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Bad buzz: Real Housewives of Atlanta recap, season 2, episode 4

NeNe, shown here at her recent book signing in Buckhead, in episode four is not impressed with new castmate Kandi Burruss.

NeNe, shown here at her recent book signing in Buckhead, in episode four is not impressed with new castmate Kandi Burruss.

NeNe Leakes is the Queen Bee of the “Atlanta Housewives.” So when a newbie enters the hive, she’s going to get the once over by the Queen.

That newbie is Kandi Burruss, who finally gets together with the other four castmates, courtesy of Bravo producers. Okay, the show makes it appear as if it were NeNe’s idea to get everyone together to meet at a V.I.P. party at the King Tut exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center. NeNe is such the Egyptian historian, right?

Anyway, Kim is the most reluctant to show up, of course, since she’s on the outs with both Sheree and Lisa. But NeNe convinces her to show up since it’s “for the kids.” Well, it’s for the show, too, because if Kim doesn’t show up, she may not get a paycheck from the network — or the camera time she so desperately needs. She does provide a salvo to NeNe: “Three strikes and you’re out!”

Empty threats aside, it’s always fun to watch Kim show off her vast knowledge of history with a line like “What the hell is King Tut?”

The party starts with cocktails. Kim drinks forlornly by herself as Sheree and Lisa arrive. She ignores them both and vice versa.

“I’m going to take the high road,” Sheree said, “because I’m a grown-ass woman.” Ah… that’s fine word usage when taking the good ol’ high road, eh?

Kim rolls her eyes at Lisa. In fact, that is one of Kim’s most impressive skills: rolling her eyes. “I’ll never mend that friendship,” she sneers about Lisa. “I don’t trust her,” Lisa added to the camera folk. “She’s not my friend.”

But alas, as NeNe later noted, Kim had to find someone new to latch onto — and that would be Kandi. Poor Kandi. Kandi said she wanted to keep an open mind about Kim despite what she’s seen and heard.

And shockingly, Kandi and Kim actually get along. “She was cool,” Kandi said, improbably.

As the two talk shop about Kim’s burgeoning “singing” career and the music biz in general, Sheree and Lisa mock them behind their backs. It’s very fourth grade. NeNe, Miss Queen Bee, is duly unimpressed by Kandi and her blase facial expression says it all, as if Kandi’s emanating some awful stench.

Dwight, sensing the tension, comes over and gets all five women to be his backup singers while he croons “Summertime” badly. So badly, in fact, that Kim called him “horrible.” Yes, Kim is the new Simon Cowell.

Kandi then takes over the vocals and sounds pretty good, even if she overdoes the vibrato, “American Idol” style. In fact, NeNe was not impressed. “She was okay,” NeNe said, as if she was expecting the second coming of Whitney Houston.

In the end, with the kids in tow, the women at the King Tut party did not end up with pulling any wigs or cursing up a storm. Shame. We are all getting so spoiled, aren’t we?

Later, at Fabric World with Dwight (who is getting far more airtime than he did season one), NeNe turns the cattiness up a notch about Kandi, setting us up for future conflict. “She appears to be a little ghetto,” NeNe said, “a little hood.” And Dwight was not impressed with A.J., Kandi’s fiance, because he spent way too much time on his cell phone and not much time interacting with the others.

Bonus for Clark Howard: NeNe actually said at the fabric store, when Dwight said not to look at the prices: “We’re in a recession! I look at pricetags!”

The other conflicts:

— Kim fires her nanny Tania for leaving her daughters alone while Tania left to buy tampons. Brienna, Kim’s 12 year old daughter, snitches on the nanny, who earlier had told her she was going to hell for (gasp!) rapping out a Spanish prayer and making stripper moves. So this was revenge, I fathom.

— Kandi’s mom is still hatin’ on the fiance with six kids from four baby’s mamas. At a photo shoot, Kandi tries to get a picture taken with both A.J. and her mom. Mother walks out. Kandi plasters a smile on her face but you know her heart is breaking inside.

— Lisa goes to Los Angeles to celebrate her grandma’s birthday and her brother Andre insists she go to her dead brother’s grave. She resists. The show ends with her in tears and promos of her continuing to resist next week.

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atlanta girl

August 21st, 2009
12:43 am

What a great recap, Rodney!


August 21st, 2009
12:46 am

Bravo owes every one at that Atalntic Station restaurnt at least a free meal for their peaceful meal being interrupted by that housewives cat fight. I hope children were not present with all the cussing going on.

