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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season two finale recap: all choked up

Who do you believe over the choking incident?

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So who do you believe? NeNe Leakes or Kim Zolciak?

Too bad Bravo missed taping the choking incident between NeNe and Kim at Atlantic Station we reported a few weeks back. Kim filed a police report but never followed up and pursued charges. They argued over NeNe not being on the song “Tardy for the Party.”

NeNe claims Kim wagged her finger in NeNe’s face and then slapped her with her hand. Kim says NeNe responded by choking her. NeNe admitted she may have gotten physical (”I went bananas!”) but never used the word “choking.” “When she hit me, my instinct was to protect myself,” NeNe added.

“You don’t hit NeNe Leakes,” said NeNe, in third person. “When people betray me, I instantly go off. I think betrayal is wrong. Just tell me what the deal is.” (Somehow, NeNe defines the fact she’s not on this silly little song as “betrayal.”)

“She’s lucky she’s not in jail,” Kim said. “She choked me.” When Kandi said why didn’t she pull away, Kim said she couldn’t because NeNe is a [expletive] “moose.”

“Kim has a personaltiy disorder. I’m not even a [expletive] doctor. I’ve already diagnosed it!”

With no camera proof, this was truly a “she said, she said” situation.

The pair try to hash things out later on camera, but neither person was willing to apologize. Kim denied she ever touched NeNe. NeNe felt she was provoked. The friendship appears to be irrevocably broken. “Have a nice life,” Kim said.

“I’d rather clip my toenails one by one…than be friends with Kim,” NeNe said.

Otherwise, the show focused on Sheree Whitfield’s fashion show, which ended up working out fairly smoothly (whether you like her fashion or not.). I attended the show and saw no drama and apparently, there wasn’t much. Kim avoided NeNe and all was good. I loved Lisa Wu Hartwell’s quote comparing her fashion show with that of Sheree’s and how they matched their personalities. “Mine was artsy,” she noted. “Her’s was stuffy and cold.”

We also have learned over the summer that Lisa and her hubby Ed “downsized” to a Chateau Elan nine-acre property Ed had lived in before. “I want to stay wealthy,” Lisa said. “You don’t want to live beyond your means. It’s very selfish.”

And in the most touching (in retrospect) moment, Kandi’s mom Joyce finally reconciles with AJ on Mother’s Day.

“You do your best to make things happy,” Joyce told AJ. “You’re the best for Kandi and Riley [Kandi's daughter] and your kids. You seem to make her happy. That’s all I want.”

When AJ told Kandi, she seemed visibly relieved. “That was a major step,” Kandi said. “We can have some peace around here. We can breathe!” Then she hugs him.

But AJ and Kandi do end up breaking up a few weeks after taping ended in June. Then AJ’s death earlier this month. Very sad.

There was also a rare on-air disgreement between NeNe and her hubby Gregg. Being protective, he did not approve of NeNe meeting with her possible biological father Alan from last week’s episode. She feels he is not supportive and gets angry, that he does not understand her need to know who her father is. (The post-show summary of what they’ve done since the taping ending indicates NeNe has not followed up on the paternity situation.)

As for Gregg and NeNe, Lisa said something sage: “Let time pass.” In other words, NeNe and Gregg will work it out.

NeNe also demanded an apology from Kandi for the last argument or some word that NeNe was talking bad about her (which she was.). I still have no real idea what her real beef was with Kandi besides jealousy. “She doesn’t get paid for thinking,” Kandi said. “NeNe wants to come with this drama. I don’t have time for that.”

So season two is over. But it’s not over because we have TWO reunion shows. The first part is next Thursday at 10 p.m. The taping was this past Monday.

