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Steve Harvey embraces Richard Dawson’s legacy as new host of ‘Family Feud’


Atlanta radio and TV personality Steve Harvey wasn’t angling to be a game-show host. The producers called him out of the blue and said they had an opportunity but wouldn’t say what game show it was.

Intrigued, he flew out to Los Angeles. There, he found out it was “Family Feud.” He was in.

Richard Dawson is the best host ever,” Harvey said in an interview earlier this month, referencing the original host of “Family Feud” from 1976 to 1985 (plus an extra season in 1994.) “We’ll see how it goes with me. I”m chasing Richard Dawson in my mind. Hopefully, I can be as successful as he was.”

The wisecracking Dawson would kiss every woman on the lips, married or not, young or old. That was okay in the late 1970s.

It’s now 2010. Harvey won’t be doing that: “I’m a hug, shake-your-hand type of guy.”

He is the sixth host of the long-standing game show, taking over for John O’Hurley. Locally, it airs weekdays at noon on Peachtree TV, conveniently after sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show,” which aired originally from 1996 to 2002.

To accommodate Harvey’s penchant for comic relief, the producers cut the number of rounds.

“I love live audiences. I rely heavily on my stand-up skills and my quick wit,” he said. “And I can relate well with every-day people.”

Several clips on YouTube show Harvey riffing wise. For instance, after Harvey asked who they might be embarrassed to tell if they were using Viagra, one contestant said, “The President of the United States.”

Harvey gave him one of his signature stares of disbelief. “That was by far the suckiest answer since I’ve been the host,” he said. “The president’s got two wars, a bad economy, an oil spill. He ain’t worried about you using no Viagra!”

After another contestant utters what he thinks is a bad answer, he asks everybody: “Why are you clapping?” When it comes in as the second highest answer, he staggers across the stage, feigning a heart attack. “I’m so sorry,” he told the triumphant woman . “You’re older. You know more than I do. Forgive me please!”

The first episode will feature the Atlanta-based Belt family.

Leland Jones, Iva Wilkins, Yolanda McKee, host Steve Harvey, Cindaria Redmond and Valerie Belt-Jones.

Leland Jones, Iva Wilkins, Yolanda McKee, host Steve Harvey, Cindaria Redmond and Valerie Belt-Jones.

“He made me feel like the cameras weren’t even there,” said team captain Cindaria Redmond, who runs a day-care center, “like we were just in our living room, relaxed.”

Here’s a bit from the Belt family’s experience:

And here is a contestant rubbing Harvey’s bald head for good luck:

And here’s some classic “Family Feud” from the Richard Dawson days. (And by the way, from all reports, he’s still alive, though not seen in public recently.)”You don’t use narcotics, Bob?” Dawson asks someone after he answered “alligator” for an animal with three letters.

“Saturday Night Live” earlier this year anticipated his game-show skills here, with former Atlantan Kenan Thompson making fun of Steve’s pronunciation skills. (I didn’t know about this until after I interviewed Steve so I didn’t get a chance to ask him.)

Harvey, whose nationally syndicated morning show is heard locally on Majic 107.5/97.5, has seen his multi-media platform expand beyond radio and TV thanks to his surprisingly successful book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” That relationship advice book has sold a whopping 2.6 million copies and landed him a sequel, set to come out in December.

Much of the new book’s advice was gleaned from talks with women across the country. The key from a man’s perspective? “If you can make your wife or girlfriend happy, you’ll be a lot happier,” he said. “You can be right. You can be happy. Which one do you want it to be?”

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September 10th, 2010
2:10 pm

Hah hah! “Last of the Moeshas!”


September 10th, 2010
4:35 pm

Deanna stop hating on a black mans success your the last of the MOESHAS!!!!!


September 10th, 2010
4:39 pm

I’m really looking forward to Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud. Withe his personality he’ll bring a lot of laughter to the show. :)


September 10th, 2010
5:20 pm



September 10th, 2010
5:22 pm

Wow, terrible choice. I guess it was time they had to get a brotha in there. Otherwise it would be racist.


September 10th, 2010
5:37 pm

I thought O’Hurley was really good. Oh well. On another note, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER TO VOTE THE SCUM OUT OF OFFICE. STOP THE SOCIALIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA. SAY NO TO RUN-AWAY SPENDING. Vote and vote conservative!!!!