Nene, Kanda did nothing to you to deserve the negative comments. You need to explain yourself.

All of the women would probably get arrested for littering if they drove down I85 in Kim’s Bently with the top down as there would be wigs, weaves and tracks blowing all over the place.


August 21st, 2009
12:49 am

Kim is pretty without make-up.
Watching Lisa makes me tired. She moves around too much.
Nene wants to be high class so bad bless her heart.
Kandi is too desperate.
I really like Dwight.


August 21st, 2009
1:11 am

They are ALL a bunch of HOs!

[...] See the full article from “Atlanta Journal Constitution” [...]


August 21st, 2009
1:56 am

Lisa and Sheree were acting so childish by the catty comments they were making about Kim and Kandi. Jealous? And, as much as I love NeNe, who is she to call anyone ‘ghetto’ after the scene at the restaurant last week?!?!


August 21st, 2009
2:16 am

I’d like to see one episode in which the 5 women don’t wear weaves. I would love to see what their real hair looks like.


August 21st, 2009
3:08 am

I think Nene has alot nerve talking about Kandi being Ghetto sh** she is #1 Ghetto she was the first ghetto behind those Real and Chance girls New York and all those ghetto Reality T.V 15mins of Fame, B******!!!! At least Kandi has a career behind her and didn’t make her money lookin for a rich husband or man like her!!!


August 21st, 2009
3:34 am

i agree with ayana about kim being pretty without makeup. she also looked nice at the recap, with the toned down makeup and the toned down, more realistic wig. i’m coming to understand that part of kim’s schtick is to make herself look like a cheap hooker for the camera. she’s actually pretty and able to pull herself together quite well when she wants to.


August 21st, 2009
3:37 am

also, i truly think that nene is jealous of kandi. she tried to interrupt when she saw that kim and kandi were getting along, which was crazy in itself. and then she had the nerve to say that kandi wasn’t a good singer. not that i had a lot of respect for nene before, but after seeing her act like a small child, i lost the last bit i did have.


August 21st, 2009
4:13 am

Do I remember that Kim said last season that she was a nurse? She is too ignorant or stupid to have any education.Also, what happened to the Escalade?


August 21st, 2009
4:29 am

I hope I don’t sound too hateful…

I still like NeNe but I’m starting to believe she’s a chronic control freak is all.

OMG Kim is SOOOOOO jealous of everyone!!!!!! She FOCUSED on trying to make everyone else look bad to make her (wig) look good!!! I’m referring to the show “Watch What Happens” which came on right after RH of ATL went off. She is just too much! Trying to squeeze so much attention out of those 2 gay guys! (I love them both) She was hating the lack of attention – hilarious!!!! And AC dissed her! Other than that – I love Kim’s 2 daughters! I have to give the woman credit for doing a great job where they are concerned. Even though she blew smoke in their faces like she was on an episode of MAD MEN on AMC!!!! But she did a good job with the girls and I like that about her.

I like the show – I hate (real life) drama but that’s what makes this show watchable actually. I think they all keep up the drama so that they’re not too boring and get fired. It happened once already didn’t it?

Lisa is a little hyper but we always knew that – she told us immediately. I think it would be cool for Lisa and Kim to put on some boxing gloves and Lisa flip Kim over the couch! That will be hilarious! I can’t wait to see that episode when NeNe is wearing that Kim wig – and the one that looks like Kandi cussed NeNe out – or maybe the other way around when they called each other ghetto! LMAO!

Hey EJ! He is SO cute.

I love the Kids on the show – I hope they show more of Sheree’s kids we really didn’t get to know them that well – they seem like a lot of fun.

I’m loving the review this week!

If I have any typos or grammar issues – no need to let me know – I’m over it!


August 21st, 2009
5:21 am

I like the new girl, Kandi. However, I would never date a man with 6 children and 4 baby moms. Her Mother is right. Not a good sign. Not going to last. Would end in divorce. She can do better. She is smart, talented, successful, young, pretty and needs to believe this of herself. She needs a man with class and a good profession. Who the hell at 32 wants to share a new husband with his 6 kids and hers. Is she living in a dream world?


August 21st, 2009
5:29 am

Kim – your natural beauty far outweighs your made-up look.
Khandi – watch, pray, and continue to do what feels right to you.
Lisa – lay off Kim; you started this cat-fight during the reunion show.
Sheree – get over yourself.
NeNe – You are, by far, the biggest disgrace and disrespect to “style and class” I’ve ever seen. You have no class, and you’re a s**t starter. You’re at your happiest when you low-rate and demean others. How anyone can interpret your back-stabbing and immature antics as “keeping it real” is beyond me. Your husband and children have my sympathy.


