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V-103’s Frank Ski in contract negotiations – should he stay?

V-103 morning co host Frank Ski’s contract is up Sept. 9.

This is a precarious time for radio stations. With revenues dropping sharply the past two years, stations have been cutting staff and trimming salaries. Radio personalities, when renegotiating deals, don’t have as much leverage as they had when cash was flush.

Nonetheless, his agent Mark Trigg is confident Ski, who makes well into the six figures per year, won’t take a pay cut. He noted that in the latest June ratings, Ski and his partner Wanda Smith were No. 1 across the board among teens, 18 to 24 year olds and 25 to 54 year olds.

Ski, 45, is not universally loved. He finished No. 2 in a recent unscientific poll of most obnoxious Atlanta radio personality behind only Neal Boortz of WSB-AM. But what matters are the ratings and he has brought home the bacon every year since he joined the station in 1998.

Should V-103 keep Frank Ski?

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V-103 has Ryan Cameron in the wings, holding the fort during afternoons, where he too is No. 1. Though Cameron loves doing afternoons for lifestyle reasons, he subs in for Ski when he’s on vacation and does just fine. The hometown boy is also more popular than Ski, based on comments made here on this blog over the years. And he did beat Ski a few times among 18 to 34 year olds when he was at Hot 107.9 competing directly against V-103.

Ski told me rumors of his departure are false, referring all comments to his agent Trigg, who also represents Whitney Houston and Kenny Chesney. V-103 General Manager Rick Caffey declined to comment, saying any terms of Ski’s contract is confidential.

Who is the luckiest man in town? Q100’s Bert Weiss signed a huge five-year deal in early 2007, before the economy took a nosedive.

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Go Dawgs

July 16th, 2009
1:15 pm

Regular Guys are the best!

Radio Watcher

July 16th, 2009
1:25 pm

If the issue is financial, then either way V103 is going to lose out. Ryan Cameron will expect to be paid just as much, if not more, than Frank Ski. Ryan is already getting a six figure salary. For him to get up early in the morning, CBS is going to have to offer some real money….they may fare better with keeping Frank Ski. Cheaper to keep ‘em!


July 16th, 2009
2:08 pm

Don’t know how the local radio stations are continuing to pay personalities six figure salaries in this economy when competing with cell phones that have TV, music, and video games. Also, satellite TV and radio, mp3 players and iPods are alternatives. Many radio stations are broadcasting syndicated shows because they are able to cut local staff but still make money in this tough economy. I like listening to local popular radio (top 40, urban) but I do not like hearing the same 20 songs every two hours! Can the program directors do better around here?!? Bring back WJZZ Radio ONE!

kym smith

July 16th, 2009
2:34 pm

I am not sure bringing Ryan in for the morning show, I like Rickey on 107, but both are better than Frank Ski


July 16th, 2009
2:40 pm

I think black morning radio in general sucks but the Frank Ski Show is pretty silly and does not represent Atlanta youth or young professional in the best light. I feel he is a know it all and Wanda is unappropriate for radio. For the hosts to be so mature in age the show has a very immature feel.


July 16th, 2009
2:43 pm

How could Frank sign a new contract? His hands would be full with an expensive wine glass. I’ll tell you right now he is such a fake, I could pour him Charles Shaw 2009 and he would not know it from a 1962 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. The guy’s like is about posing, faking, and pretending.


July 16th, 2009
4:27 pm

Frank Ski’s radio show is only rated so high because the station has a stronger signal than the rest of the urban stations. The other local stations are hard to pick up inside of a building when you are at work. If the people at V-103 had any common sense they should be aware that people in this city do not like Frank Ski. I listen to Tom Joyner or Steve Harvey. I would listen to any other show before listening to Frank Ski. He is such an obnoxious person. Once again he is not the reason for the high ratings.

The Truth

July 16th, 2009
4:44 pm

Frank needs to go do talk radio somewhere. He should have sensed his time was coming to an end when Ryan Cameron got hired at V-103. Wanda can stay, but Frank can leave and take annoying lame stupid Nina Brown with him (hate her, she always got something stupid to say like its the Frank, Wanda, and Nina show. She needs to shut up and play the background like every other producer at the station).


July 16th, 2009
5:08 pm

While I like Frank Ski because he seems versed in alot of things, when Ryan Cameron is on in the morning he brings a different kind of energy that flows. Wanda & Sophia adds something that makes it so fun to listen to like family on the radio. That would be such a tough decision for me because they are both good in their own right.


July 16th, 2009
7:26 pm

Frank Ski is an OK fit with V-103. but V can certainly be commended for remaining fully staffed with local DJs and keeping in vibe with the community, when many other stations are resorting to syndication and sounding stale and generic. kudos to you V-103 from this 40 some-odd white guy, you have entertained me well during my 20 plus years here.