September 10th, 2010
6:20 pm

That SNL clip is hilarious!

Born with a tan.

September 10th, 2010
6:20 pm

@ Boots, SHUT UP!!!

Get Real

September 10th, 2010
6:27 pm

O’Hurley was corney. Not a big Harvey fan but he can be funny.

@boots- Just an observation, were you concerned with runaway spending when Double-ya was in in charge for nearly a decade? I may have missed them, but I don’t recall cries for his removal or tea parties during his reign of reckless spending, wrong country invading and occupying (which has cost billions!) reign of idiocy.

Get Real


September 10th, 2010
7:07 pm

That “Rub the head” clip was hilarious. i haven’t watched Family Feud since I was a kid (Richard Dawson days) but I will have to check it out now. Steve looks like he IS the show.

I didn’t know he had a radio show here…………..


September 10th, 2010
7:13 pm

Oh and Wisconsin? Here’s your sign. “The Last of the Moesha’s” was in reference to the SNL clip. Steve said it. Watch then clip and then extend your apology to Deanna, you ass.


September 10th, 2010
7:36 pm

@ “Get Real” stupid: You did miss it: Opposition to W and the GOP spending by Republicans started in 2005. This wasn’t a half-hearted opposition… if you visit that web page, you’ll find it stirred enough hornets to piss off Trent Lott so that he quotes Porkbusters by name.

Back on topic… I don’t really like the idea of them cutting the actual game because Harvey wants to make more jokes, but then again I haven’t watched Family Feud since the Ray Combs days who is the only guy I ever found was a comparable to Dawson.


September 10th, 2010
7:43 pm

Wisconsin you are a retard no wonder educated people can’t stand you people


September 10th, 2010
8:43 pm

I still don’t know why Ray Combs committed suicide, but he seemed like a very good host to me.


September 10th, 2010
9:21 pm

I think I’m gonna be sick.Did Steve have the same “Blank Stare” Obama has without his teleprompter?


September 10th, 2010
10:16 pm

@ Mikey

That’s President Obama


September 10th, 2010
11:13 pm

What, I thought Richard Dawson was still pillaging the women guest?

Here come the skits

September 10th, 2010
11:56 pm

Now, SNL will have a new run of Steve Harvey skits to play with. Get your thinking caps on SNL.


September 11th, 2010
1:18 am

Bush couldn’t speak with or without a teleprompter. Remember racist folk ?
Steve Harvey will do just fine.


September 11th, 2010
2:08 am

Never listened to his radio show. Watched all the clips. Hilarious!
I may become a fan.


September 11th, 2010
4:08 am

This article was not about politics. I wonder if they canned O’Hurley or he just quit. I liked him in the TV series but he was not a game show host. I hope he finds another comedy series to be in. He is a good man. Steve Harvey seems to be a good guy to but definitely from the left which shouldn’t matter if he can leave politics out of a game show where it does not belong. I do have one political comment to make : vote NO to Roy Barnes – he over spent the budget and got Georgia in a bind when the economy was BOOMING and then the Dems tried to blame Perdue who, by Georgia law, had to balance the budget. Just say no to King RoyBama.


September 11th, 2010
7:19 am

Oh God! Not more Steve Harvey. Surely they could have gotten somebody else. Maybe somebody who knows how to speak correctly? I’m just saying. Oh well, I don’t watch that type of show on tv anyway.

Hogans Heroes

September 11th, 2010
7:43 am

Richard Dawson was the best

The Nerd

September 11th, 2010
8:19 am

Deanna, Steve Harvey wasn’t on no “Moesha”! (Speaking of which, watch her on “Dancing With The Stars”!)


September 11th, 2010
8:41 am

Television at its worst.


September 11th, 2010
9:12 am

Is this blog about a tv game show or politics? just asking.

Will He Turn Into A Lech?

September 11th, 2010
9:24 am

Could not watch Dawson after he turned into a lech. The constant pawing and kissing of the women was too much to watch. O’Hurley started doing it too and it was obvious he was choosing the better looking women. So, will Steve start having the women kiss his head? Do the producers encourage this behavior for ratings?


September 11th, 2010
9:30 am

he doesnt know how to use proper english…steve take some classes on learning hot to speak proper english


September 11th, 2010
10:06 am

@editman808>You just said the same thing about Bush that Mikey said about Obama>If he is racist,that make you racist as well.Everyone who throws around the term “RACIST” needs to know what it means.Racist is ANYONE,ANYONE who has no regard or tolerance for human beings not of their own race.What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Raise the prize amount.

