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America’s Got Talent recap, fourth 12 of 48 (UPDATED)

Drew Stevyns

Drew Stevyns

“America’s Got Talent” brought out another solid week of semifinal skills in both the vocal and dance categories A couple of acts that deserve to get through are going to be left out this week. After tonight’s results show, the top 20 will be ready to go.

Who will get through: Ishaara, Barbara Padilla, EriAm Sisters, Erik & Rickie, Drew Stevyns (left)

Who I’d like to see get through: EriAm Sisters, Drew Stevyns, Ishaara, Barbara Padilla, Pam Martin’s Top Dogs

I was deeply impressed by Drew Stevyns. I did not see that one coming.

Mia Boostrum will fall through the cracks. If Ishaara misses the mark, Recycled Percussion will sneak in. Or the dog act. It’s going to be a tight race.

UPDATE: In a bit of a psych, the show placed the EriAm Sisters and Drew Stevyns together, making it seem one was going home. First, Drew made it to the top 20. Bravo! The EriAm Sisters assumed they were goners. Nick Cannon, the host, let them stew a few seconds, then said they were staying, too. Ishaara did miss the mark and Recycled Percussion snuck in. Barbara Padilla made it, too. No surprise there. The fifth and sixth place were Mia and Erik & Rickie. Close call but Piers and David gave it to the two little dancers.

So I got four out of five right. My predictive powers were mediocre. I got 14 out of 20 correcct.

Which five acts will go through? (Pick up to five)

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1- Ishaara, Bollywood dancers. These college students who practice in a garage show charm and youthful enthusiasm. I can’t say their act is overly sophisticated but they work together well and the blonde gal stands out since most of the dancers are Indian. B-plus

2- Barbara Padilla, opera singer. AGT voters love opera singers. Last year, the winner sang opera. So Barbara has tough acts to follow. But she is actually pretty good and hits the end note cleanly. A-minus

3- Pam Martin’s Top Dogs, animal act. There are limitations to an animal act like this. I can’t see Pam winning $1 million but her dog Spike makes virtually no mistakes. Sharon is probably regretting allowing the other dog act through. B-plus

4- African High Flyers, acrobats. They are exceptional street dancers and the fire limbo dancing is impressive, but as Piers said, I’m not sure this could keep me going for an entire hour. B

5- Mia Boostrom, singer. She didn’t make the cut past Las Vegas a year ago but the judges gave her a shot at the semifinals this time. She goes for Jeff Buckley’s classic “Hallelujah,” the same song that helped Jason Castro a year ago on “Idol.” She’s kind of boring and her voice simply lacks the resonance to take this song home. The judges obviously loved her a lot more than I did. B-minus

6- Erik & Rickie, dance couple. This adorable pair is way too young to perform on “So You Think You Can Dance.” But AGT has no age limit. They are clean as a whistle though there aren’t any real “wow” moments. B

7- Coney Island Chris Allison, magician. This guy was bizarro during the auditions. He plays with fire and is goofy dorky. He’s the first man to get buzzed by all three. “You weren’t funny,” Piers said. “It was horrifically bad.” C-plus

8- Anthony Morigerato & Matt Lucas, guitarist and tap dancer. This strange combo of dance and singing got them this far. It’s not half bad as Matt sings “Think” and Anthony works as hard as a tap dancer can work. Cool thing about AGT is it gives an act like this a shot. B

9- The Lollilop Girls, burlesque dancers (wildcards). Haven’t we seen this before? In fact, I’m certain Vegas already has acts like this. It’s the Pussycat Dolls minus the singing. But a little sexual appeal might get them votes. B-minus

10- Drew Stevyns, singer (wild card). I don’t even remember this guy. He takes a Fray song and actually does it justice. I like this guy a lot more than the chicken farmer dude based on this performance. His voice has texture and emotion. And as Piers said, he brings hunger and desire. A-minus/A

11- Recycled Percussion, percussion act. Inherently, a percussion act can only do so much. I have to give them credit for doing about as much as they could with bangin’ energy and that cool stage lift which placed the drummes at a 90 degree angle. B

12- EriAm Sisters, sister singing trio. These teens were impressive during the auditions. And they are impressive again. I’m not sure if “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce was the best song to showcase their vocals. But they are truly skilled regardless. They were placed in the pimp spot for a reason. A-minus

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August 26th, 2009
9:42 am

I love the eriam sisters and i think they, barabara padilla, ishaara, pam martin’s top dogs, and drew stevyens i hope will get through. i liked mia but her song choice wasn’t right.


August 27th, 2009
9:10 am

I was disappointed that Ishaara was sent home rather than the little drummer boys. Beating on paint cans and using saws on oil drums just doesn’t seem to take all that much talent.

I think Barbara Padilla is currently my favorite to win. I hope Mia Boostrom tries out for Idol next year. If she improved this much in one year…. imagine how much more she could improve with another year under her belt.


August 27th, 2009
9:13 am

And I have to disagree with your classifying “Coney Island Chris” as a “magician.” It should be “carnival side show.”


August 27th, 2009
1:57 pm

Honestly I think it’s going to come down to one of the four singers this year, and they each have their own genre… you’ve got Padilla for opera-ish, she not truly opera, but she’s got a lovely voice, Skinner for country, Beaman for soul/R&B, and now Stevyns with a more rock flair.


August 27th, 2009
3:31 pm

If it comes down to singers… I think it should be Barbara Padilla in a romp. Skinner’s just okay. Beaman’s good… but he faltered a bit with “You Are So Beautiful.” I wasn’t impressed with Stevyns at all.

Plus… she’s got a whale of a back story.