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‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ finale live blog

Real Housewives of Atlanta Live Blog

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Tyler Perry, responding to Spike Lee’s critique, to be profiled on ‘60 Minutes’ this Sunday


Atlanta’s Tyler Perry responds to attacks by Morehouse grad Spike Lee about Perry’s TV sitcoms in an interview with “60 Minutes” this Sunday at 7 p.m. (Often, NFL football games go past 7 p.m. so the profile may run late.)

In an interview earlier this year, Lee attacked Perry’s two cable television sitcoms about black families, saying “I think there’s a lot of stuff out today that is coonery and buffoonery,” referring directly to Perry’s TBS programs “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne.” “I’m scratching my head. We’ve got a black president. Are we going back?” asks Lee.

Who’s right? Tyler Perry or Spike Lee?

  • Tyler Perry is the king! Get over it, Spike!
  • Spike hit it on the mark!

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Says Perry, “You know, that pisses me off. It really does. Because it’s so insulting. It’s attitudes like that that make Hollywood think that these people do not exist and that’s why there’s no material speaking to …

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Atlanta hoofers get locked out again from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Atlanta, home of hip hop and plenty of great singers, can’t seem to generate any dancers on the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

For the second time, Fox used Atlanta as an audition site. But alas, it didn’t matter. Last night, the top 20 were announced. Atlantans were shut out (though a couple made it into the final 38.)

Over six seasons, 120 folks have tried to win the show. Exactly zero of them were from metro Atlanta. Zero. The closest? Kathryn McCormick is from Augusta.

In comparison, among the 95 contestants on “American Idol,” at least nine have had strong Atlanta ties.

It’s a bit of a mystery, isn’t it?

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Falcons-Bears game draws nearly one million Atlanta viewers; Carrie Underwood, Kings of Leon reign in Atlanta radio

Falcons fever is for real.

The team’s first primetime game in two years Sunday night drew 976,000 viewers in Atlanta and a solid 18.12 million total viewers nationwide. The Falcons beat the Bears in a tight game, 21-14. Ratings tend to stay up when the game is tight like that.

In comparison, top shows in Atlanta typically draw 300,000 to 600,000 viewers. So nearly a million viewers is an impressive figure. (The top non-sports show in Atlanta last week was “Dancing With the Stars” with 373,000 viewers.)

BET’s “The Mo’Nique Show” saw a 33% dropoff in viewers week two over week one. Week one average 1.2 million and week two averaged 802,000. That falloff is typical though the question is how far will it fall or will it settle at about that level? The show had its best day last week with 1 million on Tuesday and hit a low of 611,000 on Friday.

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had a typical week, with 2.6 million viewers, somewhat lower than average but not by much. The …

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‘Latino in America’ airs on CNN Wednesday and Thursday


First came ‘Black in America,’ a CNN documentary probing into the lives of African Americans. Then the sequel three months ago.

Now CNN and Soledad O’Brien have ventured into “Latino in America.” Though there is no firm commitment, expect ‘Asian in America’ and possibly “Women in America” coming down the pike. Maybe even “American in America” if they really want to open it up.

But more seriously, the two-part four hour series, which airs tonight and tomorrow at 9 p.m.. looks at several issues important to Hispanics in the U.S. Besides the obvious one of immigration, CNN looks at education, health care, religion and language access.

Soledad O’Brien, the host, said there are many similar issues facing blacks and Latinos, especially with education. But Latinos have the extra burden of language, plus the sticky immigration debate.

Executive producer Mark Nelson said they used feedback from the first “Black in America” to create the sequel, which was far more upbeat. They also …

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“Vampire Diaries,” shot in Atlanta, gets a full season pickup


The CW, TV Guide reports, has given a full 22 episode pickup for its freshamn hit “Vampire Diaries,” shot around metro Atlanta.

The show, produced by “Dawson’s Creek” creator Kevin Williamson, is the CW’s biggest new hit in its short history, averaging 3.8 million viewers an episode and bringing in plenty of those coveted 12 to 34 year old females the network chases after. That’s significantly more than a struggling “Melrose Place,” which did get an 18 episode call back and is praying a return of Heather Locklear might help matters.

It airs in the very competitive 8 p.m. slot on Thursdays, holding up against the likes of “Survivor,” “Bones” and “FlashForward.”