September 11th, 2010
10:45 am

When will the Family Feud up the winning prize to $50,000? They have been giving folks $20,000 for quite some time now. With inflation and all, $20,000 does not go far these days. Also, when you factor in dividing the prize with family members and paying taxes, the contestants are probably luck if they can afford a decent dinner. On the flip side, the winning contestants leave with more money than they came with.


September 11th, 2010
10:59 am


September 11th, 2010
12:40 pm

Go Steve, God’s goodness is never ending and you my brotha always give HIM the GLORY and THE HONOR first. Congradulations on another level of success and BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU & YOURS ALWAYS, EDD


September 11th, 2010
12:44 pm

I just saw some of the comments…..HATERS ! If you can not say something good , don’t say anything at all. “LIFE AND DEATH IS IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE” Again, BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU AND YOURS ALWAYS, EDD

Tess Prather

September 11th, 2010
5:47 pm

I have always been a fan of Family Feud but i will definately be watching it now since Steve Harvey is the host and i finally know someone who is actually on the show…Cinderia you have my support!!!! Congraulations to you and your family!!!!!


September 11th, 2010
8:14 pm

WOW, they called him how nice talent can be recognized and not forced on anyone!


September 12th, 2010
7:18 am

Claude-You,my friend won with your comment,but I didn’t think demo’s paid taxes.:)


September 12th, 2010
11:00 am

@Here Come the Skits: YES! I wondered if anyone else’s mind immediately went to the SNL sketch! Happy birthday to Keenan!


September 12th, 2010
11:14 am

Whoops, Kenan. Sorry! Still, how awesome to suddenly see your character gain much more cultural cachet!


September 12th, 2010
8:42 pm

For all of you who commented that he needed to learn to speak correct English, If you had good sense, you’d realize, that is all part of his act. His fans know that.


September 13th, 2010
8:04 am

Richard Dawson was the best. I did like Ray Combs too. It was nice when O’Hurley stepped in but it is time for him to step aside now. I welcome Steve Harvey and can’t wait to start watching the Fued daily again!!!


September 13th, 2010
9:34 am

No matter what you say, think or feel, Barack Obama is still the President of the United States of America and Steve Harvey is still the host of the Family Feud. You need to accept it. Times have changed. Go President Obama, you have my vote again. If I could have voted for Steve Harvey, you better believe I would have done it. Peace to all.

Joan Crawford

September 13th, 2010
10:01 am

Once again a topic that had NOTHING to do with Politics turned into. Have Mercy Lord!!!


September 13th, 2010
1:11 pm

Steve, you truly have brought back flavor to the show. I stopped watching it a long time ago but now, I cant wait to see it. watching the clips had me in stitches and the show haven’t even aired yet…… (You, Richard Pryor and Red Fox all wrapped up together) Wow!!! Thanks for all you do and for who you are and for acknowledging God daily. “that’s why you never judge a book by it’s cover”!you must go on the inside to see what it beholds :-) !!! Bless you!!(TSA)


September 13th, 2010
1:27 pm

@scott & nick Don’t ever think that this Beautifully groomed blessed Human being can not speak the english language. When he opens his wallet and look at his bank account and puts the key in his front door and drives off in his car that tells me that is very fluent in the english language. An another thing if you think he got this far by not being able to speak. Well Hell I want to be just like Steve.
And Richard Dawson might have been a good host in some people’s eye’s not mine, I thought he had problems that was too much kissing. I stopped watching the show because of that. CONGRATS STEVE MAY LIFES BLESSINGS CONTINUE TO SHINE ON YOU……


September 14th, 2010
11:42 am

please email me the time and date of the show inD.C.


September 14th, 2010
12:21 pm

I agree with Tish. For those that find the need to turn this ENTERTAINMENT blog political, well she’s right…times have definately changed and “Obama is still your President…so get over yourselves”….or move…


September 17th, 2010
11:51 am

Steve Harvey can get mushmouthed at times, but it’s FREAKING FAMILY FEUD. I can’t believe some people are getting all racist bout such a choice for a GAME SHOW. At least he is pronouncing words right on the show and has a casual sense of humor that works with the format. He does tend to swallow words which looks akward during the formal parts of the show.