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6/22: Jon & Kate Plus divorce non-shocker

So what should become of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ now that they are getting divorced?

  • Just end it. For the sake of humanity and the Gosselins, end it!
  • Keep the show on as we see them lead their separate lives with the kids.
  • Kate spinoff show!

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Yep, it’s over.

“This is the hardest episode ever,” Jon said to start the very “special” episode called “House & Big Changes.”

“We can’t go back,” Kate said. “We can only move forward. But I don’t hate him. Never have. Never will.”

“It’s been so stressful,” Jon added.

“I know it’s necessary because my goal is peace for the kids,” Kate said.

The D-word (divorce) is not mentioned up front but People magazine found out before the show aired that they had officially filed for divorce.

In fact, it’s not until 42 minutes in before the pair say they are officially separating. “If peace needs to be brought about by this, I’m in agreeance,” she said. Kate will stay at the house with the kids …

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6/22: George Clinton shows up in Atlanta to support performance royalties for radio

George Orwell knew that language and words can shape debate. And both sides of the debate over AM/FM radio paying royalties to performers and record labels are using particular words to their advantage.

A bill in Congress is called the Performance Rights Act (HR848), which allows record labels and artists to collect payments from radio stations for the first time since the exemption was made 70 years ago. “Rights” is a term that evokes something deserved, something earned. They also use the term “fairness” often because other mediums such as television, satellite radio and Internet radio have to pay royalties. Why should AM/FM get a break?

The National Association of Broadcasters, which represent AM/FM radio stations, calls it a “performance tax.” A “tax” implies it’s a burden, something that isn’t necessarily deserved or earned. (This is misleading. A tax goes typically to government. This money goes to artists and labels, like they do for songwriters.)

The Atlanta chapter …

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TV best bets with special “Jon & Kate,” returns of “America’s Got Talent,” “Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “The Real World”

And you thought “very special episodes” were a vestige of the ’80s and ’90s circa “Diff’rent Strokes.” But TLC is using that “special” term for Monday’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Watch and not be surprised.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly robust week for new shows and returning shows. The biggest summer show in total viewers the past couple of summers, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” returns, with all that buzz from “Britain’s Got Talent” likely to boost ratings even more.

The grand-daddy of reality shows “Real World” dabbles in Cancun Wednesday. And Monday night, the surprisingly popular ABC Family show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” comes back tonight.

ABC Family, right after “Teenager,” brings out some go-for-broke teen gymnasts on “Make it or Break It” while Bravo carts out the real lives of pampered NYC teens in “NYC Prep” Tuesday. NBC, which usually launches reality shows in the summer, is trying out “The Philanthropist” Wednesday while HBO goes mildly raunchy with its …

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790’s Ryan Stewart expecting 1st child

With Ryan Stewart’s former bachelor days already behind him, now the pitter patter of little feet are forthcoming.

Stewart, part of the 790/The Zone afternoon sports talk team of the 2 Live Stews with Doug, announced today that he is expecting his first child with his wife of 18 months Javonne.

They are expecting in December and will know the gender of the baby in a couple of weeks.

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6/19: Star 94, the Bull keep moving on up

Star 94’s move of Cindy & Ray to mornings continues to bear fruit as the top 40 station pulls in its strongest numbers this year. (The Morning Mess is quickly become a faded memory.) In May Arbitron ratings, the former afternoon team of Cindy & Ray ranked 9th (in a tie) 25-54 and 7th among 18 to 34 year olds. In comparison, the Mess in January ranked 16th among 25 to 54 year olds and a tie for 10th among 18 to 34 year olds.

Those aren’t nearly as good as Steve & Vikki (now at B98.5) in their heyday but improvement is improvement.

Country station 94.9/The Bull, too, keeps steadily growing under new management. It’s still behind established country king Kicks 101.5 but is closing the gap. In January, Bull was a weak 23rd while Kicks landed in 6th among 25 to 54 year olds. In May, the Bull had moved up to 13th with 25 to 54 year olds while Kicks had slipped to 10th. Clearly, the new Bull program director Scott Lindy is doing something right.

Dave FM, after major progress the …

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V-103 Ryan Cameron’s father-daughter dance this Sunday

One of V-103 host Ryan Cameron’s most popular charity ideas for his foundation over the years has been his annual father-daughter dance. Ryan himself loves to celebrate the special bond he and other dads have with their daughters.

