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CNN is just sayin’…

Jon Stewart yesterday mocked Atlanta-based CNN’s recent use of “slangtastic” catchphrases:

Such as: ‘Just Sayin’ ”


“What the…?”


“Are You Kidding Me?”

Then MSNBC gets in the act with “No way!”

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America’s Got Talent recap, third 12 out of 48

Marcus with his old crew. He brought in new backup singers last night.

Marcus with his old crew. He brought in new backup singers last night.

After two relatively lackluster weeks, it seems “America’s Got Talent” overloaded this third dozen with far too many great acts. So there are going to be some omissions like BRI and U4Ria Dance Crew. Piers only Xed out two acts.

The five I think will go through: Marcus Terell, Lawrence Beamen, FootworKINGz, Pixie Mystere, Mario & Jenny

The five I want to go through: Marcus Terell, FootworKINGz, Pixie Mystere, BRI, Hairo Torres

Pick your favorite five from Tuesday night

  • FootworKINGz
  • Marcus Terell & The Serenades
  • Pixie Mystere
  • Jay Mattioli
  • BRI
  • The U4Ria Dance Crew
  • Dave Johnson
  • Hairo Torres
  • G-Force
  • Jeffrey Ou
  • Mario and Jenny
  • Lawrence Beamen

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UPDATE: WTF???? How did Marcus Terelli get so robbed? Lawrence Beamen took his R&B slot, unfortunately and he so didn’t deserve it. And honestly, I can’t believe Jeffrey Oh got through. I’m as …

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Casting calls in Atlanta for “America’s Next Top Model” and “Next Food Network Star”

Reality shows are insatiable beasts, always hungering for fresh red meat.

Two shows are coming to Atlanta soon. “The Next Food Network Star,” which cast Atlanta personal chef Jamika Pessoa in the last season, is back in town for the 2010 season on Monday, August 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Given that time frame, the expectation is you don’t have a regular 9 to 5 job or can take a day off.

And it’s going to the same place “American Idol” was just at this past Sunday and Monday: the W Hotel, 188 14th St.

Interested candidates unable to attend an open casting call may submit a three-minute audition video explaining why he or she should be Food Network’s newest star. For applications, contest rules, and submission instructions simply visit

The CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” is on Saturday from 10 to 3 p.m. at the Westin Peachtree Plaza downtown at 210 Peachtree St.

Casting directors are looking for females, ages 18 to 27, of diverse backgrounds, …

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Which TV stars are coming to DragonCon? Leonard Nimoy, John Schneider, Malcolm McDowell, Lou Ferrigno, Patrick Stewart

Atlanta’s coolest sci-fi convention DragonCon is just 16 days away and fans of “The Incredible Hulk,” “Dukes of Hazzard,” “Battlestar Galactica” (the original and the recent version) and “Star Trek” should be thrilled.

The convention is now at four hotels: The Hyatt, the Marriott, the Hilton and the Sheraton. It happens Sept. 4 to 7.

Among the attendees this year include:

 Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock on “Star Trek”

— Charisma Carpenter, a star on “Buffy the Vampire Star” and “Angel”

Edward James Olmos, played Admiral William Adama on the just ended “Battlestar Galactica.” His other credits include “American Family” and “Miami Vice.”

 — Patrick Stewart. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

— John Schneider. A North Springs High School grad, he is best known as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” with a big role on “Smallville” as Clark Kent’s adoptive dad for 111 episodes.

— Catherine Bach. Daisy Duke on “The Dukes of …

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Is Sheree dating Al B. Sure? reported that Sheree Whitfield of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame is dating R&B singer Al B. Sure, best known for his late 1980s hit “Nite & Day.”

I emailed Sheree and here’s her exact response:

Absolutely no truth!!! Hilarious. Saw him 2 times my entire life, once at a charity event we were both involved in and just this past Saturday at the hair show here in Atl. I knew nothing of the rumors floating around but he mentioned them to me as we were about take a picture on the red carpet!

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V-103, WABE-FM, 99X up in July Atlanta Arbitron ratings, WSB-AM, Q100, Dave FM down

V-103 is having a great year so far as its ratings went up for the fourth straight month, creating an even wider gap between the other top stations, Kiss 104.1 and a slipping WSB-AM.

This is interesting timing since V-103 morning host Frank Ski is in the middle of negotiations for a new contract. His current three-year contract expires Sept. 9. (Ski is still in talks with the station as of Tuesday. His agent declined to comment to adhere to a request by V-103 boss Rick Caffey, who was not pleased when the agent talked to me last month about Ski’s prospects.)