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paige frost

October 22nd, 2009
11:53 pm

I meant to say that nene was a drama queen and kanid was sweet!!! They all are soooo pretty, and smart and with money. Why don’t they get together and do something that’s going to help this world with their riches, and fame. All this show is known for is drama, fighting, and more foreclosures!! We all know atl is mostly black people they are embarrassing us. Do something with this show like mrs.snow did. Go to a food bank open a charity together, grow up. Yal are all grown women.. Ughhh( any comments my email is


October 23rd, 2009
12:31 am

nene is really struggling to get back in the spotlight on this show but she has just been bested by kandi as far as I am concerned. Kandi is young and pretty. As a matter of fact I think that nene is a lot older than kandi. If she’s not, she sure looks old enough to be kandi’s momma. Drop nene from the show and Sheree too. Kandi and Kim are the best ones on the show. Let Kim go and build the show around kandi, kim and some body new. Sheree’s fashion show would have been a hot mess if Dwight wouldn’t have stepped in to save her butt. Shereee needs to tell Dwight thank you, I mean big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 23rd, 2009
12:36 am

Dwight saved the day for Sheree. The show would not have gone as smoothly without his effort. His ideas and input was essential for the show’s success. She should be forever grateful to him for his work! However, he should have told her not to wear the “Flintstone’s dress”. Sheree needs to change her attitude. When Dwight told her the show would start without her if she wasn’t there because you can’t keep the guests waiting, she should’ve agreed. Instead, she took the diva attitude. Dwight, you are so patient dealing with those women!

Nene, you are just an big, angry woman! You are mad because you thought you would forever be the star of the show. Everyone else is having success and you just can’t handle it!

Kim is cool. You are you and not ashamed of who you are as a person. However, you should be concerned that your daughters may be influenced negatively by your relationship with Big Poppa. Kandi did a great job with your song. Keep us entertained!

Kandi, you are a good person. Your mom and family raised with good southern values and you have remained down-to-earth. Much success to you! I will definitely buy your CD!

Lisa, you are hilarious! You keep us entertained and laughing! Hope you get your bundle of Joy (hope you have a girl).

Marcus Graham

October 23rd, 2009
12:46 am

thank goodneess this mess is over—-KB get as far away from these loosers as you can and don’t look back!


October 23rd, 2009
1:12 am

Nene’s getting a bad rap here……..she does need to calm down but darn give her a chance. look at her background and all she’s been through! kandi should be the first to see her point of view giving she was in a group and went through want nene went through. it was good to see in tonight’s show though that kandi’s mom had begun to accept her fiance…kandi sorry for your loss. i wish everyone else the best!


October 23rd, 2009
1:17 am

I am so tired of NeNe being loud, ignorant, bossy, common, and trying to intimidate people – I hate to agree with Kim, but she is like a moose. NeNe it is most unbecoming. You are negative.

Kandi your mom is a doll, it was so nice of her to make peace with AJ. I am also glad you did not let the moose drag you into her silly drama at Sheree’s show. Good luck on the album.

Sheree it is rude to have people waitng at your show while you get your hair done. Dwight made that show, Sheree really seemed clueless. Bravo Dwight!


October 23rd, 2009
1:31 am

i gotta give it to sheree, the clothes were hot. granted, lisa got her line out first, but lisa’s clothes were hideous. i would actually rock a lot of the she by sheree stuff. it would look good in a club or in the office place. i wonder if she made any jewelry to go with the clothes. i’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. i thought she was a bit stodgey at first, but sheree really grew on me as a person and i could even see myself hanging out with her. and she did acknowledge that dwight pulled it all together, which he did. way to go dwight!
i have to say that the highlight of this show was seeing that kandi’s mom accepted aj for her daughter. i was afraid of how she would have felt if he had died without ever welcoming him. i’m happy that they got that chance before they passed. kandi seems like despite doing the show she’s kind of a private person, so i’m wondering if she’d be willing to do a third season after everything that went on this time around. she was kind of out there before on a local level, but this show put her out there on a national level.


October 23rd, 2009
2:09 am

I am truly sorry for choking you out Kim, Im soooooo glad you didnt press charges. Thank you Lord.
I am a very unhappy person, so I use my LOUD, IGNORANT mouth to bring everyone into my drama, hate filled, little life.
I am jealous of everyone around me and sadly…it shows.
How on earth I found a man that would want to spend more than 5 minutes with me is such a blessing, again, THANK YOU LORD.
I know Kandi has a wonderful heart and that makes me mad. I want EVERYONE to be as miserable as me.
So here I sit, eating a box of Krispy Kremes again, trying to figure out my next move.
Is Magic City hiring?
PS- PROPS TO DWIGHT for saving that fashion show, we all know Sheree is CLUELESS. And to prove this, let her do a show WITHOUT him, and watch it be a disaster..again!
Why she had so much attitude, when he was trying to help is insane.
Jealousy is a bitch, I know…Im the QUEEN.