August 21st, 2009
6:07 am

Question. “Have all of the gals had forclosure papers served on their individual homes?” How long before they are in the projects or living large in a double-wide down by the airport? Sheree has absolutely no talents to fall back on to make a living that is for sure. The only good decision was when she married the ballplayer and when she received a good divorce settlement otherwise this pitiful woman would be down on Lindberg Avenue.


August 21st, 2009
6:33 am

whats up big perm?


August 21st, 2009
6:53 am

Nonya, I TOTALLY Agree with you.

I loved NeNe last season but this season, she has lost it. For her to call Khandi “ghetto” was insane. I knew Kim’s friendship with She-Ray was going to come back and bite her. Lesson learned. I like Kim and think if she toned down the make-up she would be even prettier. I never liked Lisa or She-Ray and have always changed the channel when they are on..I do that when NeNe is on now too. I like Khandi but she needs to get rid of AJ and I suspect by the end of the season she won’t be engaged anymore. Dwight is cool but his face is frozen from all the botox.

All these women need to apologize to each other, they have all trashed talked the other but NeNe, She-Ray and Lisa will never do that. So much for High Society.

This used to be my favorite show not anymore. After about 15 minutes, I just turned off the TV.


August 21st, 2009
7:17 am

Everyone on this show has talked “smack” about each other. Yet folks are only mad at Kim for doing so–much of which alleged happened off camera. Plus, the ringleaders mocked one another ON camera.

It’s ways too childish, way to elementary school playground and I wish the producers would come up with something “less tired” for us to watch.

I have had enough and I am not watching anymore.


August 21st, 2009
7:18 am

I still gots me all da luv for my NeNe. She da bomb. We luvs you gurl. But hell…that Khandi…she be a hot mess…You need to listen to yo mama gurl…I got yo back Ms. Jones…specially when I done seen you chomping down on dat chicken wing at da photo shoot. Luv you NeNe!!!

big worm

August 21st, 2009
7:49 am

when you mess with my money, you mess with my emotions!!


August 21st, 2009
7:49 am

I watched this show for the 1st time last night. I cannot believe that these women at like this. I sure hope that they are acting for the show. I am a 41 year old women and I have a group of girlfriends and we do not act like high school kids. These women are running about chasing she said this and I don’t like her bacause of this. I sure that their kids are embarassed about they way that they act.

Ladies, have some class and think about your kids.


August 21st, 2009
8:10 am

I am sure there is a reason that I should care about this show, but quite frankly I can’t think of a single one. Pure waste of video.


August 21st, 2009
8:18 am

I’m still in shock that NeNe…of ALL people would deign to call someone else GHETTO! I mean, are you serious right now? Khandi is a 32 year old independent woman who made her OWN money and didn’t have to put on a g-string and hit the pole to do it! Grow up NeNe, and
TRY to get some class!

Natural Ladie

August 21st, 2009
8:25 am

Can I just say that neither Kandi or Lisa wear weave. Kim wears a wig. I’m almost Sheree has a track or two in but so what. And NeNe has gone short but it could be a quick weave. But again, who cares. There are thousands of women in Atlanta wearing weave daily. Heck, your boss probably does. :)

Natural Ladie

August 21st, 2009
8:28 am

AtlantaWhiteShawty, did you come up with your post all by yourself or did you consult the felony boyfriend that slaps you around and then makes you believe you deserved it?


August 21st, 2009
8:37 am

I hope Kandi sees the light before it is too late. How come A.J. was on the phone texting the whole time at the King Tut party? He is either practicing street pharmacy or chatting it up with other women. Kandi….listen to your Mom!!!!


August 21st, 2009
8:42 am

these ghetto rats all need to employed at the dmv. they would fit right in.


August 21st, 2009
8:43 am

I agree Natural Ladie. Kandi and Lisa do not wear weaves. And let’s be real…what about the other Housewives shows? I’d rather see a weave than fake boobs and botoxed faces. They look horrible. At least these women have aged gracefully!!!

Texas Boy

August 21st, 2009
8:44 am

Kim looks really nice this season.She’s the only one that appears to really have any money.


August 21st, 2009
8:44 am

What a bunch of ghetto rats


August 21st, 2009
8:49 am

Kandi and Lisa are the only two housewives that you could stomach without makeup. The other three are ugleeeeee. Horse face Sheree, Moon face NeNe and Butt face Kim are nothing to look at.


