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‘Lost’ gets good, not great ratings; ‘24,’ ‘Law & Order’ don’t get a series finale boost

epatha_merkersonThe hoopla over the end of “Law & Order” and “24″ forever did not boost the ratings for either show.

“24″ on Fox Monday night took home 8.9 million viewers for its final show, the same as a week earlier and below the season average.

“Law & Order” Monday drew 7.6 million, also typical for that show in its 20th season.

ABC’s “Lost” finale Sunday did see a jump to 13.4 million, up from the 9 to 10 million viewers it’s been getting in recent weeks. That’s the best performance the show has had since season four but far below its typical numbers its first couple of years on the air. As a serialized show, some folks had long given up on it and had little incentive to jump in at the end.

-”Dancing With the Stars” finale last night drew 18.4 million with a 3.8 rating among 18 to 49, 27 percent lower than a year ago in that demographic. It faced heavy competition and the results were not surprising. “Idol” is also down 20 percent with 19.5 million viewers last night.

-NBC’s “The Office” May 20 ended with its second lowest ratings of the year after a less-than-inspiring season: 6.6 million. The network’s aging drama “Law & Order: SVU” ended its year with 8.8 million, a major falloff from the 13.8 million it brought in back in 2006. ABC’s “Modern Family” finished its freshman year on a high note May 19 with 10 million viewers. Fox’s “Bones” finished a solid 9.4 million May 20 in its fifth season.

CBS’s now canceled “Ghost Whisperer” ended its life at 6.8 million viewers May 21, with ratings off by more than 20 percent from season four.

The first new show of the year for summer consumption, the 70s throwback cop drama “Good Guys” bombed on Fox, with just 4.9 million viewers before “Idol’ May 19.

The top 5 cable programs last week were all NBA playoff games, topped by the Lakers/Suns match Sunday, which drew 8.5 million. The top cable reality show was “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery May 18 with 3.36 million viewers.

- In the battle of Atlanta-based reality shows, VH1’s “What Chilli Wants” in its seventh outing Sunday night (competing against “Lost”), dropped to 1.15 million, its worst numbers yet. And “Tiny & Toya” on BET May 18 beat “What Chilli Wants” with 1.19 million, the first time the show’s ratings went up after bottoming out at 1.04 million May 11.

Since I am on vacation Thursday and Friday and don’t receive Atlanta numbers until Wednesday evening, here are the top 20 programs last week for the week of May 17, based on Nielsen Media. As you can see, CBS shows tend to underperform in Atlanta vs. the rest of the nation.

1. Dancing With the Stars (performance) ABC 5/18 19.05 mil
2. American Idol (results) Fox 5/19 19.003 mil
3. American Idol (performance) Fox 5/18 18.68 mil
4. NCIS CBS 5/18 15.96 mil
5. NCIS: Los Angeles CBS 5/18 15.32 mil
6. Grey’s Anatomy ABC 5/20 15.24 mil
7. The Mentalist CBS 5/20 15.22 mil
8. The Big Bang Theory CBS 5/17 15.02 mil
9. CSI, CBS 5/20 14.35 mil
10. Lost ABC 5/23 13.57 mil
11. Two and Half Men, CBS 5/17 13.28 mil
12. Dancing With the Stars (results) ABC 13.19 mil
13. The Good Wife, CBS 5/18 12.04 mil
14. Glee, Fox 5/18 11.47 mil
15. CSI: NY, CBS 5/19 11.3 mil
16. House, Fox 5/17 11.06 mil
17. CSI: Miami CBS 5/17 10.52 mil
18. Lost ABC 5/18 10.47 mil
19. Brooks & Dunn: Last Rodeo, CBS 5/23 10.15 mil
20. Modern Familiiy ABC 5/19 10.14 mil
SOURCE: Nielsen Media

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May 26th, 2010
7:30 pm

I wonder why CBS and NBC shows do so poorly here in Atlanta compared to nationally. Why are Atlantans all stuck watching only channel 2 and channel 5?


May 26th, 2010
7:43 pm

‘24′ just hasn’t been the same since they stopped making radical muslims the enemy and got all PC,making russians and chinese our enemies. and then, remember when they kept lecturing us on going green a couple seasons ago? i mean, i loved ‘24′ but its no wonder it’s gone.

as far as ‘DWTS’, that last hour of the finale was unnecessary. i mean, were we really interested in what george stephanapolous had to say about it? god, no please! one hour would have done but of course the network has to milk it, i know


May 27th, 2010
11:23 am

Atlanta viewers go with channels 2 and 5 because NBC shows stink and Atlantans still aren’t used to seeing CBS on channel 46, even after sixteen years.


May 28th, 2010
7:29 am

Is the original Law and Order gone for good or is it just the end of the season?


May 30th, 2010
1:24 pm

Channel 2 is an Atlanta institution; like Delta, Rich’s and Coca Cola. WSB could run infomercials during prime-time and still win the time period. In Atlanta, that’s just the way it is.