Deanla Thomas

October 23rd, 2009
2:10 am

Crazy NeNe

NeNe is a mentally ill, jealous, aggressive, nasty, wig-wearing BULLY

She is an embarrassment to all black women everywhere. This is not how a grown woman should behave. NeNe is NOT a drama queen; she is exhibiting some kind MENTAL INSTABILITY–just crazy.

NeNe is “broke” and she is mad about the song, because she clearly needs the MONEY.


October 23rd, 2009
3:13 am

NeNe did you really type that? Well I’m proud of you for apologizing.

Anyway, I just think that before we judge we need to look at the whole situation. Clearly NeNe is going through alot and I think that it’s coming to a head. I enjoy seeing you on the show and I think that you are so funny. But, I do have to admit you were not yourself these last few episodes. You are much better than that. No need for drama… although that’s what makes the show. Anyway, NeNe just pray that God will show you the right way to go and things will work out. Just remember to stay true to who you really are.

Can’t wait to see the next season!
You all take care….

Kandi and to AJ’s family my deepest condolences
Kim best wishes to you and Big Papa….I will give you the same words that were given to me
“Don’t play or be second fiddle to anyone”
Lisa, you have a beautiful family. The new house really fits you guys; I think better than the other one. It’s more of who you are. Best wishes and God’s Blessings on your wanting to expand your family. It will happen….and don’t worry about the age or biological clock. My husband and I are proud parents to three boys and a baby girl, and we in our 40’s. Well he’s 38 and I am 40….smile. Anyway, you and your husband keep doing what your doing…you’ll be fine.
Sheree, congrats w/your fashion show and best wishes w/your new life.
NeNe again, love ya!!!! You’ll be fine. Just remember to pray.
Dewight, you a a mess in a good way and I like you.

Again, you all take care and see ya next season!

Stefanie Schumacher

October 23rd, 2009
7:40 am

“I’d rather clip my toenails one by one…than be friends with Kim,” NeNe said.

???? I just cut mine this morning…one by one. Is there any other way? What a dolt!


October 23rd, 2009
7:43 am

NeNe you are STILL the star of the show!! I do think the fights with Kandi were a bit over the top…hopefully you two have mended fences!! NeNe, you and Dwight need your own show!! Keep being you and let the haters HATE!!


October 23rd, 2009
7:45 am

NeNe is the BEST!!


October 23rd, 2009
7:46 am

Please stop calling Nene a moose. It is embarassing to us real Mooses. She is overbearing, loud and the most Ghetto person I’ve ever seen! When have you seen a moose act like that in public. We don’t! We keep it in the forest.


October 23rd, 2009
7:54 am

First of all, Kandi you worked a miracle with “Tardy for the party”…..however, what’s going to happen when Kim tries to sing LIVE!! I’m sorry but KIM CAN’T SING…PERIOD!!


October 23rd, 2009
8:05 am

NeNe is gutter trash. Okay, let’s summarize her for a moment…
1. She is doing a lease purchase on the home; that means you did not have the financial means to purchase it. You are the Jones’, I think not. Stop trying to live beyond your means! I can go on and on about NeNe, but to sum her up, she starts far too much drama, she will always be on the show because she is the -ish starter!
2. Kim, why is she on the show in the first place? She a gold-digging, wig wearing, odd body shaped troll! One, she’s not a housewife. Two, she smokes and drinks and acts like an wanna-be upscale street walker.
3. Kandi is an absolute sweetheart. You can tell that she’s a genuine person with a caring heart. She’s far too classy to be mixed up with this bunch. Kandi, in my opinion, is the only one with real money and class. Unlike the rest of them, Kandi doesn’t have to flash her money. That girl has platinum albums, etc. She’s far too humble to be caught up with the drama and mess of the Beast aka NeNe.
4. Sheree’, okay really is that a woman? She seems so up on herself. She’s not really into the drama, but she’s a little to snooty for me. I want this and that, girl, get a grip, you slept wealthy and lost it when the man left you. Get over it!
5. Lisa seems okay, but she kind of flip flop behind the Beast a little too much. She really needs to distance herself from the negativity of the Beast.
Lastly, for real… all jokes aside, is NeNe really a woman? That thing looks like an ugly man in drag. And that plastic thing on her head has to go.