August 21st, 2009
9:10 am

Nene referred to someone else as “Ghetto” and “Hood”?!?! Wow! Thanks for recap and morning giggle…LMAO!

Don't be fooled..

August 21st, 2009
9:16 am

It’s amazing, last season everyone was saying how “real” and “cool” NeNe was, but I wasn’t buying it. This season she is really showing her true colore and hating hard. If she is not involved or the center of attention, she hates. She (NeNe) wishes she had half the class, talent and success Kandi has and will have… What has she dones besides be a stripper, get evicted and have a ghost writer who wrote her fake azz book.

This season is really boring, hopefully some new story lines will develop beyond everyone hating on each other and Ed trying to knock up Lisa….lol…


August 21st, 2009
9:18 am

I kind of like Sheree. She’s a bit much, but she is entertaining and interesting. When the guy was telling the joke and it went on endlessly was hysterical. Kim’s oldest daughter is a brat. I did not like the girls rapping the prayer in spanish. If Kim was going to fire the nanny she should have fired her when she said her girls were going to hell for rapping the prayer. Last night’s show seemed very contrived to me. Kandi did not exhibit any behavior that would make NeNe call her ghetto. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Most of these women act like children. Kandi’s fiancee was very standoffish during the King Tut exhibit. Also, Kandi’s mom is being difficult. It was wrong of her to walk off the photo shoot. My heart broke for Kandi. That would have been the last straw for me extending an olive branch to my mom.


August 21st, 2009
9:25 am

I think Kim needs her own show! Kim, leave them behind and ask Bravo to give you a show of your own. You don’t have to put up with someone pulling your hair, cornering you outside of a restaurant, or constantly saying negative things about you. Get your agent to proposition Bravo right away! I think people would appreciate some maturity and honesty for a chance. You and Kandi are probably the only two financially stable women on the show. Trust me on this one… get your own show!

Kandi, my heart goes out to you. It’s hard when your mother doesn’t agree on the man you love. But trust me… mothers know best!!! I certainly would listen to her. She is wiser and more experienced than you and she can sense when something is not write in her daughter’s life. If AJ loves you, then he would still remain in your life even if you choose not to marry him. Good Luck.

Sheree and Lisa are both so FAKE!!!! That’s all I can say about them.

NeNe, I liked you last season. You were my favorite. But this season… the way that you are keeping stuff going, I am done with you!!!! I am really disappointed.


August 21st, 2009
9:31 am

Nene is by FAR the most fun to watch!!!


August 21st, 2009
9:33 am

Would someone please tell me how in the world did Sheree come out of the drama from last season smelling like a rose. She was talking about NeNe behind her back with Kim, Kim wasn’t doing it alone; and Lisa was an instigator. It was her that went back and told Sheree about NeNe singing about Kim in the limo, which started all of this foolishness. To see Sheree and Lisa standing off to the side joking and acting stupid about Kim is so juvenile. Sheree, said it yourself, “she’s a grown ass woman; DAMN, I wish she would act like it. Both her and Lisa need to realize their role in all this drama, hell Kim didn’t act alone.

NeNe’s my favorite, but her calling Kandi ghetto is like the pot calling the kettle black. I haven’t seen Kandi act ghetto at all, but Kandi’s man on the other hand, straight ghetto. How ignorant to be standing on the side playing with his little phone. What, did he want everyone to see that he has a phone? He was probably texting all his other women. Hell, Kandi brought the phone anyway.

Poor Kandi, it’s time for her to move on; Mom aint accepting that marriage. However, my heart breaks for Kandi, she was really really hurt by her Mom’s actions. I hope at this point she stops trying to force Mom to accept her relationship. Either grow up and move on and marry the man you say you love, or leave him because your Momma don’t like him.

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!


August 21st, 2009
9:33 am

RODNEY HO – great recap! Keep it coming.

JB, I agree with you on AJ. Kandi’s mom has a point, but Kandi is to far gone to see what is happening. 8 months is to short of a time to date/marry. She doesn’t think there will be problems with the children/their mothers, but what will happen when AJ can’t pay his child support and is facing jail time? She will end up paying…

Nene is doing her job and keeping up drama. I love Nene, but I know her country butt isn’t calling anyone ghetto! She is ghettoFABULOUS.
Dwight is ok, it looks like he has bad plastic surgery.

