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Jake Pavelka (’The Bachelor’) breaks it off with Vienna

Jake Pavelka on the set of "Drop Dead Diva" June 18, 2010. PHOTO CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Jake Pavelka on the set of "Drop Dead Diva" June 18, 2010. PHOTO CREDIT: Rodney Ho/

Jake Pavelka, in town to tape a role on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva,” has reportedly broken up with the gal he picked on “The Bachelor” earlier this year Vienna Girardi.

I visited the set of the show on Friday and he didn’t say anything about breaking up with her. I didn’t ask him directly but to another reporter, he skirted the issue about Vienna and marriage. He faced a lot of criticism from viewers about picking her, especially given how much the other women in the house disliked her. (And it appears ABC will take back the $42,000 ring.)

Girardi told Star magazine she dumped him and they hadn’t had sex in months.

Here’s a bit from a story:

“Jake and Vienna have split,” says Janice Lee, a rep for the couple. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.”

No reason was given. After Pavelka, 32, was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars” in late April, he spoke of needing to spend time with Girardi to “focus on our relationship and just see where life takes us right after that.”

Jake's breakup with Vienna

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He is now pursuing acting-related opportunities and is on leave from Atlanta-based Atlantic Southeast Airlines, where he has worked as a pilot the past decade. He lived in Vinings for a year about a decade ago but wanted to be closer to family and ended up in Dallas.

The role he is playing on “Drop Dead Diva,” set to air in mid August, is that of a bachelor on a reality show like “The Bachelor.” (Big stretch, eh?) The plot features Camile Guatay as a reality-show contestant who sues a production company for portraying her poorly. Jake takes the stand to talk about his involvement. He said the guy isn’t quite as morally upstanding as he is. Also, he noted that in the real world, production companies make reality-show contestants sign pretty air-tight contracts that make it difficult for them to sue over how they are portrayed.

Here’s the video interview I did with him last Friday, the day before the news leaked out. He was into acting before he became a pro pilot back in the late 1990s on “Walker Texas Ranger.”

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June 22nd, 2010
12:48 pm

What’s funny is… In spite of his clean-cut, straight arrow pilot image on the show, Jake was in a street punk band called Career Soldiers that played in the underground scene in San Diego until 2008. My friends that used to tour with the Casualties (a widely popular punk band) were acquainted with/partied with him before he started getting into TV – and they laugh about how no one realizes it’s the same guy.

*snicker* Rodney – next time, you seriously need to ask him about this. Here’s what he used to look like:


June 22nd, 2010
1:13 pm

What was the “big” news on 680 the Fan about their future yesterday?
I can’t find a reference to it anywhere, and their prgrammng hasn’t appeared to have changed.

Rodney Ho

June 22nd, 2010
1:24 pm

It wasn’t very big news. The station is airing the PGA Championship.


June 22nd, 2010
3:18 pm

Can anyone tell me what is attractive about this guy? Granted, he has a nice body, but he is a total cheeseball whose face looks like a sharpei. I’ve never seen so many wrinkles on someone who’s supposedly in their early 30’s. The guy had it planned all along. He wasn’t looking for love; he was looking for a television career. First Kate Gosselin, now Jake. JEEZ!


June 22nd, 2010
3:59 pm

Glad they broke up she is one ugly girl! OMG can’t even imagine.


June 22nd, 2010
4:12 pm

She was trashy. I was shocked he chose her. Goes to show ya, they don’t marry those kind of girls, they only want…….well, you know.


June 22nd, 2010
4:33 pm

Thanks Rodney. That’s pretty lame.


June 22nd, 2010
4:57 pm

he seems like a pretty good guy. no surprise at all about he and vienna though


June 22nd, 2010
5:16 pm

I bet Vienna was goooood in bed though!


June 22nd, 2010
5:33 pm

I never thought Jake and Vienna were the right match based on what the producers showed us via the Bachelor and DWTS. Jake came off as very likeable, while Vienna did not. They both should do well, just based on the fact that they are good at selling themselves.


June 22nd, 2010
6:30 pm

What is it with that damn show? Why do people watch this trash? I have tried to watch it a couple of times, and it is just down right sleezy and creepy. Can you say “FAKE”? And this Jake guy…he cries over EVERYthing, and it isn’t even a sincere cry. And he wants to be an actor? LOL! He needs to take some lessons.


June 22nd, 2010
6:31 pm

OH! Can you even imagine having him as your pilot? SCARY!


June 22nd, 2010
6:35 pm

Any news on the Kimmer?


June 22nd, 2010
7:31 pm

who couldn’t see that coming? he’s gay, c’mon admit it


June 22nd, 2010
7:59 pm

Doesn’t everyone know that almost all the Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants are actors hoping to get noticed?! The furthest thing from their minds is “love.” Jake made a covert agreement with Vienna that they would lay low for a while and quietly split up. She agreed because she was in it for the same reasons. Meanwhile, he’s managed to parlay Bachelor into Dancing With the Stars and now Drop Dead Diva. It’s all fiction! It’s all about getting camera time!


June 22nd, 2010
9:05 pm

“Jane” LOL.. loved your comment.. sharpei! LOL. Jake is a total fake. Vienna got screwed and that chick who didn’t get picked by him should be on her knees thanking God she didn’t end up with this scum bag! Jake will fall on his face too.. give it time. He’s a hollow, selfish, self-centered, “wanna-be”!!


June 22nd, 2010
10:20 pm

Lucas McCain(The Rifleman) would be very sad about this!


June 22nd, 2010
10:44 pm

I heard she was dissatisfied saying he’s got a tiny (ahum, ahum)…

Danny Del

June 28th, 2010
11:00 am

Until they allow a black man or woman to be the lead on the show, ABC and the series will continue to be racist. It’s unreal that this is not a big deal to anyone. I think it’s horrible.

San Francisco

July 6th, 2010
1:19 am

Jake is so lame. The interview on tonight’s “bachelorette” with the two of them, showed Jake to be so ego-maniacal, disrespecting to women, and hot-headed. I believed everything Vienna said….not knowing either one of them, and not necessarily rooting for Vienna during the show. Jake seems like a liar. Good job Vienna for saying your truth. Jake stop talking.