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Project Runway: Season 7, Episode 6: Seen and heard

A mini-me model is awed by her statuesque counterpart.

A mini-me model is awed by her statuesque counterpart.

Kids always start the same: Cute, sweet, chubby cheeks and scared to talk.

They usually end the same way, too: Loud.

This week’s challenge was to keep busy little bodies from tap-dancing on designers’ last nerve. Just long enough to design a fashionable child outfit and a related “mommy” look.

During fittings, the cute little darlings were so excited and hyper that they turned the workroom into the “Romper Room – on crack.”

Hey, I think children are adorable and it’s hard not to admire anyone who can out-talk Atlanta resident Anthony. But why do such itty bitty little things have to make so much noise?

Another challenge before designers hit the runway – how long can Anthony keep quiet? Do I hear 7 minutes? 27? 5? He helped himself with a white face mask while the other designers playfully helped with cherry red lips drawn with lipstick. It lasted for a full – 14 min and 56 sec. Not bad.

Some models look less than enthused by their chatty little friends.

Some models look less than enthused by their chatty little friends. (Photos from

I wish we could have gotten rid of some of the hideous fashion that fast. Emilio’s pink cupcake dress was so prosaic (his “mommy” look was hot, even if too pink). But it didn’t out-bore Ben’s lavender dud. Luckily for them, they didn’t draw the lowest scores. On the flip side, this week brought us a lot of pants and tailoring. Love it. (FYI, there weren’t many good shots of the top/bottom looks yet. I’ll check back later)

Top 3

Winner: It’s no surprise that Seth Aaron’s black, white & pink hoodie outfit with zipper details wowed judges, and me. His mod “mommy” look was a tailored black & white graphic jacket (the best the judges have seen all season, Michael Kors said) with skinny black pants. Judges, including guest designer Tory Burch, said both designs were chic and polished with a sense of whimsy.

2. Jesse: He delivered a rocking gray dress with red collar and other details – for both models. While I wasn’t sure about the skewed neckline on the mini-model, when she took off her darling little red coat revealing the diagonal back, it all made sense. Thought the adult look was sophisticated and sexy.

3. Jay mixed plum and navy blue for his chic looks. The child outfit was a drop-waist dress with ruffle detail. For the adult, he mimicked ruffling in top and paired it with black pants. The judges saw youthful charm.

Bottom 3

Auf’d: Janeane’s two looks were anti-design. The judges thought they were overly simple, cheap mall outfits – bought on markdown.

Bottom 2: Amy‘s clownish petal pants should have pushed the daisies. While I loved the little girl’s bright petal-shaped skirt (the judges hated it), the adult multi-color pants were a jumbled mess.

Jonathan: The judges said his yellow frock with white organza and the full-on organza adult mini-dress were too conceptual. Even though mini-model said the dress was a tad bit uncomfortable (a big no-no), I thought the dresses were cute – for a wedding or posh garden party.


  • “I gotta keep my eye on the priiiiize. And stay focused.”

Because last week’s win did not come with immunity

  • “These little girls ain’t got no booties or no breasts so I’m not exactly sure how this is gonna work.”

On difficulty of designing for amorphous little body forms

  • “I feel like I work in the chicken shack.”

After a long workday mostly standing

  • “You can get a lot done when you shut the hell up.”

After his time-out challenge

  • “Where y’all mommas?”
  • “Do y’all have an off switch?”

Being overwhelmed by kiddie chatter

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February 20th, 2010
12:03 pm

Can the AJC not completely spoil the show by putting photographs of winners on the home page of the online paper? The most recent articles about Project Runway and their Bryant Park show have spoiled the mystery behind at least one of the contestants showing there. I read the online paper a few times a day, and there was no way to avoid me finding out that a local contestant advanced when you had his picture on the home page. Could you at least just give us th choice of knowing by including a “Spoiler Alert” warning and not giving it away with the link titles or photos???


March 8th, 2010
10:59 pm

This can be found where? Sometimes I miss the show and be searching the H outa the internet for pictures and results.