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Atlanta trio Royal Flush, Jungle Boogie, Swagger Crew clean sweep into ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ finals

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All three Atlanta dance crews boogied their way into the finals of MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew” last night, beating out two Houston groups.

The clean sweep featured Jungle Boogie, Swagger Crew and Royal Flush. The first four season winners were from the West Coast or East Coast. This trio, who all know each other, will give the Dirty South a real shot at giving the region a victor. The finals begin Feb. 18 at 10 p.m.


Atlanta’s Jungle Boogie showed off “crankin’ ” featuring plenty of primal street moves. New judge Omarion liked them but noted that the moment when two dancers did a little whirly wrestling move was a little sloppy. Lil Mama said they were tight in the beginning but got a bit loose toward the end. “Just tighten up,” she said. J.C. Chasez liked their energy level.

Ghost from Houston definitely gives off a scary vibe. J.C. Chasez: “I loved how dramatic is was. But my note would be the routine was a little bit slow.” Omarion: “I feel like I’ve seen this before.” Lil Mama: “Step it up.”

All ladies group X-Treme Motion from Houston do something called Buckin’, some sort of booty shaking. It was high energy, a little sloppy. Lil Mama: “The excitement caused you to come out of character a bit… you stayed true to yourself.” JC Chasez: “Started a bit generic, hit a crescendo, then went back to generic… the meat was in the sandwich.” Omarion: “I enjoyed that.”


Swagger Crew from Atlanta was very clean but I don’t know if they brought anything new to the table. Chasez said they only started popping halfway through. Omarion: “It kind of looks like you guys are studied. I like to know it’s in your heart. A lot of movement is trained. I want to feel more passion.” Lil Mama said to match up the music better with the dance.


Royal Flush, who has tried out every year but took the judges’ critiques to heart, showed spirit in the audition and made it to the regionals. Dancing to Atlanta’s own Gucci Mane, they showed athleticism and swagger. Lil Mama, who had trouble spitting out her words, eventually said: “A lot was going on. I want to see more choreography.” Omarion:”The cards were corny. I felt like you guys did the obvious.” Chasez: “I really liked the routine. Hard work pays off. We’ll be athletic. We’ll use the whole stage. We’ll do levels… I appreciated it.”

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January 29th, 2010
5:33 pm

How can you vote for your favorite crew…there isnt any bar to click on


January 29th, 2010
5:36 pm

I forgot to typed in who we want SWAGGER CREW ATLANTA….ALL THE WAY