The actors are mostly newbies or relative unknowns though 20-year-old Nina Dobrev, who plays lead character Elena, was part of the Canadian teen drama “DeGrassi: The Next Generation.” She costars with Paul Wesley, her love interest and closeted vampire Stefan. He plays off his bad-boy brother Damon, played by the …

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Star 94’s Jingle Jam 2009 features Leona Lewis, the Fray, Jordin Sparks, Cobra Starship


Star 94 put together a fairly strong lineup for its annual Jingle Jam, certainly better than last year’s.

The top 40 station has brought back the Fray (left), who were at Jingle Jam 2007. The band is now the headliner with four big hits on its resume (”Over My Head,” “You Found Me,” “How To Say a Life,” “Never Say Never”). The band has crossover appeal to both the daughter and the mom.

British reality show “X Factor” winner Leona Lewis, who has a couple of major hits (”Bleeding Love,” “Better in Time”), should bring some vocal luster to the package.

What do you think of this year’s Jingle Jam lineup?

  • A fun variety of acts for a reasonable price. I’m there!
  • Mostly trite and trifling. I’ll pass.

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The youthful, bubbly Jordin Sparks has had four major hits so far in her short career since winning “Idol” in 2007: “Tattoo,” “No Air,” “One Step at a Time” and “Battlefield.” She has been a Star 94 staple for the past two years.

Cobra …

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MTV shoots upcoming ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16′ in Atlanta, debuting October 23

My Super Psycho Sweet 16

The distinctive Yaarab Shrine Temple on Ponce de Leon Ave. in Midtown was the sight of a series of grisly murders in August at the hands of a revenge-seeking, mask-wearing man.

At least that’s what MTV concocted for a film, cheekily titled “My Super Psycho Sweet 16,” set to air at 10 p.m. Friday.

The flick is a bit of an homage to MTV’s own reality show “My Super Sweet 16,” featuring over-the-top parties for pampered teens — with a bit more blood on the menu.

Atlanta resident and director Jacob Gentry worked on the film with University of Georgia alum and long-time friend Alex Motlagh. Gentry said he isn’t a fan of reality shows per se, figuring they are “the lowest form of entertainment you have. But then I saw the show they were trying to base this on. I had this realization it’s the perfect scenerio for a horror film. It flipped me around.”

Gentry, 32, said most horror flicks use metaphors and, given the rough financial times, “I thought what better …

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Who is out midway through ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Did Natalie deserve to leave now?

  • Sure. She was distinctly unmemorable.
  • No way! There are several less worthy dancers still around.

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Natalie Coughlin, an Olympic gold medal swimmer, dipped into the elimination pool Tuesday night despite generally good marks by judges and the fourth highest average score so far in the show.

Coughlin showed off great technical steps at times but she didn’t always emotionally connect with the audience the way a lesser dancer like Kelly Obsourne has. And celebrities like Osbourne and NFL player Michael Irvin obviously had bigger fan bases. Her paso doble was passable but she and Alec lacked passion. She ended up with the second lowest score of the night which probably nudged her out of the competition.

Then there’s the curious case of Aaron Carter. Once considered a frontrunner, he was almost eliminated last week after a frenetic Lambada. Normally at this stage, a true frontrunner’s fans would ensure …

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The Weather Channel adds movies to its lineup


Atlanta-based The Weather Channel, which has added Al Roker and documentaries to its basic bread-and-butter weather reports over the years, is now adding feature films for the first time.

No, the network isn’t funding its own tornado movie. Rather, it’s opting to buy the rights to older movies with weather themes.

The first one, the 2000 film “The Perfect Storm,” starring George Clooney, airs October 30 at 8 p.m. That film (adopted from the best-selling book, based on a true story) is all about a nasty Nor’easter and a fishing boat. That makes perfect sense thematically.

The Weather Channel adding movies

  • A perfect storm of an idea!
  • Drown this baby. Just tell me if it’s going to rain this weekend!

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Films will air every Friday at 8 p.m. The documentary “March of the Penguins” is next on Nov. 6, followed by the popular thriller “Misery” starring James Caan and Kathy Bates and Samuel L. Jackson’s action flick “Deep Blue Sea.”

There …

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