October 23rd, 2009
8:21 am

Nene is a moose….. That woman is one ugly creature. What was up with all the acne on her face last night? I was floored when she told Kandi she needed to apologize to her! Great come back Kandi, you are a class act. I am glad to see Kim Stepping off on Nene, ie: Moose, and asking how long she keeps that nasty wig on. Not sure if I will watch next year, Nene has to go, she will be at the Blue flame stripping next.


October 23rd, 2009
8:23 am

Enter your comments here Nene makes the show. If there was not any drama we would not watch it. Kim is a no class gold digging tramp. She really need to get that hideous wig done. It looks a hot mess. In my opinion Kim needed to be choked and not just by Nene, by thw wife and children of the man she is sleeping with. I have no respect for cheaters and she deserves everything that she gets. Nene keep giving it to her!!


October 23rd, 2009
8:24 am

This episode seemed to jump all over the place-from the Kim and Nene situation, to Nene, her bio-dad, and husband, to Lisa and her hubby downsizing, Kandi’s mom and AJ (RIP) ending their silent battle; I was a bit confused. Oh, and lets not forget Dwight RUNNING Sheree’s fashion show, which, I must give it to him, he pulled it off nicely. Nonetheless, I’m not really a fan of the show (though I love the entertainment). I think its sets a bad example of how wealthy, black people really are. Yea, there’s drama but that’s across the board. And I know drama sells; hence the previews for the next season of the Housewives of Orange County. I just feel that there’s a whole lot more out in the world to do than to show how people spend their riches on dumb stuff and have so much drama in their lives that they really don’t even focus on who they really are; excluding my baby Kandi!

Closet Fan

October 23rd, 2009
8:28 am

@ Stefanie Schumacher-

LOL… My thoughts EXACTLY!

I honestly hope Kandi does not decide to do a 2nd season of RHOA. While it will give her exposure for her music and entrepreneurial endeavors, I don’t want her to be “tainted” by all of the ignorance and drama of the other housewives. I absolutely LOVED the way she shut Nene down at Sheree’s fashion show.

As far as the Atlantic Station choking incident goes, I kinda believe Kim over Nene. Even though Kim has lied in the past, I just don’t see her starting a fight with Nene. Think about it, she didn’t really do anything when Sheree yanked on her wig. I see her doing just what she said she did, slapping Nene’s finger out of her face.

Btw, Bravo SUCKS for not getting that on tape. That would’ve easily been the highlight of the season.

Even though I was growing increasingly tired of seeing Dwight on the show over the past few weeks, he really did his thing with Sheree’s show. I gotta give him his props.


October 23rd, 2009
8:35 am

To: Stephanie Shumacker

LOL! The complete comment was something like “pull my toenails off one by one, stick them in some sandals, and while bleeding, run down the street”–still a pretty bizarre analogy, though!

Texas Boy

October 23rd, 2009
8:42 am

I really enjoyed RHOA 2nd season it was great. Kim was by far the hottest of all the housewives ( body wise anyway) and appeared to have some real $$$. I think Kandi was the classiest of them all, and Dwight was a hoot to watch. He really did good with the fashion show and helped Sheree pull it off. Hopefully Ed can find a job because his football career has been over. Good luck to the rest of the housewives. NOW on the ORANGE COUNTY!!!!


October 23rd, 2009
8:44 am

This show is a soap opera. One thing leads to another and another keeping all of the viewers guessing. Is there something we all are missing? Can there be something positive about this show and from what we all know…NeNe Leak and Kim Hartwell is the only two people who are married. So why is this show called itself the Housewives of Atlanta? There are to many problems among the women and its all about wealth and fashion…nothing I have seen that would draw anyone on to the clothing line of “She” by Sheree. The producers needs to give this show a complete makeover with some degree of honest and fairness to its viewers because at this rate…I would not pay anything to see it if it every hit the public theater. This show needs some truth to it!


