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Morning X (Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy) reunites — for a few minutes — on Dave FM

The team in 1996. CREDIT: AJC/Charlotte Teagle

The team in 1996. CREDIT: AJC/Charlotte Teagle

Jimmy baron 2009

Dave FM’s program director Scott Jameson had a wacky idea after former 99X morning host Leslie Fram was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame on Saturday: how about getting his current host Jimmy Baron back together with Fram and Steve Barnes? The trio were the heart and soul of the most successful rock morning show in Atlanta in the 1990s called the Morning X at 99X.

Well, the reunion just happened this morning for a few minutes – albeit Leslie and Steve were on the phone.

For those of you who were fans, it was probably very amusing. For folks who are newer to Atlanta and knew nothing about the Morning X, it was more like going to a high school reunion for a high school you’ve never been to.


Anyway, I listened to the show for much of its run back on 99X from 1993 to 2004 and it clicked — until it didn’t. “It didn’t end well,” Baron noted. “It was ugly, There were lawsuits.” [In 2006, after Barnes had a film out called …

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Viva 105.7 no more! Welcome to Groove 105.7

Groove logoSay adios to Viva 105.7. And get on the dance floor with Groove 105.7!

Groove (”the maximum music station”) appears to be a dance format focused on upbeat disco/R&B/hip-hop songs from the 1970s up to today. The clips of songs heard ranged from “Venus” by Banararama and “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson to C&C Music Factory to Pussycat Dolls to Justin Timberlake to 50 Cent (”In Da Club” of course) to Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry. Atlanta has never had a pure dance station like WKTU in New York.

First song: “Into the Groove” by Madonna (1985)Then:
“Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb (1978)
“Groove is in the Heart” by Dee-Lite (1990)
“Let’s Groove” by Earth , Wind & Fire (1981)
And the first song without the word “groove” in it: “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce (2003)
“Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees (1977)
“Gonna Make You Sweat” by C&C Music Factory (1990)
“I Gotta Feeling,” a well worn tune by the Black Eyed Peas heard on the Beat, Star and Q100 (2009)
“Don’t Stop …

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Interview with Paul Mooney (Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor), coming to Uptown Comedy Corner October 20-21


Paul Mooney is a comedy legend who isn’t a household name because he mostly did his work behind the scenes. He made his mark creating material for Richard Pryor. He also wrote for “Good Times” and “Sanford and Son” in the 1970s. In the early 1990s, he developed signagture characters for “In Living Color” including Homey the Clown.

In front of the camera, he has been in films such as “Hollywood Shuffle,” Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled” and “The Buddy Holly Story.” Gary Abdo, who runs the Uptown Comedy Corner, has Mooney coming on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (details below.) He hooked me up with Mooney on the phone Friday.

The interview got off to a rocky start. (Abdo was listening in and can attest to that.). I asked Mooney first why he was coming to Uptown.

Mooney sounded irritated and flabbergasted. “This is a booking,” he said. “I work. The devil made me do it. I’m a professional.”

I asked him about actor/producer Robert Townsend, who I had just met. “A professional, very …

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TV best bets with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ finale, return of ‘Supernanny’

For many of you, Thursday will be a sad day. But for others, it’s a thrill because the second season of  ”The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ finale airs. Then again, there are two weeks of reunion episodes to come.

Atlanta is also the home to an MTV slasher film “My Super Psycho Sweet 16″ which airs Friday but doesn’t actually mention Atlanta (though you see the skyline at the end.)

And Jo Frost starts season six with a family out of Cleveland, Ga.

The most notable new series is USA Network’s “White Collar,” where a “Catch Me If You Can” type of criminal teams up with the FBI to solve cases. (Tiffani Thiessen is the biggest name). It debuts Friday.

Dancing With the Stars” 8 p.m. ABC — It’s 1974 all over again with a group performance of the Hustle.
House” 8 p.m. Fox — House confronts ghosts – not literal ones, metaphorical ones. He has no shortage of those!
How I Met Your Mother” 8 p.m. CBS — Atlanta’s own Kenny Rogers narrates an audiobook …

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Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield have heart to heart on ‘Oprah’



Mike Tyson and Atlanta’s Evander Holyfield used the platform of “Oprah” to chew the fat (metaphorically, not literally) over the infamous incident in 1997 when Tyson bit off part of Holyfield’s right ear durng a fight.

Whatever animus from that time period has faded away.

“I have forgiven,” Holyfield told Tyson and Winfrey in a live show that aired at 4 p.m. today on WSB-TV. “I have moved on and realized it was part of life and things happen. Things happen all the time in my life. My life wouldn’t be what it is if it hadn’t happened.”

