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TBS adds more “House of Payne” episodes, hitting 172

TBS has committed to a whopping 172 episodes of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” after just two years.

It takes most sitcoms nearly eight years to reach that level. And most sitcoms of course never reach that number.

“We have a terrific relationship with Tyler Perry, and this deal means new episodes of ‘House of Payne’ will continue to air on TBS well into the future,” said Michael Wright, head of programming for TBS, TNT and TCM to Hollywood Reporter. “Tyler stands alone in the entertainment business today as an entrepreneur who knows his audience.”

The company who distributes the show Debmar-Mercury said it had planned for 40 episodes in the first year starting in mid-2007. Perry delivered 100 episodes in that first calendar year.

“House of Payne”: does quantity affect quality?

  • No! I love seeing so many new episodes. It’s a hilarious show!
  • Yes! I wish Tyler Perry would slow down, tape fewer shows and make them better.
  • His shows couldn’t be funny even if he …

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Woodward grad Anna McCraney wins Bravo’s “Fashion Show”

Woodward Academy grad Anna McCraney won Bravo’s “Fashion Show” thanks to retail-friendly clothing and high caliber craftsmanship.

Her creations will be sold in the retail market and she pockets $125,000.

She was the favorite fairly early on, the only contestant who never finished in the bottom two. She also won the weekly challenge twice. The public liked Anna, too, and gave her a commanding 56% of the vote, far more than the two more niche designers, Daniella (25%) and James Paul (19%).

“I’m thrilled,” she said on the show. “I’m so happy because I worked so hard for so long… I’ll always do fashion whether I have a million dollars or 20.”

Her high school art teacher Chris Greenway at Woodward sent me an email bursting with happiness.

“I am really proud of her for winning. She deserved and earned it. Anna was the best at art and design, craftsmanship, and knowledge of her craft’s history,” he wrote. “Her use of color “WOW”! I am so proud of her. Hard work paid off and the …

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Did Atlanta bikini model Laura Crosby get evicted Week 2 in “Big Brother 11″?

Being “popular” in the Big Brother household is not such a good thing.

Atlanta bikini model Laura Crosby, part of the “popular” clique, was ousted Thursday night from “Big Brother 11.” She’s the second person out after Braden, another “popular” person.

Laura’s ouster

  • Not surprised at all. She got outplayed by Ronnie.
  • She deserved to stick around longer than dopey Jordan

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Laura only received one vote from Natalie, the tae kwon do champ.

The other eight contestants took her out over Jordan, the less intelligent blonde gal. The Head of Household Ronnie deemed Laura a bigger threat given that Laura is a student of the game.

Laura figured out all the manipulations Ronnie was making and told her fellow popular clique mate Jordan. “She may have said stuff to” Ronnie, she told Julie Chen after she was axed. “Ronnie’s a rat. She knew I was on to him.”

When she realized she was going to be voted out earlier in the week, she decided to out …

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CBS’s “There Goes the Neighborhood” big wall reality show names Kennesaw families

CBS has released details of the eight Kennesaw families competing for $250,000 in the new reality show “There Goes the Neighborhood,” debuting Sunday, August 9, at 9 p.m.

The show itself is like “Survivor” in the suburbs. The production company created a bit of a stir in the neighborhood when it built 20-foot walls around the eight homes in June.

The eight families compete for money and stayed inside those walls for up to three weeks. Taping ended earlier this month. They would compete in challenges and get plucked off one family at a time.

Interestingly, I just learned they actually enclosed nine homes but one of the families contiguous to the others refused to participate. It appears CBS paid them some money to go away for three weeks or more.

Most have lived in the neighborhood for at least five years. Jobs are a middle-class mix of professions such as teachers, general contractors and insurance agents. Several play tennis. All have kids but no infants. Several have …

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New radio home for the Braves: 680/The Fan & Rock 100.5

The Atlanta Braves are saying goodbye to WGST-AM and Project 9-6-1 after this season and moving its radio home to 680/The Fan and Rock 100.5 in 2010.

This change won’t affect current Braves announcers Jim Powell and Don Sutton. Both are in long-term contracts and will be back in 2010.

“What appeals to us is the fact the Fan is the city’s leading sports station,” said Derek Schiller, Braves executive vice president for marketing and sales. “It gives us a partner who can talk about the Braves 24/7.”

The financial details of the five-year deal were not released, but it’s clear Dickey Broadcasting, which owns the Fan, will be spending far less than Clear Channel did in 2004. Clear Channel owns WGST and Project.

“I think it’s a good move for the Braves,” said Chuck Dowdle, veteran WSB-TV sports reporter. “But it was probably their only option. I know the Cox radio group [including WSB-AM] was no longer interested in them. They were a big money loser for Clear Channel.”