Ski is pulling in huge numbers with his morning host Wanda Smith. In fact, the pair had their strongest showing this year in July, with 17 percent of the 18 to 34 audience, more than doubling the Bert Show at Q100.

It was also a good month for the two major country stations. Kicks continues to pull in strong numbers despite steady gains by upstart 94.9/The Bull. Kicks now ranks 5th among 25 to 54 year olds while the Bull …

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99X alum Jimmy Baron debuts today on Dave FM

After three-plus years without a regular radio gig, Morning X alum Jimmy Baron had a relatively soft opening today on Dave FM at 5:30 a.m.

During the first hour, he ramped up the amount of time he talked as time went along. He gabbed about the Paul McCartney concert Saturday at Piedmont Park, taking a call from a fan. He also made a gentle acknowledgment of his past without expressely mentioning 99X.

Baron last week said he expects to continue to play plenty of music because this worked fairly well under Tim Orff so there’s no reason to change now. His philosophy, though, is to be overly prepared, to always leave stuff on the cutting room floor. (That never seemed to be the case with predecessor Zakk Tyler).

He plans to interview newsmakers and celebrities. Like mid-day host, he will tape many of them, run longer versions online and perhaps just do excerpts on Dave FM, especially if the person isn’t lined up well with the Dave audience. (The guy who runs Ultimate Fighting is …

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“There Goes the Neighborhood” recap, episode two

The Southeys were taken south by the other families, a victim of being the biggest outsiders. They were the second family out. Six remain for the prize of $250,000.

Laurie, the 38-year-old fourth great teacher, and her 15-year-old daughter Haley, moved to the Kennesaw neighborhood just two and a half years earlier, the least amount of time among the eight families.

While the DeGirolamos were nixed in episode one for being a threat, the Southeys were too much of an unknown to the others. Haley at one point even noted before this game, they had never even been inside the homes of any of these neighbors. That distance hurt them. Not that they were mean or problematic. They seemed nice enough. But there was no emotional ties to them and the others. Even Haley’s crying when they found out they were on the chopping block didn’t help them.

The Mullenixes (the lesbian couple) won the elimination challenge, which was basically a treasure hunt in different families’ homes. If we …

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TV best bets featuring “Ghost Hunters,” “Top Chef,” long-awaited return of “Project Runway”

With “Project Runway” in legal limbo since spring of 2008, fans were stuck watching pale imitations (Bravo’s “Fashion Show”) or bemoaning their absence of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum with friends.

But the Emmy nominated reality show is finally back on this runway this Sunday — but on Lifetime, not Bravo. Lifetime has pulled out all the needles promoting the change, from billboards to TV ads to mall visits by contestants.

Not surprisingly, Bravo is carting out its strongest show now that “Project” is gone: the always tasty “Top Chef,” which features plenty of Atlanta personalities, Thursday.

And watch for season finales (TNT’s “Hawthorne” and “Saving Grace”), new series (A&E’s “Hoarders” and ABC’s “Shaq Vs”) and a few returning shows (Bravo’s addictive “Flipping Out” and SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters”).

What returning show are you looking forward to most?

  • Lifetime’s “Project Runway”
  • Bravo’s “Top Chef”
  • Syfi’s “Ghost Hunters”
  • Bravo’s “Flipping Out”
  • TruTV’s “Black …

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TNT losing Holly Hunter’s “Saving Grace” in 2010

Atlanta-based TNT is closing down its pricey drama “Saving Grace” starring Oscar winner Holly Hunter next summer.

Interestingly, TNT wanted a full-blown 15 episode fourth season but Fox TV studios decided it was too expensive in relation to the fees they were getting from TNT. And presumably, TNT wasn’t going to pony up more given the good — but not outstanding — ratings.

The show has been averaging just over 3 million viewers this summer. This is less than half of what “The Closer” gets but in the ballpark of sister dramas “Raising the Bar,” “Dark Blue” and “Leverage.”

Instead, TNT will do nine episodes which will air in the summer of 2010, enough to tie up storylines and end the show in a dignified fashion. If it had done 15, it would have aired six in the winter and nine in the summer.

The pending end of “Saving Grace”:

  • A sin! I’m going to miss this offbeat drama.
  • Leaving us is grace indeed. It failed to grab me.

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“Grace,” …

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