October 23rd, 2009
8:45 am

To all my bloggers of the RHWOA, we always talk about how they are why they are such b–ches and act the way they do, don’t get me wrong I am guilty as well, but I have come to realize this is television and they must do things to attract an audience and they have done their job. I must say when I started watching the show I was truly a fan of NENE because I thought she spoke her mind but as I continued to watch I stared to see things, obviously this show stages a lot of things and I believe where NENE lives is one of them you never really go through her home it’s always the same place and I really don’t see how they can afford that home, I know they make money from the show but we all know this could be it for them so why would you invest in something you really can’t afford. NENE and Gregg drive a old BMW it’s nice but it’s old she always hitching a ride or showing up in a limo I think they live in a condo across the way from the community where the house is that BRAVO rents for them and this is the part I don’t like be for real. Last night it showed NENE going to Kim house not her townhome so I’m confused on that one. NENE needs to take a laxative she is too full of herself. Kim has evolved I think she pertrayed or was being pertrayed as two faced but she is like any other person trying to find there niche she just goes about in a obscure way. Lisa it appears your husband can definitely think outside the box when he said he was not attached to the house but his family he won me over with that. Sheree I’m still wondering if you really know how to design I enjoyed the show last night I did see some beautiful pieces, I think you should have given Dwight more credit than what you did because he worked that thing for you. Oh Lisa that comment you made that was just a little jealousy rather you admit it or not. Your show was not really that great you needed to work on yours, Sheree devoted more time to it than you did an it showed off in her show, and what was that you had on, you wear your clothes a little too tight. Kandi you I hope you stay true to yourself and keep it moving as I have stated the whole season of watching you I don’t know why you would be a part of this but it truly was your choice looking forward to your music. Can’t wait for the reunion would like to know if there is another season scheduled possibly some new blood with same amount of drama just handled a little differently. Any way bloggers it’s been real. “SMOOCHES”

Housewife of Atl - Keepin it REAL

October 23rd, 2009
8:58 am

Tardy for the party is hot!! My dj has been playing it in da club for a couple of weeks now – has the dance floor packed. It’s hot in a house music way… Kandi hooked it up for Kim. NeNe needs to get over not being on the single- the only reason why she’s pissed is because she wont be getting any $$ and/or recognition out of it!! I bet if it were her song she wouldn’t even have asked Kim to be a part of it.

NeNe the Moose – i gotta good laugh outta that one – if you really look at her – she does have those moose tendacies and, whatever it is that she’s been through or is going through does not give her the right to treat people the way she does…. If anything, it should make her appreciate those who are trying to be ‘with her’ better. I actually thought her husband was her father – he looks so much older than her. What does he do anyway? And, what husband would not support his wife meeting her biological parents – especially if HE doesn’t know anything about them. The man is just afraid that NeNe is gonna hand over some cash that will short change HIS pockets.

Kim – for all u that are hatin her big poppa issue – how many of u haters would be hating if you had big poppa (or momma) in YOUR life? Come on be honest now… you say you wouldn’t get involved but if the $$ were being thrown at you the way he throws at her – you’d be down in a heartbeat living it up!

Sheree – Miss God’s Gift to who? Too pretentious for me…. nothing like keepin it real at ALL times.

Khandi – has it going on – down to earth at all times…


October 23rd, 2009
9:10 am

I’m a professional woman and I LOVE Kandi. She exhibited class throughout the entire show, even when Nene wanted to create a circus. Kandi, I extend my deepest condolences to you and please hit me up, I know you can make me sound hot if you can do that for Kim. I wouldn’t mind being a 1 or 2 hit wonder to make some money. LOL. Sheree, I stopped liking her a long time ago, she seems to snobbish and lives in a little make believe world of her own. Lisa is absolutely adorable. I love the way she supports her husband’s decision while at the same time making sure (like we women must do with our men) that he has an well thought out plan. I respect them both for doing what is best for their family and own personal finances as opposed to putting on a front for all of Atlanta. Finally, the show threw me off. They celebrated Mother’s Day at Kandi’s house, but when Kim’s stylist came to her house, there was a Christmas wreath on the door. Seems out of sync to me. Anyway, Bravo, you had better drop Nene before she makes a mockery out of you. I am waiting for the Nene tell all about her secret meetings with Bravo (to do certain things to make ratings go up)when they don’t cave in to one of her unwarranted, delusional diva demands.


