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Show renewals: USA’s “Burn Notice” and “Royal Pains,” Syfy’s “Eureka”

Four popular cable summer shows are coming back in 2010.

USA has renewed the delectable spy drama “Burn Notice” for a fourth season. It’s is one of the top summer series averaging more than 6.5 million viewers every Thursday, up about 30 percent last year when it was on Wednesday nights.

Ditto with fellow Thursday USA series “Royal Pains,” which is drawing virtually the same number of viewers. It’s by far the biggest new hit of the summer among cable shows.

Meanwhile, Syfy has already given a fourth season to its light-hearted scifi drama “Eureka.” This summer, the show has moved from Tuesdays to Fridays to no ill effect. Last Friday, the show drew 2.4 million viewers. (The show also airs in the winter.)

E!’s “Kendra,” the spinoff to “Girls Next Door” has been given a second season. There will be 12 new episodes, plus two special ones for December when she has her first child with her new hubby Hank Baskett. The show averaged about 2 million viewers.

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Trevor Dawes

July 29th, 2009
4:45 pm

My question is this: how is it that USA can have hit shows like ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘Royal Pains’ ans Syfy can have a hit like ‘Eureka’ but their parent network, NBC have failed miserably these last few years to have a primetime hit show? What is it that the writers of these hit cable shows know that the writers for NBC primetime shows don’t? After all, it’s not as if the language and violence the aforementioned cable shows are any more gratuitous than one is likely to see on regular TV.


July 29th, 2009
7:32 pm

Rodney, Burn Notice has always been on Thursday nights, never Wednesday. It just moved up an hour this summer from 10 to 9.


July 30th, 2009
3:44 pm

The reason why these cable shows would likely never be successful on a network is because networks don’t give shows a chance to grow an audience. The cable shows are re-aired several times during the week, giving more people who are channel-surfing a chance to catch it. The networks will air a new show for a few weeks and dump it if it isn’t a huge hit right away.


July 30th, 2009
9:41 pm

Trevor, I think the networks dumb down the shows. Lame comedies and dramas with the same tired formulas and if they do find one that works they spin it off 30 different ways.


July 31st, 2009
8:34 am

The issue is that the networks constantly shuffle the times and days of the shows and USA does not.


August 22nd, 2009
4:30 am

Cable hits are NOT Network hits. Burn Notice, Royal Pains and Eureka would all be hanging on the edge of the cancellation cliff if they got the ratings on the networks that they get on their respective cable outlets.

That’s not to say that these shows wouldn’t garner more viewers if they were on the networks, just that the numbers they get on cable would be small potatoes on the networks. And multiple re-airings doesn’t hurt. Burn Notice conflicts with LOST? Just record the second showing at 1am.


January 27th, 2010
2:21 am

Pity shows like “Pushing Daisies”, Dirty Sexy Money” and “Life” didn’t get their starts on USA or TNT. We could at least got to the end of the season. Maybe they could be rescued as reruns.