The Critic

July 16th, 2009
7:52 pm

Regular Guys suck ass

Gerald Mann

July 17th, 2009
2:06 am

Please stop hating! Frank has came to this town and started a foundation that sends kids to parts of this world you would only dream of. He is a Great Father and husband. You talk about where are the roll models, well you have one you should be proud of in Frank, but you are to busy hating. That brother has done more for the kids in this town than any one person you know!

mike hunt

July 17th, 2009
2:48 am

Hey Frank, as Ralph from Ben Hill would say…..”Get the Hell out of Toooowwwnnnn!” and ditto on Nina. Take her annoying, horrible voice for radio, bad opinion giving, no intelligent perspective having a** with ya. And oh yeah, Mr Sophia could really do the city a favor and hop on a motorcycle, get it up to about 120 and go head on off a cliff. Freak.


July 17th, 2009
8:55 am

When I first moved to Atlanta about 8 yrs ago, I use to listen to Frank in the morning, but for about the past 4 yrs I’ve been listening to Bert at Q100. All hating aside, Frank just became annoying, NOBODY knows everything. He gives an air of being pretentious and arrogant which outshadows his knowledge and chartiable efforts. I’ll be really amazed if he’s able to keep his current salary in these economic times. I do like Ryan in the afternoon though and think he would be great in the morning too.


July 17th, 2009
11:29 am

Get rid of Frank. Keep that flake Nina off the radio. She speaks like someone that didn’t even graduate from high school. She’s a holy-roller on 1 day and a club-hopping hoochie the next.


July 17th, 2009
12:04 pm

Keep Frank Period Dot! All I see is Hate on this Blog or more like jealousy and envy. I don’t know him as a person but his celebrity has brought a lot of change and opportunities to various people and organizations. ^^ cosign Gerald Mann ^^ Some people are so quick to judge someone in a negative light because misery loves company. I personally love how he informs and enlighten us on various subjects. Including a glimpse into his home life. Don’t fault a Man for being cultured or earning his position in life from the ground up.


July 17th, 2009
1:59 pm

Shelby – whatever. his philanthropy and community service is a different story. i applaud him for that. Still doesnt negate the fact that he is an ego-maniac and name-dropper. You and Gerald need to go hug a tree.


July 17th, 2009
3:45 pm

It really doesn’t matter. He is annoying but he does good things for the children. I stopped listening years ago. I listen to The Bert Show on Q100. There I don’t have to listen to “Do the Stanky Leg” I’m grateful for small miracles. I have a radio station where my children can listen to clean music!!!!


July 17th, 2009
4:16 pm

Do you think Frank reads this blog? He should and then he should address your comments on his show. Let’s see how much class & style he really has. The true measure of a man happens in times of adversity. Frank, pay attention!

Positive Change

July 17th, 2009
7:15 pm

Well, I really don’t have an opinion about Frank staying or leaving. I’ll just say he done his job & got high ratings. At the time when he came, I felt V103 needed a change from Mike Roberts & (especially) Carol Blackmon. But I also feel that it’s time for a change again at V103. I’m also wonder how Frank feels; is he too comfortable in Atl, has his creativity & freshness he brought when he 1st came dried up? He might need to move on for personal reasons, he might want to seek out other markets & ventures. I just miss how Atl radio used to be, like about anytime before the late 90’s I guess. We actually used to have more variety here & to hear that now, you have to leave the metro area or get satellite radio. ANYWAY, once again, V103, if their sister station, WAOK would just get rid of that LOUD, irrelevant, BORING, UNINFORMED, VERY LITTLE INTERESTING OR RELEVANT TOPICS LORRAINE WHITE in the morning, that would make life sweeter!


July 18th, 2009
12:09 am

CBS/Cox Communication showed canceled the Frank Ski show, I think you will be better off getting Steve Harvey, Doug Banks, Russ Parr, or any other syndicated show. Its probably cheaper, and Frank Ski sucks. I can’t believe the Radio Show still getting ratings. His condesending uppity negro fake neo-Christian rhetic is terrible. Its sickening, not to mentioned Wanda. I can deal with Wanda fake ass and Sophia. If there was a better signal to the other radio stations, or better urban stations in the area I would have been stop listening.

The show is SO SO MUCH BETTER WHEN RYAN CAMERON FILL IN….Those three make a good morning show…….Without all that BS, and Daily Inspiration, and that I sucked off Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jay’Z garbage. A matter of fact, I am going to start an online petition to get rid of Frank Ski, and you all can sign it. I am not a hater, but I need something to listen to on my ride to work in the morning.


July 18th, 2009
11:38 am

I REALLY hope V-103 gets rid of “Fake” Ski. He is phony and very annoying. He shouldn’t be paid 6 cents let alone 6 figures. I can’t stand to listen to the station when he’s on air. I hope he leaves and takes “Mr.” Sophia with him. Both of them are disgusting!