Kim does appear to be putting on an act. Lisa and Sheree are very juvenile. Lisa is fake and appears to be pretty self serving. She sold out Nene once in the limo by going back and telling Sheree what was said, Nene better watch out!


August 21st, 2009
9:35 am

I liked it when Kim said there is no God, Nene said America should end it’s empire building, and Sheree mentioned that social security makes Bernie Madoff green with envy


August 21st, 2009
9:40 am

y the airport. If not for this show I’m sure we’d be seeing them walking the streets along Peachtree Now that this show is out, I’m truly embarrassed to tell colleagues I’m from Atlanta. These “woman??” are an insult to Atlanta’s old tradition of culture, civility, class, dignity and gentility. This is what happens when “these” people take over culturally, or lack thereof, and politically. This is not how the majority of Atlantans would like to be portrayed. Once again, the lowlifes seek to destroy what we all loved about this once great metropolis. They do belong in the double-wides band Pine. Want to really know why the AJC is moving out of Downtown? Watch the show.


August 21st, 2009
9:41 am

Texas Boy, the only reason Kim has any money is because Big Pappa supports her (she said it herself). If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have any money. And why is it that she said she waitressed for 5 years if she has a nursing degree? Why didn’t she get a job as a nurse at a hospital? Hmmm…I wonder where she was a waitress…Gold Club…Cheetah…??? I do agree that she looks MUCH better without that pile of makeup on.


August 21st, 2009
9:46 am

KANDI AND HER FIANCE are sooooooooooooooooooooo GHETTO. Her grammar is terrible. She sounds so uneducated. Kim has every right to feel that way. Sheree and Lisa are so immature. I mean really, who does that as a ‘grown ass woman’. Act your age and get over the BS. Lisa is a wierdo. She tries to be something she is not so hard. I am embarrased for her. I am so glad I am moving out of Atlanta soon. This show is an complete embarrasment to women who live here. It really is. Why be so ghetto? Atlanta should be shown to have class, not hood rats like Khandi and AJ. YUCK


August 21st, 2009
9:50 am

Something tells me that these women act like this just for television and it is staged, but in reality they are okay people. Hmmm.

Don't be fooled..

August 21st, 2009
9:58 am

The Truth – I agree with you about Kandi’s fiance, he was being very stupid and childish. He didn’t want to interact with the others because he didn’t want them asking any questions. Kandi is who she is, raised in the south (I assume) and being herself. Not fake or phony. She handles her bus, takes care of her money and owns her stuff outright. What scandles have you heard with her name mentioned, none..

I would also agree, the show is not a good representation of the women of Atlanta… Oh yea, as for Lisa, she wants to be famous so bad.. Go “f” your man, have more kids and shut the he$$ up … Someone so pretty now looks so sad…


August 21st, 2009
10:20 am

Wow I never knew my name was shared – but O Well. I made the first comment not the 2nd (or any after the first) although it was pretty appropriate – I need to change up! CSL (and no one shares my computer) this, i know. :)


August 21st, 2009
10:29 am

N2WIN you are probably right. Add the art of editing to staged fights and drama and you have a hit show. What girl do you now from the hood that pulls hair anyway?? Sheree is from the hood. Remember when she had the argument with the event planner? She reminded him where she was from.

Clarence Deville

August 21st, 2009
10:35 am

Wow! The young Sister that do the make up on these sister,need to be on the show and also maybe replace the Nasty mouth sister NENE.She is better looking and look like she have Talent.Peace! CD


August 21st, 2009
10:45 am

Too funny, I love watching this trash TV. The only problem is that I don’t believe any of the women’s “finances” but its still fun to watch them cut each other down and talk behind their backs. They all do it but its really funny when they get angry when they find out. I only wish that after the final episode that they would air a “Real Housewife of Atlanta – YOUR BUSTED” show, that way they could show them for who they really are. Oh and props to Kim for totally embracing her wig.

Ms. Flanders

August 21st, 2009
10:55 am

I can’t believe how NeNe talked about Kandi, I think she’s jealous and really needs to get over it. NeNe wants to be the HBIC, but it’s not happening with Kandi. Kandi and AJ together make a nice couple from seeing them on tv. Her mother needs to give AJ a chance and get to know him better because he makes Kandi and that’s what matters the most. They have my blessing! Lisa and Sheree are so childish and immature until it makes me sick. Kim needs to get a job and some education.

Ms. Flanders

August 21st, 2009
10:56 am

Excuse the error…He makes Kandi happy!