Starting six years ago with 400 people, he’s now grown it to 750 people at the Marriott Marquis this Sunday.

Cameron said he has added a second dance floor this year in the Marriott’s biggest ballroom. “We didn’t want people dancing over their dessert. We’re outgrowing places. It’s amazing. Even with this economy, to have sold out a month in advance just shows what’s going on.”

His two daughters Kai and Ryan Megan join him every year. (He also has a son Cayden) This year, they bought vintage dresses at a local dress shop. He has a matching tux and bowtie. “It’s going to be something out of Walt Disney World,” he said.

The age range of the daughters is anywhere from 4 to 40s, he said.

The theme song? “Dance With Your Father” by Luther Vandross. …

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Ratings update: “Jon & Kate” keep slipping (with a special episode forthcoming), “Real Housewives of New Jersey” gets huge numbers, top Atlanta radio songs

Because of the switch to digital last week, weekly local Atlanta TV ratings have been delayed until Monday.

But I’ve collected a few national nuggets.

“Jon & Kate Plus 8″ keeps losing steam. It fell from a monstrous 10 million viewers to 2.9 million viewers this Monday, a 70% dropoff in just three weeks. The brouhaha has subsided and people are probably just depressed watching this marriage fall apart and feel pity for the kids. Or after so many tabloid magazine covers, viewers are tired of the overexposure.

Perhaps to jumpstart ratings again, TLC is teasing about a “special” episode Monday with a big announcement:

Tuesday night’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season finale table-flipping drama drew 3.5 million viewers and more 18 to 49 year olds (2.5 million) than any other program that night. This was the most popular “Real Housewives” episode ever. The series also outdid the “Atlanta” version by 62 percent among 18 to 49 year olds (1.6 million vs. 990,000) and overall …

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6/17: Bill Maher interview, coming to Cobb Energy Centre June 26

Liberal comic Bill Maher last Friday on his HBO talk show “Real Time” decided to go on a rant against Barack Obama. But not for the reasons Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh typically rail against the president.

Rather, Maher said Obama was focusing too much on his charm offense and not enough on substantive change.

“He’s getting a puppy!” Maher said on TV. “He’s eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden! He’s taking the wife to Broadway and Paris — this is the best season of ‘The Bachelor’ yet!”

Maher, in a phone interview Monday to promote his standup comedy show next week at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, said he was surprised by the reaction to this particular critique, which was posted on YouTube.

“Up until last Friday, whenever I said anything critical about him, I was getting booed by my audience because they’re liberal Southern Californians,” he said. “But on Friday, they were cheering.”

“Something has changed,” he continued. “Look …

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6/17: Sugarland, Zac Brown Band win CMT Awards

Atlanta’s own Sugarland have taken home a well-earned mountain of awards over the past five years. So no surprise they won another CMT Music Award tonight. This year, it’s for Duo Video of the Year with “All I Want to Do.”

Sugarland also performed “Love Shack” with Athens’ own B-52s. The duo has been performing the song at concerts all year. And they have a knack for doing great covers (think “Life in a Northern Town” and “Irreplaceable”)

USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year went to North Georgia’s own Zac Brown Band for the delectable “Chicken Fried.”

And Newnan’s Alan Jackson joined George Strait, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley for the CMT Performance of the Year with “Country Boy.”

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6/16: Sheree Whitfield’s home sold in foreclosure for $1.1 million

Sheree Whitfield’s Sandy Springs mansion, seen on the first season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” sold last month for $1.1 million in foreclosure, according to real estate agent Costa Panos.

That’s a major discount from the original purchase price of nearly $2.4 million in 2000 by Sheree’s ex-husband and former NFL offensive tackle Bob Whitfield. [The property was in his name only.] The home, at 5525 Long Island Dr., was put on sale in 2007 for $2.8 million, but with the economy tanking, nobody bit. And even at $1.1 million, neither Whitfield gets a penny because the home was taken over by Aurora Loan Services Feb. 3 in foreclosure.

The Re/Max real estate agency Aurora hired to sell the home placed it on sale last month for $959,000. It had multiple offers immediately and sold above that asking price, Panos said. “It did quite well,” he said. The buyer was Young & Meathe Properties.

Sheree Whitfield, in a phone interview Monday, wasn’t specific what type of home …

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