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MTV’s ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2,’ shot in Atlanta, debuts tonight

Brigg (Chris Zylka),  Skye (Lauren McKnight), and Derek (Matt Angel)

Brigg (Chris Zylka), Skye (Lauren McKnight), and Derek (Matt Angel)

They’re baaaack!

“My Super Psycho Sweet Part 16,” MTV’s first foray into the horror flick genre last year did so well, the network quickly called for a sequel.

Atlantans and co-creators Alexander Motlagh and Jacob Gentry were able to shoot both films in Atlanta.

This time around, Skye (played by Lauren McKnight) survived the roller rink nightmare from the first movie where her father hacked up a bunch of people, including the nasty Sweet 16 gal.

That first film played off the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16.” This time around, that premise is no longer on the table.

It’s now Skye on the run, going to her mother’s home several hundred miles from the scene of the crime. She feels guilty because she left the Sweet 16 gal to die when she could have saved her.

Naturally, there’s another party and more horror about to befall the hapless attendees. She can’t outrun her past.

Gentry said the budgets were slightly higher but they were able to make it look better thanks to efficiencies. “We were able to put our efforts more into making it feel like a much bigger and decadent experience,” he said, “a much more full, richer character story.”

You get to see more of Skye’s dad Charlie though his scruffy beard hardly makes him look normal. The beard “is kind of iconic,” Motlagh said. “We wanted to get rid of the mask and pull him out of the shadows.”

The film was shot in June and July. The climactic scenes are at the Boneyard, a fictional club set in the Startime Entertainment Complex, which shut down a couple years ago, and a closed-down Burlington Coat Factory. “It was the hottest I’ve ever been,” Motlagh said. “But that uncomfortable, hot, sweaty environment helped the scenes and that intensity comes through the actors’ performances. The audience feels that sweat, that we’re really out of breath.”

The only operating business left, Gentry said, was WhirlyBall. They used part of what used to the Funny Farm (which has since moved locales) and an adjoining sports bar. They also taped part of the film at Sprayberry High School for school scenes.

Gentry, a Walton High School graduate, grew up in Marietta and the house they use for Skye’s mom’s home is just down the street from where he grew up, purely a coincidence. “It made a stronger connection to the story for me,” he said.

Like the first movie, which was shot mostly in downtown and Midtown Atlanta, the city is not referenced. “It has a southern feel to it,” he said, but no specific real cities are named. “It’s kind of Everywhereville.”

And don’t worry: like all good horror flick producers, they are ready to do a third one if MTV gives them the chance.


“My Super Psycho Sweet 16 2,” 10 p.m. MTV

Here’s the trailer:

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October 23rd, 2010
4:47 pm

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October 27th, 2010
6:29 pm

I liked the first one, but I really liked the sequel – definitely a darker film than Part 1. I really think MTV is on to something with this franchise, and I think both films have had the right mix of camp, gore, sex appeal, etc.

Also, big fan of the soundtracks they have used – the first film had lots of good songs (but for some reason never had an official soundtrack) and I thought it was great that they used Middle Distance Runner’s “The Sun and Earth” during the opening credits/flashback of Part 2 – the video is posted at