loser” 8 p.m. NBC — The contestants face their favorite foods during a temptation challenge.
State of the Union” 9 p.m. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC — Pres. Obama delivers the traditional address.
“Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” 9 p.m. WE (new series) — Joan Rivers moves to Los Angeles from New York and gives her daughter Melissa a big headache.
Auction Kings” 10 p.m. Discovery — Paul Brown’s team considers a Tiffany grandfather clock and a vintage fire truck.
The Fashion Show” 10 p.m. Bravo (second season finale) — Bravo’s attempt to replicate “Project Runway” is yet again not drawing many viewers. Iman is no Heidi Klum.
“The Game” 10 p.m. BET — Melanie goes overboard hosting a charity event.
“Lights Out” 10 p.m. FX — Johnny tries to get a promoter to give his gym’s top fighter a title shot.
White Collar” 10 p.m. USA — Peter goes over the details of Neal’s first arrest.

American Idol” 8 p.m. Fox — No Simon Cowell has meant lower ratings. But how bad will it get?
“Dog the Bounty Hunter” 8 p.m. A&E — Memorable moments from past seasons in this 200th episode.
“Chase” 9 p.m. NBC — The team tries to rescue Annie, who is a hostage from a drug cartel.
“Sons of Guns” 9 p.m. Discovery (new series) — It’s an inside look at a Louisiana company that buys, sells, trades, builds and customizes weapons.

“Are We There Yet? ” 10 p.m. TBS — Nick and Suzanne contemplate enrolling their kids in private school.
“Clean House” 10 p.m. Style (10th season debut) — Tempestt Bledsoe is the new host, replacing Niecy Nash .
Desert Car Kings” 10 p.m. Discovery (new series) — A look at an Arizona-based family-owned car-restoration business.
Face Off” 10 p.m. Syfy (new series) — A battle of special-effects make-up artists.


“The Vampire Diaries” 8 p.m. the CW — Damon asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose but naturally, things turn deadly.
Community” 8 p.m. NBC — Annie stages an anti-drug play for a middle school.
Bones” 9 p.m. Fox — Ryan O’Neal is back as Max.
The Office” 9 p.m. NBC — Andy holds a small business seminar.
“Royal Pains” 9 p.m. USA — Hank treats sick reality-show contestants.
“Parks & Recreation” 9:30 p.m. NBC — Leslie ends up in the hospital with the flu, but she can’t stop thinking about the harvest festival.
Archer” 10 p.m. FX (second season debut) — The ISIS crew has to protect a billionaire’s teen daughter who keeps hitting on Archer.
Beyond Scared Straight” 10 p.m. A&E — Teens visit Corcoran State Prison and see what life is like in the yard.
Jersey Shore” 10 p.m. MTV — Ronnie and J-Woww make amends, which sends Sammi over the edge.


“Dog Whisperer” 8 p.m. NGC — A couple loses control of their three dogs.
“Working Class” 8 p.m. CMT (new series) – Ed Asner plays the cranky neighbor of a single mom (Melissa Peterman)
“Kitchen Nightmares” 8 p.m. Fox — Gordon Ramsay helps a debt-ridden eatery owned by two former waitresses.
Smallville” 8 p.m. the CW — Trust becomes an issue when Chloe returns to town and Dinah fears she is now a traitor.
Fringe” 9 p.m. Fox — Massive Dynamic assembles the doomsday device.
Say Yes to the Dress” 9 p.m. TLC — Randy and Audrey work hard to find the perfect dress for a picky client.
Gold Rush: Alaska” 10 p.m. Discovery — A gold-recovery expert arrives to help the rookie miners.
Merlin” 10 p.m. Syfy — Gwaine rescues Merlin and Arthur from a tavern brawl.

“Goodnight For Justice” 8 p.m. Saturday Hallmark Movie Channel — Luke Perry plays a righteous Old West judge with his old “Beverly Hills 90210” buddy Jason Priestley behind the scenes.

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” 9 p.m. Saturday Syfy — Debbie Gibson and Tiffany camp it up when giant pythons threaten the alligators in the Everglades.
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” 8 p.m. Sunday ABC — Justin Bieber helps a Texas family.
“17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards” 8 p.m. Sunday TBS/TNT — Ernest Borgnine is slated to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Bridalplasty” 9 p.m. Sunday E! (first season finale) — This show is as hideous as the show’s title represents.
Big Love” 9 p.m. Sunday HBO — More pain and discomfort for the Henricksons as Christmas approaches.
The Lost Valentine” 9 p.m. Sunday CBS — Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White star in this sentimental drama shot in Atlanta last year.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta” 10 p.m. Sunday Bravo (third season finale) — NeNe is intimating she may cut out after this season. Negotiation ploy or is she being for real?

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2nd Cup

January 24th, 2011
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All the stuff listed here is the video equivalent of Ipecac.