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NFL draft, ‘America: Story of Us,’ ‘Project Runway’ do well in TV ratings while ‘Idol’ droops

Nationally, “American Idol” last week dropped below 20 million viewers and locally, it fell below 600,000 viewers. The “Idol Gives Back” special April 21 drew a season low 18.8 million viewers.

In 2006, the show typically drew 30 million viewers and 1 million in Atlanta.

kate gosselin dancing

The final performance show with Kate Gosselin on “Dancing With the Stars” held its own with 21.1 million, the top show of the week. The top scripted show was “The Mentalist,” which ranked No. 4 with 15 million viewers and No. 12 in Atlanta with 268,000 viewers.

The new ABC sitcom “Romantically Challenged” on April 19 only held 50 percent of the “Dancing” audience, not a good sign. CBS’s season finale of “Accidentally on Purpose” ended with 5.2 million viewers, holding the same audience as its lead in “New Adventures of Christine” April 21, giving it hope for a sophomore year.

On the CW, Atlanta-based “Vampire Diaries” remained the network’s top show with 3.3 million viewers, beating “America’s Next Top Model” at 3 million, with Dacula’s Anslee cut.

ABC’s “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” finished at a desultory 4 million viewers April 23. NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” which featured nobody getting the boot, finished at almost 8 million viewers, the most since its season debut.

The top cable show was the NFL draft, which ran in prime time for the first time and drew 7.3 million viewers. Locally, it brought in 175,000 viewers.

Atlanta-based Cartoon Network drew a solid 2.5 million viewers April 23 for its new series “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.”

The History Channel had its most popular program ever with its “America: The Story of Us” opener, a six-part series about the history of the United States that opened Sunday. (For some reason, the first episode had Donald Trump as a history expert. Oddly, he was also an expert in the A&E “Late Night Wars” documentary Tuesday night as well.)

The finale of “Project Runway” finished at a strong 3.8 million viewers on Lifetime last Thursday. (I don’t have the numbers for season six’s finale but it was probably in the same zone.).

What is likely the series finale of FX’s “Damages” finished at just 906,000 April 19. That’s far below its season finales the first two seasons.

Season finales of Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” (802,000), TLC’s “Intervention” copycat “Addicted” (936,000) and Discovery’s “American Loggers” (1.34 millon) ended quietly while MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” (2.5 million) was the network’s biggest show of the week.

The new Discovery series “Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking” Sunday opened at a promising 2.2 million viewers.

Top 20 primetime programs in Atlanta, week of April 19, 2010
1. American Idol (performance), Fox 4/20 591,000
2. Dancing With the Stars (performance), ABC, 4/19 548,000
3. American Idol (results), Fox 4/21 512,000
4. Glee, Fox 4/20 399,000
5. 24, Fox 4/19 356,000
6. Desperate Housewives, ABC 4/25 333,000
7. Dancing With the Stars (results) ABC 4/20 332,000
8. Castle, ABC 4/19 327,000
9. House, Fox 4/19 315,000
10. Romantically Challenged, ABC 4/19 304,000
11. Lost ABC 4/20 282,000
12. Mentalist, CBS 4/22 268,000
13. Fox5 News @10, Fox 4/21 266,000
14. Biggest Loser, NBC 4/20 252,000
15. America’s Funniest Home Videos, ABC 4/25 244,000
16. Brothers & Sisters, ABC 4/25 222,000
17. Private Practice, ABC 4/22 202,000
18. Bones, Fox 4/22 198,000
19. Fox 5 News @ 10, 4/24 197,000
20. Extreme Makeover Home Edition ABC 4/25 192,000
SOURCE: Nielsen Media

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Hindu Elvis Pimp

April 29th, 2010
11:38 am

Those are the top twenty prime time shows? I’ve never heard of most of them and have not watched any of them in years…..And I have a TV.


April 30th, 2010
10:38 am

Nothing would please me more than to see attrition continue on Idol’s ratings to where we no longer have to deal with it.

Tyler Perry

May 1st, 2010
11:59 pm

Come on ATL- why ya’ll ain’t watching my shows? They on TBS every night!