July 20th, 2009
10:44 am

Shelby does not get it. Most people or not jealous or envious of Frank Ski. Frank is a very annoying, pretentious person. He is so fake and thinks he is above everyone. How can a man without a college degree be so judgemental about everyone else’s position in life?. I will never forget the time he said that he wants to know what someones parents do before he lets his son date a girl. This is from a guy who is an under educated DJ. I don’t know my father and my mother had a drug problem when I grew up but I graduated from college and I work as a professional so you can not judge a person by that. Frank comes froma a broken home too. So Frank needs to stop being so high and mighty for no damn reason. HE IS A DJ that’s all…A simple DJ!!


July 20th, 2009
10:53 am

Mike please start the petition soon. We need to get rid of Frank Ski’s name dropping, wannabe a celebrity butt. If the stations signal strength was not so strong his show would not be number 1.


July 20th, 2009
1:43 pm

Frank Ski would do well if he could stop being so arrogant and acting as if he knows everything and everyone. To be so “holy” Frank Ski doesn’t even pretend that he knows how to be humble. It takes a big person to listen and acknowledge another’s opinion – even if they disagree. Frank Ski thinks he’s right about everything – all of the time! And, please tell his girlfriend, producer Nina Brown, to shut up already!!


July 20th, 2009
2:34 pm

The best thing “Frank Ski” has done was to get Wanda Smith to work on time (consistently).

Monica Johnson

July 20th, 2009
3:12 pm

Stop hating on the Frank and Wanda show………….
GO V-103

Like it TIS

July 20th, 2009
3:50 pm

I agree Frank is a little over the edge he’s shares TO,TO MUCH of what’s going on at home and, Who cares? I have lost the zest for his show like so many others, They might as well bring back Mike Roberts.LOL When you go please take Mr. Sophia with you and Wanda you can go to.
gone all ya’ll just go on.


July 20th, 2009
4:10 pm

*If* listening to that type of urban radio in the morning (instead of CDs, R&B 104, Gospel, etc.), I’ll stick to Rickey. Of course they have some antics of their own, but I’ll take the balance over the Frank Ski report. That man turns EVERY conversation into something about himself and/or his wife.

When people call in and say they are inspired because of the inspiration vitamin and that the words, gospel, scriptures got them through an adverse situation, Frank says, “we do what we can. you’re welcome.” Ummm, Frank, GOD did it.

Wanda and Sophia are little over the top for my tastes (and there is nothing wrong with that), but when Ryan fills in and it’s the three of them – I can’t turn the station. THAT’s a good mix.


July 20th, 2009
5:07 pm

Frank will never leave even if WVEE reduced his pay. He’s too caught up in the so-called “Atlanta Black Bourgoise Hollywood” lifestyle and crowd, and he will never give that up. He’ll probably be around forever…Note to self – must subscribe to satellite radio.


July 20th, 2009
5:36 pm

Well it has been said already, I to think it is time for change again on V-103. Frank’s time has come and gone. No one is hating on Frank… but we need change. I am ATL born and raised and I can not stomach to listen to the Frank and Wanda show in the mornings. Rickey smileys show ain’t no better. I listen to my CD’s in the morning, and then log on the listen to Elle’s show and Ryan’s show. Michael is right, the only reason why the show is #1 is because of the strong signal, that can be picked up in buildings.

Wanda is a clueless, non-talking (can’t even complete a sentence correctly). She really needs to go, and I mean FAST… back to the MIA!!!

As for Mr. Sophia… for the life of me, I can not understand how Rick Caffey is allowing this MAN (PUNK) to get on the radio and portray a woman. What message are you sending to our kids with this NONSENSE. Go back to playing with the children.

I hope they do read these blogs and be accepting of peoples opinions. Frank, you need to reinvent your show. Get rid of Wanda and Sophia, you might be liked again.


July 20th, 2009
9:25 pm

This is our chance to find out if V-103 really does listen to the people. Every time a blog relating to Frank Ski comes out the ratio of dislike to like regarding Frank is VERY high.


July 22nd, 2009
5:56 pm

Now, I do think that Frank Ski’s time has come and past with V-103. However, some of you need to lay off Miss Sophia. “What message are you sending to our kids with this nonsense?”, yeah sounds like homophobia to me. Atlanta has a large gay population, so why not let a transexual be on the radio? Times are changing people and stop being so uptight over that stuff. If you don’t like then keep it moving.

Back to the topic, I think Ryan Cameron, Wanda Smith, and Miss Sophia would be an excellent and funny combination in the mornings. I actually enjoy their silliness and chemistry because it works and keeps me listening.