Dan …

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America’s Got Talent recycles talent: roller skating break dancers, anyone?



“America’s Got Talent,” in its final audition episode Wednesday night, featured a break-dancing group Break Sk8 from Indiana who did their thang on roller skates. Hmmm… this seemed oddly familiar.

I quickly realized I just saw these guys last year, finishing third on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Heck, I even saw Break Sk8 live last fall at the Atlanta Civic Center during the “America’s Best Dance Crew” tour.

AGT has recycled before. In fact, it brought out an “American Idol” contestant Kelli Glover from season one. But in that case, AGT owned up to this fact, probably because she tried out seven years ago and wanted redemption for not making the top 10. In this case, mentioning the “Best Dance Crew” accolade might be problematic because it happened just 16 months ago. But if that’s the case, why should they even be on the show?

What’s even more annoying is the editing, which makes it sound like they are nobodies from the Midwest. That’s far from the case. …

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680/The Fan becomes the Atlanta flagship for… the Florida Gators!

After three years airing Auburn football, the Fan today announced it is the flagship station for the Florida Gators, the No. 1 college football team in America.

With 790/The Zone airing Georgia Tech football and 750/WSB-AM doing the same with UGA, 680/The Fan has no local team to support. So why not take advantage of the huge influx of alums and fans from outside Atlanta?

“We’re not only carrying the reigning national champs but it’s also a direct plug in to some of the best football matchups in the country,” said the Fan VP David Dickey, who is a Gator alum.

Is this a smart pickup by 680/The Fan?

  • The Gators are awesome. Can’t wait!
  • Bring back Auburn!!!
  • Who cares? I’ll be over at WSB (or the Zone) anyway.

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He noted that Florida will be playing Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida State and of course, UGA. So if you want to hear the game from two different perspectives on the radio this fall, this is your chance.

Dickey said …

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Atlantan Mychael Knight joining “Project Runway: All Star Challenge” August 20

Atlanta fashion designer Mychael Knight, a season three finalist on “Project Runway,” will appear on “Project Runway: All Star Challenge” on Lifetime August 20. It precedes the network debut of the new sixth season of “Runway.”

More info from

Daniel Vosovic and Santino Rice of season 2, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner and Mychael Knight of season 3, Chris March and Sweet P of season 4 and season 5’s Korto Momolu will compete against each other for a $100,000 prize, a rep for the network confirmed.

That’s pretty good money for a few days’ work but clearly, Lifetime is pulling out all the stops to get those 4 million weekly viewers from Bravo, which lost the show last year. (The debut had been delayed by legal wranglings that were resolved only a few weeks ago.)

The lineup, which is missing folks from season one, includes some of the more interesting characters from past years though not necessarily the most talented.

“It’s going to be a really good show,” Knight …

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Interview with Jennifer Coolidge (Stifler’s mom), at Laughing Skull Lounge July 23-26

Jennifer Coolidge is a classic “character actor,” as Hollywood types call them. She’s instantly recognizable when on screen. Her big cheeks. plump lips, ample bosom, boozy delivery. But hardly anybody remembers her name.

She’s okay with that. That’s because her distinctive persona keeps the paychecks coming in. Her film/TV resume on is extensive, from her most famous gigs as Stifler’s mom on “American Pie” (upper left) and the nail gal in “Legally Blonde” to guest gigs on “Friends,” “Nip/Tuck” and “The Closer.”

What is your favorite Jennifer Coolidge role?

  • Stifler’s mom in the “American Pie” films
  • The manicurist Paulette in “Legally Blonde”
  • Sherri Ann Ward Cabot in “Best In Show”
  • Whitney Taylor Brown in “For Your Consideration”
  • Joey’s agent in “Joey”
  • Amber Cole in “A Mighty Wind”
  • Something else

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Coolidge also does the occasional comedy show, landing at the Laughing Skull Lounge tonight through Sunday. I …

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Syndicated Michael Smerconish takes over morning show on WGST-AM from Randy Cook

640/WGST-AM is now an all-syndicated station with the addition of Michael Smerconish in the mornings starting July 27. He will air from 6 to 9 a.m.

Randy Cook, the local man who hopes to rejoin Spiff Carner over at True Oldies 106.7 once his three-month noncompete clause is up, left WGST on July 10.

Here’s the press release bio of Smerconish, who resides in Philadelphia:

An attorney-turned-political commentator, Michael Smerconish has been recognized by Talkers and Radio and Records magazines as one of the country’s most compelling radio hosts. In addition to his two nationally syndicated radio programs, Michael has been featured on many major television programs including MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, The Colbert Report and The View. He is also the author of four New York Times bestselling books and a weekly columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And until I get a fresh quote from him, here’s what Smerconish had to say in the …

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