October 23rd, 2009
9:12 am

Sheree’s event would not have happened without Dwight, and I mean the fashions as well as the show itself. While Sheree does have a strong sense of fashion, she’s not a designer, and as Kim’s stylist commented, everyone wants to be a designer but no one can even sew. Sheree was overly concerned about the wrong things. Her show was to begin at 8:15, and at 5:00, she was seriously about to hunt down that hot mess of a hair stylist of hers to do her hair. She didn’t care about which model was wearing what, how the staging looked, etc. She just wanted her hair super straight. Dwight looked at her like she was crazy and had to remind her that he had a team of hair and makeup people already there with the models. Hell-oooooo, Sheree! And that nasty comment she made about Dwight trying to be her, “I don’t think so” was totally uncalled for and so very bitchy. He wasn’t charging her broke tail a cent for all the work he did. She’s an ungrateful shrew.

Lisa is a hater, plain and simple. And she’s fake. Her expressions during Sheree’s show were priceless. You could see the hateration in her face, and her comments only solidified her immaturity. Own up to the fact that your line sucks and Sheree’s line has potential. You don’t have to be a child about it. Plus, how can Lisa carry the weight of supporting her family? None of those fifty-eleven businesses that her poor husband sunk his money into are profitable. She needs to focus on one or two things that she is really good at, or has a natural gift for, and focus on making that successful. She has her fingers in far too many pies.


October 23rd, 2009
9:14 am

It’s kind of funny that the two less polarizing characters on this showw have become my favorites.

Let’s talk about Kandi. Independent, comes across as honest, no non sense, genuine, sweet individual.
I could be wrong but I think what you see on the screen is exactly what you get inn real life.
I wish her all the best of luck with her future singing career and new fashion boutique.
If anything, I have respect and watch the show for her eternally bright spirit.
I offer my condolences to her at this time for her loss.

Dwight is my next favorite housewife. At first, I was kind of repulsed by him. He appeared to be a little
to flamboyant. To much into the gay genre. Maybe it’s still true. However, he comes across again as real.
Not fake, and not a back stabber. He like Kandi is a genuine guy. If you like him that’s fine and if you
don’t that’s your problem. Good for him. He also looks to be self made and I have the utmost respect for anyone who can make that claim.

In conclusion, I have respect for these two individuals. The other dwarf rats can drift out to sea.


October 23rd, 2009
9:16 am

my bad…had to post on the go…sorry for margins and spelling

Nene New line of desserts "Moose Pie!"

October 23rd, 2009
9:18 am

Nene, I’m so disappointed in you. It appears you have issues beyond Kim and her song. You’re developing a pattern of attacking the person (Kim, Kandi, Greg, etc.) when it doesn’t go your way. If Kim doesn’t want you on her song then move on in life. It’s Kim’s choice! Deal with it and make your on hit song. Make a better song. Your hubby is a good man.

Sheree, I’m glad your show went rather smoothly, but you need to give Dwight his props. I really don’t care for the guy, but I do respect the organization skills! Hell, I’m thinking about hiring him for my next garthering. I’m a little more reserve, but he was on point.

Kim, I’m proud of the work you and Kandi achieved with that dreadful song. It’s actually quite catchy. Do me a favor and save your money honey. In this economy anything can happen. I too worry about the message you are sending to your kids. The coochie has done well for you. Don’t expect it to last. Especially since you smoke and drink exessively. It’s hard on the body.
“I would hate to hear you & NeNe are making a mature MILF porn movie on DVD next year.” Save you money girl!

Lisa Wu Hartwell, smart move to scale down. Good luck to you and your husband on having another child.

