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Locals survive ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’

Atlanta is well represented on both “America’s Next Top Model” on the CW and MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.” And the locals survived last week on both shows.

Let’s start with “Best Dance Crew”:

Stone Mountain’s Jungle Boogie survived the fifth elimination round last Thursday on “Best Dance Crew” and made t to the final five.  The group was nearly nixed a week earlier but saved itself by burning through disco week dancing (of course) to “Jungle Boogie” by Kool & the Gang. This week, they were not even in the bottom two.

The timing was good: the next week featured Usher, a hometown boy. The crew were to riff off his video “Love in this Club.” They did well, bringing in some cool moves. Check it out:

They have a solid shot at finishing in the top 3. I think they’ll probably be there with Poreotix and Blueprint Cru.

America's Next Top Model

During the second episode of “America’s Next Top Model” last Wednesday, confident but young Marietta gal Alasia was taken down during the “nude” challenge. (Each model could only use one piece of clothing or accessory so there was plenty of blurry private parts.)

“Which fashion magazines have you been studying?” barked judge Nigel Barker, of Alasia’s babycakes modeling effort. “Explain to me.”

“It feels amateurish,” said the guest judge Sally Hershberger later during the private judging period.

She cries.

She did have one defender: “I am the only one who absolutely loved the photograph. I saw you for the boldness … and take that pose. It’s a very raw, beautiful photograph,” said new judge Andre Leon Talley.

America's Next Top Model

Anslee from Dacula did better, landing in the middle. Your face is stunning and you have a good body,” said Nigel. “Too bad you didn’t work it.”

Andre was even kinder: “You have almost almost telescopic view into the nether regions. You did it with style!”

In that elimination round, Gabrielle was booted over Alasia, who apparently was saved thanks to Andre’s very strong defense. He’d hang the photo in his salon. She cries again.

Ren finds Alasia’s loudness annoying in the house. “I feel like I’m too intelligent” for the vapid gab around her, she told the cameras. This is a set up for a later confrontation.

During a runway practice, Anslee needs to push his shoulders back and not round them, which she explains has to do with her walking her daughter in a stroller too much. Alasia’s walk was pretty horrid. “You walk like the woman who keeps her purse close to her on the subway,” Ms. J said.

Later, the would-be models faced a pendulum that tested their timing down the catwalk. A couple got hit. Anslee and Alasia got through in one piece and Alasia even got some encouraging words. So no more tears. (Alexandra fell down the stairs. Ouch! Then she got knocked off the runway with a pendulum. Double whammy!)

Then Alasia gets in the mix again in the house. “Shut the $#! up” Ren tells her. Alasia does not take that well and calls her a royal beeyotch. Temper! Temper! “Do not p*ss me off!” Alasia roared. “I know where you sleep, dawg!”

For challenge #3, the models will have water flung at them while they tried to look pretty before a colored fragrance disappears. Alasia, up first, struggled again. “Oh my God that looks crazy!” Mr. Jay said at one point. “She needs to stop analyzing, listen and retain that information,” he said later.

Naduah is the most arrogant of the group. She considers it simply ‘confidence.” Anslee expresses it well: “Naduah thinks Naduah knows too much. You’re here to learn.”

“You’d make Madonna blush!” Mr. Jay told Anslee during her shoot.

Tyra  liked both Anslee (loved her profile) and Alasia, who looked “fierce.” Both were safe and made it to week three. Alasia is quite relieved. Ren, who let the women in the house get to her mentally and affect her desire to model, almost left. But they shockingly got rid of Naduah, Ms. Over-Confident with the shaved head and all the experience.

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March 22nd, 2010
8:54 am

Alasia is one classless person. She needs to tone down voice and stop being soooo loud. I don’t know why some people think being loud is the best way for attention. Normally on ANTM the loudest or wanna be model with no class will be surely eliminated and she will be.

Chocolate Doll

March 22nd, 2010
9:28 am

I agree “d”. She IS very loud. I also would like for her to learn how to speak.
However, I do like the other chocolate lady from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Her name escapes me, but when they did the makeover, she didn’t like her ponytail. The skin is flawless and she takes beautiful pictures.


March 23rd, 2010
2:25 pm

I am rooting for Jungle Boogie to make it to the final 3. But Blueprint Cru seems to end up in the bottom unless the judges are there to save them. They just don’t get the votes. Maybe Canadians (those living in Canada) can’t vote for their own Cru. I think someone on BC said Canadians can’t. Too bad, I think they deserve better than landing in the bottom 2.