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TV best bets with the Olympics, Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘The Marriage Ref,’ season finale of ‘Men of a Certain Age’

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which has drawn solid ratings for NBC and sister stations, concludes Sunday. The most popular sport, female figure skating, will be in the spotlight this week.

Otherwise, a few shows end their seasons (TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age” tonight, Discovery’s “Dirty Jobs” on Tuesday, ABC’s “The Deep End” Thursday and Animal Planet’s big new hit “Pit Boss” on Saturday.)

The most interesting new show is Jerry Seinfeld’s new NBC show “The Marriage Ref,” which is airing after the end of the Winter Olympics Sunday. Seinfeld describes it as a melding of reality TV and a talk show, with comedy thrown in. Guests such as Alec Baldwin and Kelly Ripa crack wise to help couples with sticky marriage disputes.

“The Bachelor” 8 p.m. ABC — The rejected women get their say as we hear from Rozlyn about why she was ousted.
“24” 9 p.m. Fox — CTU, which has more lives than a cat, faces more scrutiny yet again for screwing up.
“Cake Boss” 9 p.m. TLC — This is a low-calorie “best of” episode.
“Celebrity Fit Club” 9 p.m. VH1 — Bobby Brown shows serious fear of dogs and threatens to quit the show.
“Damages” 10 p.m. FX — Patty squares off against the D.A. over access to a key witness.
“Men of a Certain Age” 10 p.m. TNT (first-season finale) — Owen is energized selling cars at a rival dealership while Terry gets locked out of his pad.
“American Idol” 8 p.m. Fox — The top 12 women perform as we get to hear Ellen DeGeneres judge live for the first time.
“Winter Olympics” 8 p.m. NBC — Typically the most popular event of the games is featured: women’s figure skating.
“Dirty Jobs” 9 p.m. Discovery (sixth-season finale) — Mike seeks good jobs for himself and his crew with a hiatus coming soon.
“Lost” 9 p.m. ABC — Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission.
The Little Couple” 10 p.m. TLC (second-season finale) — Things get crazy when Jen and Bill move into a temporary rental while building a new home.
WWE NXT” 10 p.m. SyFy (new series) — This is a hybrid reality show/live event featuring eight pros mentoring eight rookies.
“American Idol” 8 p.m. Fox — A dozen guys will sing. Can Andrew Garcia continue to impress?
Faces of America With Henry Louis Gates Jr.” 8 p.m. GPB — A look at the ancestral stories of Meryl Streep and Eva Longoria.
“1000 Ways to Die” 10 p.m. Spike (second-season finale) — A keg party ends badly and it’s not the beer running out.
“Nip/Tuck” 10 p.m. FX — Julia shows up with big news and is not interested in hooking back up with either Christian or Sean.
“Psych” 10 p.m. USA — Think tanks never get enough air time on crime shows. Shawn and Gus change that.
Meet the Browns” 10 p.m. TBS — Brown and Derek join an exercise class and meet a fitness instructor played by “Real Housewives” cast member Lisa Wu Hartwell.
“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” 8 p.m. CBS — James, despite his good-guy rep on previous shows, has become an unhinged “villain.”
The Deep End” 8 p.m. ABC (first-season finale) — Cliff tries to worm his way back into Susan’s life. Given the poor ratings for this show, he better work his magic quickly.
American Idol” 8 p.m. Fox — Four contestants are nixed and you won’t remember their names in two weeks.
Winter Olympics” 8 p.m. NBC — U.S. figure-skating champ Rachael Flatt goes up against gold-medal favorite Kim Yu-Na from South Korea.
America’s Best Dance Crew” 10 p.m. MTV — Atlanta’s Swagger Crew lacked enough swagger last week, but Stone Mountain’s Jungle Boogie could be around awhile.
“Live From Abbey Road” 8 p.m. Sundance — Atlanta’s Sugarland is among acts paying tribute to the Beatles’ album “Abbey Road.”
41st NAACP Image Awards” 8 p.m. Fox — Atlanta’s Tyler Perry receives the Chairman’s Award for outstanding achievement and distinguished public service.
Smallville” 8 p.m. the CW — Lois ends up kidnapped by a once-dead doctor.
Caprica” 9 p.m. SyFy — Daniel, back against the wall, fights for his professional life.
Four Weddings… and a Snow Machine” 10 p.m. TLC (new series) — Two brides plan weddings with a winter wonderland theme.
Turn the Beat Around” 10 p.m. MTV — A struggling dancer teams up with a wealthy nightclub owner to bring back disco. The film title might clue you in.
America’s Most Wanted” 9 p.m. Saturday — A convicted sex offender and chess master skips out of the country but gets caught in Belize.
Pit Boss” 10 p.m. Satturday Animal Planet (first-season finale) — Shorty organizes a fundraiser to offset the cost of his dog rescues.
Winter Olympics” 7 p.m. Sunday NBC — Closing ceremonies in Vancouver.
The Amazing Race” 8 p.m. Sunday CBS — So far, the detectives are doing worse than the couples featuring a pageant queen and a “Big Brother” contestant.
Desperate Housewives” 9 p.m. Sunday ABC — Celia catches chicken pox so her mom Gaby flees.
“The Marriage Ref” 10:30 p.m. Sunday NBC (new series)  — Jerry Seinfeld brings in celebrities to “solve” marriage disputes.

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February 22nd, 2010
11:10 am

Love that you feature Psych! That show does not get enough credit!

Westside Resident

February 22nd, 2010
11:51 am

I’m with Teresa on this one! Psych is great – actually, USA has some of the best shows on right now in my opinion. Psych, Burn Notice, and White Collar (and the one about witness protection that I can’t remember right now) are all great.

Don Johnson

February 22nd, 2010
12:13 pm

do Jerry Seinfeld or Alec Baldwin really need to be giving marriage advice?


February 22nd, 2010
12:53 pm

Psyche and White Collar are both very good T.V. . Sure hate that Monk will no longer be on but I guess after 7 or 8 years they pretty well ran out of material.


March 1st, 2010
2:14 am

What the hell! NBC just cut off coverage of the closing ceremonies to show a preview of The Marriage Rep? This is the dumbest sports-related move NBC has done since the “Heidi Game”. What were they thinking? Since when has a network ever cut off the closing ceremony of the Olympics? I hope their show bombs (it looks like a terrible idea anyway from the previews).