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Project Runway: Copycat cutters?

Possibly the entertaining moment of tonight’s show was seeing Irina exasperated and annoyed in the green room after Althea won. Irina just can’t hide her contempt, or her superiority. I sort of love to hate her, but it’s clear that she’s the frontrunner to win. Her clothes are pretty awesome, I have to admit. She doesn’t ever seem to have an off day, even if she is a bit mean.

Althea wowed the judges with a pair of “impeccable” pants with a paper-bag waist. She paired it with a giant loop of sweater, which Heidi and her colleagues loved.

Logan, former workroom heartthrob, went home because of his ’80s redux of zippers, collar and safety pins.

And the rest:

Carol Hannah – A sweet but not exciting black dress with a poufy skirt. Off topic — I’m not wild about her model. Her haircut is unflattering and she never looks comfortable walking, though the designer herself seems pretty happy.

Christopher – Skated by (again) with a wildly ambitious dress with too many layers. The top fit perfectly, and those silvery petals (sewn on an angle) were stunning, but the “bedskirt” white layer looked off-balance. Really, he could have stopped with the petal layer and it would have been gorgeous. I would wear it, for sure. If I were five-ten, that is!

Gordana – Oh, that drab gray jacket! Poor Gordana, I know where she was going with the collar and the darts, but on the runway it just melted into a floppy mess.

Irina – The judges’ de facto favorite, Irina presented another huge fur-trimmed sweater with a second-skin brocade minidress.

On to the tiny frisson of drama we had this week — stealing ideas. Althea accused Logan of stealing her zipper collar, but took the high road and said nothing. Irina in turn accused Althea of stealing her giant sweater, and finked her out on the runway in front of the judges.

Do you agree with guest judge and alum Nick Verreos, in that in an enclosed space it’s natural to “borrow” other designers’ ideas, or do you think fashion plagiarism took place this week? If so, who was guilty of the greater crime, Althea or Logan?

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PR Fan

October 30th, 2009
12:45 am

I don’t think either of them was guilty necessarily. Sometimes an influence can root itself unconsciously and my guess is that’s what happened in both cases. Irina, that walking “I’m-Not-Here-To-Make-Friends” cliche of a reality show villain (really, they all say that) is just posturing to give herself an advantage. Yes, her clothes are beautiful. But the “I’m-Not-Here-To-Make-Friends” excuse for behaving badly is wearing thin. Grow up, already.


October 30th, 2009
2:09 am

I do watch the show. it’s good to see ladys of color in another life style. I understand the people that running the show want high rateing. but don’t let them make you sale your sole for a price. then it’s all said and done, those same people will move on to something ealse to make money off. NENE AND KIM IT SEEMS LIKE YOU TWO WERE FRIENDS BEFORE YOU GOT ON THE SHOW DON’T LET FAME AND PEOPLE MAKE YOU TWO TURE AGAINST EACH OTHER. TO ALL YOU LADYS AND I MEAN LADY YOU NOT KIDS, SHOW EACH OTHER RESPECT IF YOU LIKE ONE ANOTHER OR NOT I wish yoy all the best call the money fame or things we get on this earth . you cannot take any of those things w you when you leave this earth. the thngs you gain will stay here for some one ealse to in joy. maybe family or maybe not your faimilt


October 30th, 2009
6:01 am

I thought the show bordered on being boring this time. I mean who cares if they rehash a former winning look. Give them something exciting to do like may something out of recycled car parts. Now that was an interesting episode a few seasons back. Lets just see how creative they really are instead of how good they can copy each other. and a former look.


October 30th, 2009
9:24 am

Another ho-hum evening. I agree – give the desginers something that will really stretch their talents. The closest thing so far was the costume challenge. Was really hoping Gordana was leaving. Not much on “greys” and that seems to be the only color she knows.

My Name

October 30th, 2009
10:08 am

I thought Irina’s bustier-cum-Burlesque-dancer-costume was atrocious. Gordana’s model didn’t have the boobs for that jacket. Christopher’s dress was a TRAINWRECK. I almost laughed my butt off when they called Logan’s dress “Judy Jetson” because I couldn’t place it and that NAILED it. It came down to the lesser of two uglies and Althea’s just looked better than CH’s.

Prediction: Next week either Gordana or Christopher goes home. The one who sqeaks through will be gone the next week. Final 3 will be Althea, Irina, and CH. I’m pulling for CH because she’s hot :) (a little heavy on the eye makeup, however)

PR Fan

October 30th, 2009
5:27 pm

Irina is the perfect combination of villain and super talent. In fact, I figured weeks ago this was hers to lose. I keep waiting for Carol Hannah to come around and dazzle — cuz she’s the only one who remotely seems capable of challenging Irina.

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November 20th, 2009
1:18 am

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