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Lucy Liu stars in Lifetime’s romantic mini-series ‘Marry Me’


Lucy Liu has played edgy and sexy tough in some of her biggest roles, from “Ally McBeal” to “Charlie’s Angels” to “Kill Bill.” She more recently tried out a a confident, ultra-successful “Sex and the City”-type persona on two short-lived TV series, “Cashmere Mafia” and ‘Dirty Sexy Money.”

She has shifted again in a two-night mini-series shot in Atlanta and airing on Lifetime starting Sunday called “Marry Me.” The New York-based actress has opted to be a more fragile, yet still beautiful and impressively stylish social worker named Rae Carter.  Her dilemma: three men all want to marry her at the same time. This clouds her image of marriage as a “fairy tale.”

Unlike most of her previous projects, Liu is in almost every frame of the movie rather than as part of an ensemble. “I’m getting killed,” she said with a smile during a break at Rhodes Hall in September during the shoot. “I’ve gone to three restaurants. Otherwise, it’s work, going home, learning my lines and going to sleep.”

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And there is a pure romantic comedy for the Lifetime audience.  “The only action is what we’re doing today. Opening a window and getting trapped in it,” she said.

She said the plot was convoluted enough with three guys chasing one gal to stretch “Marry Me” to four hours.

One of the guys is an interior designer who knows exactly what he wants. His target: Lucy Liu’s character Rae. Another is her earnest former boyfriend, who dumped her to go take pictures of frogs around the world but comes back with a different mindset. Her third suitor is a bit of a wild card, a wealthy jetsetter who could give her anything she wants from a material standpoint.

Liu compares it to “The Dating Game.”: “Each person represents a different aspect of what you think you might what but is it what you really want?”

The miniseries lets Liu stretch out her comedic chops, something most people don’t think of her for.  And she’s thrilled they picked her for lead as an Asian American. “They mixed up the cast,” ethnicity wise, she said. (One of the men wooing her is Hispanic.) The original script, she noted, was for a Southern blond girl. “It’s kind of cool to break away from that.”

The film was originally set in northern Virginia but when the producers found Atlanta to be the most financially prudent locale, they shifted the plotline to Atlanta as well rather than pretend Atlanta is a different city, a common contrivance An adopted child, Rae is an Emory grad who grew up in a wealthy Buckhead family. (This justifies her classy wardrobe and beautiful residence despite a social worker’s paltry salary.)

Barbara Hall, who had created “Judging Amy ” and “Joan of Arcadia,” said she wanted to do an adult romantic comedy to “explore what marriage means to people and why they still do it. We took one woman’s journey and examined that.”

“It’s one of those institutions we had forever,” she added. “It’s just a question whether you need to apply new ideas. Or if it is really rooted in something old fashioned.”

Rae goes from having nobody to “an embarrassment of riches.” She also wanted to ensure all three guys were viable options so it’s difficult to guess who she will choose in the end.

She said she considered Liu as the lead relatively early: “We weren’t trying to go for gritty romance. We wanted something lighter.”

Moving to Atlanta was not a big deal for her. Hall had worked on “I’ll Fly Away” in the 1990s. “I’m really surprised how cosmopolitan the city is,” he said. ” It reminded me of cities like L.A. and New York.  This felt like the Southern version of that.”

Mitch Harbeson scouted the locations and he went all over town. Besides numerous shots of the skyline, you’ll see the following Atlanta spots during the four-hour mini-series:

- Lucy Liu (as Rae)  jogging through Piedmont Park

- Rae meeting a date at a space in the High Museum

- Rae at Parish restaurant for another date

- A part of Rhodes Hall masquerading as the Biltmore in North Carolina.

- Yet another meeting at The Lobster Bar. “This is really a spectacular building,” Harbeson said.

- The St. Regis Hotel, fronting as a London hotel. “There was a suite we wanted. Jennifer Aniston was in town for another film and we were at first having to convince her to move,” he said.  But fortunately, timing shifted and she was out by the time they needed the suite. “I can’t tell you how many gray hairs I got from that potential problem,” he said.

- The parent’s home was off Peachtree Battle. “We were looking for something that was a bit weathered but not in a bad way,” he said. “It just couldn’t look too new.” He said they poked through literally 50 houses.

- Northside Methodist Church. “We looked at 76 churches,” he said. 76???? They wanted something simple with beautiful, classy wood finish and also a lot of space between the street and the church for the finale scene.


“Marry Me,” Lifetime, Sunday December 12, 9 p.m., Monday, December 13, 9 p.m.

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By Rodney Ho,, AJCRadioTV blog

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December 8th, 2010
7:49 pm

lucy liu is OK, but those other two ‘charlie’s angels’ were hideous. i mean, come on, couldn’t casting have gotten three sexier, better actresses to play the angels? that’s all i’m sayin. cameron diaz’s head looks like a football, and, well, just looking at drew berrymore makes me throw-up in my mouth a little


December 9th, 2010
1:16 pm

Hey Rodney,
Did it bother you in the least that an asian male was not even in consideration as a potential love interested. Why is Hollywood always crapping on Asian males? Surely, you must have thoughts on this.


December 9th, 2010
1:16 pm

“explore what marriage means to people and they they still do it. We took one woman’s journey and examined that.” And “that they still do it.”


December 9th, 2010
1:19 pm

tvBoy: I think Drew Barrymore was one of the producers of “Charlie’s Angels,” so she was something of a shoo-in for a spot on the team.

Rodney Ho

December 9th, 2010
2:23 pm

@Drhand Progress is slow on TV. At least the lead was an Asian American female and it’s not even made an issue at all.


December 9th, 2010
4:30 pm

I nominate Rodney to be the next love interest in one of these Lifetime series.


December 9th, 2010
10:49 pm

Lucy Liu is hot, but she has cat like eyes. Whenever I see her I can’t help but notice the feline look she has.


December 10th, 2010
2:45 pm

Thanks for posting about Marry Me! I work with Lifetime and wanted to make sure everyone had all the details about the film. It also stars Steven Pasquale and Bobby Cannavale as Lucy’s characters best friends who fall in love with her, and Enrique Murciano as her ex boyfriend. It’s going to be really fun so don’t forget to tune-in this Sunday at 9/8c for part 1 and Monday, 12/13 at 9/8c for part 2!


December 12th, 2010
8:46 pm

Weathered? I think that house was awesome.


December 13th, 2010
11:30 am

Comments from (drhand) Dec,9th …all I can say is AMEN.. we are on the same page!
I am not a Asian Male , but today I will standup for you. 8 out 10 pictures on TV With a Asian women are with a WHITE MALE “WHY” . Miss Lucy Liu Dad is Asian and mother so show the this on TV!
.. At this rate the Asian family will go the way of the T-REX..


December 14th, 2010
9:35 pm

Thanks for the feedback Rodney. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against interracial dating in any way but for some reason seeing the previews for this movie made the hair on my neck bristle. Bottom line is if you’re an Asian male you should be insulted. You can handle it passively like Rodney or bitch with no results like me. Either way its a lose lose. What’s your answer to this Lifetime TV???


December 14th, 2010
11:23 pm

I cannot seem to find the title or performer of the song that plays in Part I when Rae and Luke dance when they return to his place from vouching for Immy. Does anyone know? I can’t find it anywhere.

Barbara Borst

December 15th, 2010
9:01 pm

I watched part one but my husband taped what he thought was part 2 on monday and it turned out to be Part 1 again. Will there be reruns? i am so disappointed.