Kandi you are a true saint. Don’t change. Thank you for being a free spirit. I wish you and your family the best in life. If I wasn’t married I would come a looking for ya! Good luck with your CD. The wife and I will visit the Boutique this fall for Christmas/Hanukkah. Once again, I’m sorry for your lose.

I’m glad the show ended on a decent note. :-)

Peace, I’m out!

Nene New line of desserts "Moose Pie!"

October 23rd, 2009
9:20 am

excuse the grammer. In a hurry……………

Housewife of Atl - Keepin it REAL

October 23rd, 2009
9:28 am

@Sharpee – you say Kim needs to be choked by big poppa’s wife and kids? Hell his wife should be choked for staying with him… she’s no better than Kim – they’re both in it for the $$. I bet she’s gotta a poppa or two on the side herself knowing she isn’t the only woman in her husbands life. He probably found the wife just like he found Kim swinging from some pole somewhere!

Donna P.

October 23rd, 2009
9:29 am

NeNe was my favorite character on the show until last night. I didn’t like her attitude towards Kandi about wanting her apologize to NeNe for their fight last week. She is over the top. I also don’t buy the choking incident. Did it even happen? The “She by Sheree” clothing line was boring; her clothes look like ones you can buy at Wal-mart.


October 23rd, 2009
9:33 am

Nene the Moose is hilarious. Maybe we should call her Moo Moo. She just looks like a giant, how tall is she?


October 23rd, 2009
9:33 am

I first fell in love with the OC housewives then NYC. Wealth, money, luxury, plastic surgery, glamor, scandal, ooooh I get excited just thinking about it. Housewives is my guilty pleasure! The joy of watching slender, beautiful, sexy, shallow people with lots of money mix it up sends me over the top. Think Dynasty. Although Atlanta was drama filled it never held up to my perception of ‘real’ housewives.
Truth is, with the exception of Kandi, Bravo is guilty of poor casting. On the other hand, since I love a good cat fight Atlanta fit the bill, but where were the beautiful people? Let me add, Atlanta’s break out star, NeNe (ugly, overweight, speech impaired, poser) should sit down and watch past seasons on OC and NYC to recognize how out of sync she is with the true Housewives franchise.

Now it’s time for serious housewives business. Bring on the OC gals!

RE: "Nene New line of desserts "Moose Pie!"

October 23rd, 2009
9:43 am

I love that comment Moo Moo!

Kandi is really a sweet person! I know this for sure! “Have a great Fall All!”

lawd have mercy

October 23rd, 2009
9:59 am

NeNe – 14:59:59…enough said

Sheree – Jaw of a boxer, personality of an ice cube, and a dreamer (designer…LOL)

Kim – Breasts

Lisa – Boxer…she sticks and moves with her slick comments

Kandi – Thank God for you


October 23rd, 2009
10:28 am

LMAO @ Kim calling NeNe a MOOSE. That is sooooooooo funny.

Kandi is the BEST. She is classy and is about business and not drama.

Sheree should be kissing Dwight feet for putting on a great fashion show because she had no clue on what to do. She kept disagreeing with him but in the end the show was great and SHE took all the credit. LOL No matter what Sheree does, she still look manly.

Lisa – I guess she is on the show because she is pretty. She is boring.

NeNe aka Moose – 1st you need to visit some of the great hair salons in ATL and get that mess on your head fixed. It is too many good hair stylist in ATL for you to be on TV with your head looking like that. Also sista, please tone it down a little. I know that you want all the attention but you are coming off as Ghetto and jealous.

Kim – keeping milking your cow(Big Poppa). Get your money girl. The truth is some married men are going to cheat. Make him pay to play.


October 23rd, 2009
10:39 am

I watched every episode of this train-wreck out of pure amusement. I see that people really like Kim but I think she’s a horrible person and so is Sheree. And while her fashion show was nice (thanks to Dwight) her clothes are basic, nothing really made me want to buy it. I’ve seen similar clothes at Target. Glad it’s over…Bring on the OC and please Bravo, pretty please with sugar on top, no more Atlanta. These women have worn out their welcome.