“I’m extremely grateful,” Tyson responded. “I’m just so happy to extend my friendship to him. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him.”

Tyson was on “Oprah” on Monday and had told the audience the offiical “apology” he made many years ago was not sincere at all. But he feels true remorse now. Holyfield called the show and offered the olive branch.

Tyson noted that he has seen Holyfield over the years but always felt …

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Project Runway: More feathers

I’m thinking of writing [“Project Runway” producer] the Weinstein Company a letter containing 5 things that would make “Project Runway” better. It would go something like this: 1. Viewer voting. 2. Inspirational challenges that have nothing to do with Macy’s. 3. Get rid of the Mood (fabric store) segment, which doesn’t add much to the setup. And so on.

More on this later. Now we get to the part of the blog when I start complaining about tonight’s episode.

OK, it wasn’t all that bad. At least Bob Mackie admitted that this wasn’t a true fashion challenge, and at least Christina Aguilera shows some semblance of fashion know-how that sets her apart from the starlets who let stylists dress them.

Winner: The usually understated (and underrated) Carol Hannah, whose slinky, feathery black gown impressed both Aguilera and flamboyant designer-to-the-stars Bob Mackie.

Auf’d: Shirin, petite and moody twentysomething who never hit her stride. Her black gown with …

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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap, episode 12, 10/15: Daddy dearest?

What do you think of Alan, the guy claiming to be NeNe’s dad?

  • The resemblance is there. He’s the daddy!
  • Maybe. Maybe not. He might just be trying to jump on the NeNe fame wagon!

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No catfights this episode. Rather, the entire hour felt weighted down by true reality, not stupid arguments over who lied and who didn’t show up at whose party. The opening set the tone: “The episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was taped prior to AJ Jewell’s untimely passing. Our deepest sympathy is with his friends and family.”

There were two main storylines. Let’s start with AJ, Kandi Burruss and Kandi’s mom Joyce.

The most controversial issue for Kandi from the start of the season was her fiance AJ. The problem: he had six kids from four other women. And Kandi’s mom did not approve at all. She even walked out of a photo shoot rather than be in a photograph with AJ.

To try to smooth things over, Kandi and AJ go to a marriage counselor (named …

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MC Hammer is a big Twitter fan and uses it to help flood victims


MC Hammer, once known as a big time rap star, has gone through several incarnations since then. He’s been a preacher and done an array of reality shows (including the WB’s version of “The Surreal Life” and A&E’s recent “Hammertime”).

He is now a spokesman for Cash4Gold. He did a self-deprecatory ad in January with the late Ed McMahon. Cash4Gold pitched me a story last week about Hammer’s Twitter campaign to help the Atlanta flood victims.

I get the impression in retrospect that this was an excuse by Hammer to just spread the word about Cash4Gold and its charitable prowess. (I’ve met him twice before and he does like to gab.) Hammer has more than 1.5 million Twitter fans and is considered an expert in spreading the word via social media. Check him out at

“The effectiveness of Twitter to connect has proven to be almost the go-to platform for some of the things that unfold around the world,” Hammer said. “When a disaster happens, this is a great way to …

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Atlanta shot mid-season Fox show “Past Life” stops production after 7 episodes

past life

Fox’s new mid-season drama “Past Life” has seen its 13-episode freshman lifespan cut to just seven episodes.

Production, which has been here in Atlanta, was stopped last night instead of running through mid December as originally scheduled. “Past Life,” which features mostly unknowns save for Richard Schiff (”West Wing”), is about investigators who team up to look into cases that involve people who lived past lives. The show’s executive producer David Hudgins had worked on “Friday Night Lights.”

A launch date for “Past Life” has not been set but Fox had originally placed it in the cushy spot after “American Idol” on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. The problem may be that “Idol” often runs two-hour episodes on Tuesday, especially in March and April when there are oodles of singers to wade through. The first audition episode in early January is usually two hours as well. But why did Fox even ask for 13 in the first place since that’s a problem the network has had for years?

They could …

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Evander Holyfield reunites with Mike Tyson on Oprah Friday

Atlanta’s Evander Holyfield will meet Mike Tyson on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” Friday, the first time they’ve spoken face to face since the infamous 1997 boxing match in which Tyson munched off part of Holyfield’s right ear.

“Oprah” airs at 4 p.m. on WSB-TV locally. The show will be live so we have no clue how this will go.

Oprah, after a dropoff in ratings last season, has seen her numbers go up this year with a string of hot interviews, including Erin Andrews and Whitney Houston.

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