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How did Kandi Burruss do on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’?


“Real Housewife of Atlanta” cast member Kandi Burruss sat in the hot seat with Michelle Solgan, a housewife from South Orange, N.J. but ultimately was not much help.

Solgan took home $25,000, a respectable figure. (Burruss was not there to win any cash. She was only there to give Solgan suggestions if necessary.)

The segment was split over two days, airing in Atlanta 9:30 a.m. yesterday and today on WATL-TV.

On day one, the game show began with a clip of Kandi fighting with NeNe. Proof that host Meredith Viera does NOT follow the show, she mistook NeNe for Kim.

Michelle rolled through the first five questions without Kandi’s help and reached $5,000 painlessly. The looked to Kandi briefly for one question, but Kandi had no idea that Jewish folks dance the “hora.”

The next question for $7,000 was about fashion:

“Texas native Tom Ford established what Italian label as a top luxury brand after becoming its creative director in 1994.”

Kandi, though she owns a boutique, was a complete blank. Michelle had no problem with it, answering “Gucci” without hesitation.

The $10,000 question came from Gina of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” “I once showed off my legs for a group of sharp-dressed men in a music video for what rock band?” A. Motley Crue B. ZZ Top C. Whitesnake D. BonJovi. Michelle did not need Kandi for this one and answered ZZ Top immediately.

That ended day one.

On day two, Solgan breezed through two more questions without Kandi’s help before hitting a roadblock at $25,000. The questions started getting much more difficult.

‘Mister Rogers’ – “Most of the cardigan sweaters worn by Mister Rogers on his beloved kids’ show were hand-knitted by whom? A: His wife, B: His mother, C: His sister, D: His aunt.”

They had no idea. The audience split it 36% his wife, 43% his mom, 9% his sister and 12% his aunt. They then did double dip. They tried his wife. Wrong. They went to his mom. That was the correct answer.

So two lifelines were gone. The $50,000 question was also really obscure.

“The word “thug” was originally used to refer to a member of a band of assassins once active in what country? A: Turkey, B: Mongolia, C: Egypt, D: India.”

Again, both Kandi and Michelle were stumped. Kandi thought Turkey but had no real knowledge. So they called on the “expert,” which was Andy Cohen, who hosts those reunion shows on Bravo. He had no real clue either and guessed Turkey, too. Since Michelle was guaranteed $25,000, she decided to go with Turkey. Wrong. It was actually India.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ramona Singer from “Real Housewives of New York” couldn’t help her contestant Angela when the question was about the song Kandi co-wrote which won a Grammy. Kandi had just told her the answer in the green room but Ramona didn’t retain the information. They had to use two lifelines to get the answer, courtesy of the audience (37% got it right there) and Andy from Bravo, who knew the answer for sure. (Angela bowed out at $10,000.)

Kandi told me she laughed when she watched Ramona during this question.

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February 25th, 2010
3:22 pm

What happened to the blog post about Steve McCoy? When I clicked on it, the page was blank. Now, it’s gone completely?


February 25th, 2010
3:23 pm

This is sad. The post is now working, and I must admit (publicly) that I read a blog entry about the Housewives! Ugh!