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‘Good Day Extra’ debuts on WAGA-TV today

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This morning, WAGA-TV has added yet another hour of local news programming with its 9 a.m. “Good Day Atlanta,” an addendum to its “Good Day Atlanta” show.

Meteorologist Jeff Hill and sports reporter Karen Graham don their best “Regis and Kelly” personas to do a fast-paced, frothy hour of features.

Jeff opened with an imitation “Power Ranger’ salute with Karen. Any reference to the “Power Rangers”: frighteningly uncool.

He also stumbled on his first intro. Both kept missing camera cues. There were technical snafus.

But hey, nerves are nerves on Day One. That’s to be expected.

Their bosses last week praised Karen to me and she did not disappoint. She was peppy without feeling fake. She seemed instantly comfortable in the host role.

The show front-loaded its debut with some local stars: pre-taped interviews with the band Collective Soul and Tyler Perry, who was promoting his latest movie last week. They had one in-studio star guest: “Guiding Light” vet Tina Sloan, a nice way to target the middle-class housewife. She was also promoting a play “Changing Shoes” at 14th Street Playhouse.

Stacy Elgin, doing the “Road Warrior” segment from 7 to 9, went into hour three, too. She dressed in workout clothes and did the West Coast Workout” at a Sandy Springs health club. She speaks to Jeff and Karen (mostly Karen talks) for a couple of minutes, then addresses them as Suchita Vadlamani and Mark Hayes, the earlier morning hosts. (Whoops!)

“Mark and Suchita, I can’t wait to see you here,” Stacy said.

Karen artfully dodges the error by saying, “Mark said he’s going to do it – in heels no less.”

“Mark in some spandex!” Stacy said. It’s unclear if she even realized she was talking to Karen and Jeff, not March and Suchita. Later, she apologizes for her err.

They spend time talking about their new Twitter account. A lot. You can follow them at They have 205 followers now.

There are a several other features: highlighted jobs of the day, a “Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” question and “Ask Karen,” in which folks ask her video questions and she provides the answers. And the hardest working morning man Mark Hayes does the news and interplays with the other two during hour three. His co-host Suchita? Nope.

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September 15th, 2009
12:39 pm

Hmmm…so far nothing about WGCL’s changes next week? They’re moving their “Better” show to 12:30, moving “Young & The Restless” to 3 PM, and putting the encore “Price Is Right” shows on at 10 AM (the new “Let’s Make A Deal” starts at that time on Oct. 5).


September 15th, 2009
7:29 pm

here’s the new line-up from WGCL TV:

10am: Let’s Make A Deal (starting Oct. 6)
11am: The Price Is Right
Noon: CBS Atlanta News at Noon
12:30 p.m.: Better (starting Sept. 21)
1:30 p.m.: The Bold And The Beautiful
2 p.m.: As The World Turns
3 p.m.: The Young And The Restless (starting Sept. 21)
4 p.m.: CBS Atlanta News at 4

i think this will be a big boost for the 4 pm news coming off of the popular ‘young and the restless’. however, i think more and more people are watching Y&R online anyway

TeQuilla Williams

September 28th, 2009
9:11 am

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