July 23rd, 2009
3:55 pm

frank needs to go he hired and loud and ugly drag queen on the show he has a gold digging groupie for a producer. and wanda nice lady but laugh at her own jokes to much and most aren’t that funny.and speaking on being a groupie frank one of the biggest of them all with celebs and his new york rappers. man crushes makes sound kind of well, gay and he trust to get on his high horse to talk about black business with over 90% of his fans is black which is very dumb .so yes he needs to go.


July 27th, 2009
5:04 pm

If everyone hates Frank Ski, why is his ratings so high? That man does so much for the community and all you can focus on is the way he talks about celebrities. I have never thought that he believed he was better than anyone else. Wanda and Sophia are not my favorites but I would never start a petition to get someone fired. Please, some people have too much time on their hands and need to get a life. I love Ryan Cameron, but I do not like the dynamic between him, Wanda and Sophia. I love it when he has his own show and he can really express himself.


August 3rd, 2009
12:46 pm

Enlighten me Atlanta. Did you all complain a year or more ago to V-103 as to what you really wanted to hear from their station? I am from Baltimore, Maryland. We missed having Frank Ski here. There were no complaints about him that I know of on our V-103 or 92Q stations. He is always welcome to come back to Baltimore.


August 11th, 2009
8:44 pm

PLEEEEZ bring on Ryan Cameron in the mornings and get rid of Frank Ski!!


August 12th, 2009
10:21 am

The show sucks wandas horse laugh is terrible I hate it franks praise God mon-fri then club head talking crap fri-sat is so azz backwards they jus need to play music and do way less talk and oh don’t even get me started on the holidays wen he is really on his holy horse -


August 12th, 2009
10:40 am

Frank Ski needs to GO, he is fake, I hang out with time to time, he sleep with more women and I thimk men too, He always talking about being a family man, but his wife needs to open her eyes. He is not always DJing at night. How can someone party all week and want people to think that he is soooo holy. Please let him go, bring Ryan to the moring.


August 12th, 2009
10:49 am

Rhoda we DO NOT want Frank Ski back in Baltimore he was fake than and still is fake. Why you think we got rid of him, with time people will see how he really is, so Atlanta can keep him. Frank do not come back to B-more, you can’t hang with the DJ’s in Baltimore/ DC


August 12th, 2009
5:52 pm

I am so tired of FRANK SKI. He is an obnoxious woman hater. Ryan knows what people want to hear and he should have the morning show…


August 15th, 2009
1:00 am

I had no idea there were so many haters in Atlanta! I believe the people who dislike Frank are just country and feel inferior to him. I never got the impression that he was fake or thought he was better than anyone. If anything he is always talking about his charity work but I bet none of the haters care about that. Why do we always have to bring each other down??


August 18th, 2009
5:27 pm

I like Frank ski, and im not a hater, but Frank Ski really need to talk radio he is not a good fit for morning radio which she be entertaining and imformative. if it was not for wanda and maybe Ms Sophia no one would listen to Frank Ski, also V-103 has always had some good ratings even when Mike Roberts was on the air, and in conclusion v-103 has a better signal than other staions….please dont bring Frank Ski we need Ryan, Wanda and Maybe Miss Sophia…Okay We need Miss Sophia


August 25th, 2009
1:05 am

I don’t listen to V-103 that much, but I think that Frank and Tanya are doing a beautiful job with our youth in the community.


September 8th, 2009
12:28 pm

I think everyone is intitled to their own opinion. I think Frank, Wanda, and Miss Sophia does a great job in the morning. They tell us about their life experiences, because they have been through some things that some people have not been through. They are not Perfect but, they still try to help us (the people). I love the inspiration vitamin because it is very uplifting, and makes my day go much smoother when i listen to it. Sometimes I wonder how they do radio and then go work at the club, but then I realize its their job. They have to answer to God for their action. I don’t feel any of them need to lose their job at this point, everybody deserve a chance just talk to them and let them know what you want from them and then see if they change to the way you expect.

kreanna Austin

September 9th, 2009
10:13 am

The black drag queen on Frank Ski is an insult to black men and black people .

Ty Jones

September 9th, 2009
4:50 pm

The show is better when Ryan is on there! If Ryan comes back in morning, so will I…until then, Steve Harvey for me!


September 18th, 2009
4:20 pm

Enter your comments here In my opinion Frank Ski brings some intelligence to the show. However Wanda and the Sophia personality is what has keep the african american community in a comatose state. The radio itself needs to be more informative and have intelligent debates How long will we limit our conversations to sexually topics, and he say she say chatter. Dont get me wrong I like to laugh, have fun and want the inside goosip about my community but lets have a balance. lets not limit ourselves to senseless music playing every hour on the hour and topics that limit scope on life. I also think our radio stations will not change there format until our community changes and expects more. The radio sation is just a reflection of the people that make up our community.


Salary Guy

November 30th, 2009
7:40 am

“well into the six figures”?? I hope Frank is making seven figures. When Mike Roberts left the station, he was earning a cool 1 Million a year.