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Archive for April 22nd, 2010

Howard Stern talks about never getting on Z93


Someone posted this earlier in the week on

Yesterday, Howard Stern had former CBS Radio executive Rob Burnett on his show to talk about life after Stern (i.e. the David Lee Roth era). Part of the conversation included a reference to how Stern’s show couldn’t sell in Atlanta. A listener transcribed the segment, but here is the portion that involves Atlanta:

HOWARD: … This terrestrial radio thing was killing me with the censorship. I had felt alone. Many times they’d tell me they can’t expand my radio stations, you’re too outrageous, we can’t put you on in Atlanta. I was fed up.

ROB BURNETT: When I heard you were down to only 27 radio stations, I said that’s small…

HOWARD: I went to them and said, you have three radio stations in Atlanta. You’re only billing 2 million dollars there. I can do better. They said, no you can’t. It’s too hard to sell you…

–My comment: I’m sure rock station Z93 billed more than $2 million a year when they could have picked up Stern in …

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Turner and CBS share NCAA duties through 2024

ncaa logoSurprisingly, ESPN dropped out of the running to air the NCAA tournament. In the meantime, CBS will now share the duties with Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting, which will air NCAA games on TBS, TNT and truTV. The deal runs through 2024.

CBS had not been able to air all the games at the same time since the network lacks multiple cable channels.

Between the two networks, $10.8 billion will be expended over a dozen years. And there will be 68 games instead of 65, if the Division 1 board of directors approves.

Here’s more info from the New York Times:

Through 2015, CBS will cover the regional finals, the Final Four and the championship game. But starting in 2016, CBS and Turner will split the regional finals and the Final Four, and the national championship game will alternate annually between CBS and TBS.

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Dacula gal ousted from ‘America’s Next Top Model’


Dacula resident Anslee Payne-Franklin, 23, made it halfway through the CW’s 14th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.” Tyra Banks cut her loose Wednesday night. She just missed a trip to New Zealand.

Anslee was mostly been in the middle of the pack during the show and did not win a single challenge. Last night, she was in the bottom two for a second time.

The judges frequently cited her great bone structure but weren’t always thrilled with her photos. She also had trouble on the runway. Last night, she got reamed for a leaden catwalk. The editors made it seem like the audience gave her no applause. In an interview today, she said, no, she did get applause but they edited that out for effect.

She defended herself following the runway walk, saying she was “stern and strong. That’s basically most of the traits of my personality. This is who I am and if you don’t like me, I’m sorry. I know I didn’t win the challenge but I felt like I stayed true to myself.”

The former bartender …

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Former WAGA-TV anchor Roy Hobbs arrested for drug possession

royhobbsjpg-14f1246cf34265a2_mediumFormer WAGA-TV anchor Roy Hobbs was arrested over the weekend for possession of crack cocaine and a crack pipe, according to the Birmingham News.

The story said the arresting officer had previously stopped him with a known prostitute and a suspended license. He was given a warning and let go. It said he was arrested Saturday on the drug possession charge and released later that day on an $800 bond.

Hobbs worked at Fox affiliate WAGA-TV from 1997 to 2003 as an anchor. He has been at ABC affiliate 33/40 in Birmingham as a weekend anchor. He is currently on leave after the arrest, the story said.

Not surprisingly, news of his arrest is not on the ABC 33/40 Web site though his name is the top search term as I write this.

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