Ms Dee

October 23rd, 2009
10:42 am

Show jumped all over the place I will have to watch the reruns. Better NeNe choking Kim than Big Poppa’s wife. Touching moment with Joyce and AJ. Can’t wait until season 3. Hope they all return.

Downtown Heffa

October 23rd, 2009
10:45 am

Very good show! I’m happy to see that Mom made peace with AJ even though she was concerned about the number of kids he had. Sheree’s fashion show was lovely. Not sure if the success of the show came from Sheree or Dwight but it was lovely. But!! The highlight of the evening is when Kim called NeNe a moose! I’m still laughing!


October 23rd, 2009
10:47 am

Please people stop talking so bad about NeNe she is who she is she keeps it real. No I did not like how she confronted Kandi but as far as Kim she is nothing but a gold digger who will eventually have to wake up and start taking control of her own life and take care of her children herself. Why did she need a nanny (oh! of course to go shopping) a personnel assistant for what? You know what goes around come’s around

Bravo TV Fanatic

October 23rd, 2009
11:00 am

The best season so far & I luv Miss Nene! To the Bravo execs, for season 3, PLEASE PLEASE feature more episodes of Dwight, Lawrence & Derek J!! Men in heels…the new fashion rage and I am a straight female. Also, much more Andy Cohen, damm he is so fine!


October 23rd, 2009
11:03 am

Nene, I was so dissapointed with the way you become very strong on Kandi. She haven’t done any wrong to you for expecting an apology from her ( Are you nuts!). You are still the star from the show no matter what, but you need to sit down and wacht the each of the season episode and see for your self what the vierws are saying about you hope you are reading all of the comment we are posting. you could be a strong women and I know you are but with CLASS. You still got a lot of fans out there who agreed with lot of this comments, so please re-a- valued your self and see for yourself. I still love me so NENE!!!!

Atlanta Guy

October 23rd, 2009
11:07 am

Lets hope this is the last of this tragic mess. “Real Atlantans” are ready to put this distraction behind them.


October 23rd, 2009
11:36 am

I am happy this show is finished, to much wasted website space talking about that foolishness. I wish we as minorities, would start to sit back and realize, why you think this show is so highley reated(supposedly) look at the buffonery… dont we realize we as Black seem to only make trends when it its something stupid. Like we got the new dance, our pants sag, this show is cool, because the Black ladies act like street hood rats. Black people wake up…. The white media is making money, so let them kill each other, better ratings.


October 23rd, 2009
11:37 am

Stop being so judgemental.(everybody) All reality shows need drama,that is why you watch. Without nene the show would be missing things that keep most watching. Keep it real!!!


October 23rd, 2009
11:43 am

Whomever wrote the summary for each diva housewife category seemed to making fun of Kim. They seemed to be prejudice in their analysis as though they were making a mockery of her and was mean spirited. The others did not appear to read that way. Is it because she is the only caucasian on the show? She seems like a strong willed person who can handle the criticism but why the put down by the writers? This seems very juvenile on their part as they were trying to get a laugh at all costs. While not particularly that fond of her arragance and stoic personality they didn’t make fun of the others. Why is it caucasian women are more noticed for their attitudes than black women? Attitude is usually a sign of insecurity in masking one’s hurt anyway.


October 23rd, 2009
11:50 am

Gregg really is the only grown up on this show, isn’t he? Telling though that he’s almost paternal in how seriously he takes guarding his wife.

a REAL housewife of atl

October 23rd, 2009
12:12 pm

Kim is so fake (& not just her awful hairpieces). Last season, she kept saying over & over that she would beat NeNe’s azz, but when the confrontation happened, she did the typical white-girl move & called the police. & Kim admitted that she touched NeNe first, so she deserved to get stomped/choked/man-handled. If you touch somebody, you’re inviting them to touch you back. She kept calling NeNe a moose BEHIND HER BACK!

Kim is an ignorant, trashy, low-class gold-digger who is a horrible example to her kids. & everybody could see why both of her daughters are overweight- because she doesn’t take care of them & lets them eat whatever they want. She even tried to say that she got her credit card on her own, & she doesn’t even have a job (@ least a job besides laying on her back & getting on her knees for a married man). I’m really just jealous of her wig distribut