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Radio airplay of Michael Jackson tracks exploded last week

No surprise that radio stations in all sorts of formats played plenty of Michael Jackson the moment reports of his death came out Thursday evening.

On Wednesday, the day before his death, according to Mediabase 24/7 and a report from, 511 Michael Jackson or Jackson-related tracks were played nationwide. On Thursday, with just six hours in which stations knew about his death, that exploded to 15,413. The most-played songs: “Billie Jean” (1,168 spins), “Rock With You” (909), “Thriller (894), “Man in the Mirror” (799) an d”Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” (708).

Locally, at least four stations played nonstop MJ that evening: Majic 107.5, Kiss 104.1, Hot 107.9 and V-103.

Several others sprinkled in some MJ. B985 didn’t play its first cut til 9:05 (”You are Not Alone”) while Delilah was on. True Oldies 106.7 played “I Want You Back” at 6:57 p.m. that night and “ABC” at 7:09 p.m., according to, but didn’t play another cut (”Ben”) til 1:16 a.m. early Friday morninig. Q100, which normally doesn’t play anything older than 15 years old, spun “Rock With You” at 8:09 p.m. Thursday. Star 94 chose “I’ll Be There” at 9:03 p.m. that same night. 95.5/The Beat picked “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” at 8:35 p.m., then a megamix of “P.Y.T,” “Thriller,” “Rock With You,” “Billie Jean” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” the next hour. Even Dave FM got into the act Friday with Mara Davis’ lunch hour throwing in “Wanna Be Startin’ Somthing” and “Billie Jean.”

The top 20 most popular Michael Jackson, Jacksons or Jackson 5 songs played in Atlanta from Wednesday through Sunday

1- “Rock With You” 55
2. “Billie Jean” 53
3. “P.Y.T.” 46
4. “Thriller” 43
5. “Human Nature” 37
5. “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” 37
7. “Man in the Mirror 35
8. “I Want You Back” 33
9. “Remember the Time” 31
9. “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” 31
11. “Bad” 24
12. “ABC” 24
13. “Beat It” 21
13. “Off the Wall” 21
13. “The Way You Make Me Feel” 21
16. “Never Can Say Goodbye” 20
17. “Shake Your Body” 19
17. “I’ll Be There” 19
19. “Smooth Criminal” 18
19. “Lady In My LIfe” 18
SOURCE: Mediabase 24/7

Daily airplay in Atlanta of Michael Jackson songs:

Wednesday, June 24: 6
Thursday, June 25: 187
Friday, June 26: 362
Saturday, June 27: 255
Sunday, June 28: 107

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June 30th, 2009
8:59 am

13 of the top 14 selling CD’s at are from Michael Jackson or Jackson 5ive. Some CDs won’t ship for 2-3 weeks!

Chicago Sun-Times scribe Richard Roeper wrote a great article comparing Elvis and Michael. For these of us who remember when Elvis died, the hysteria surrounding both deaths are eerily similar.

who cares

June 30th, 2009
2:01 pm

Who Cares!? MJ was a has been whose career ended over 2 years ago.
and what 40+ yr old man invites kids to sleep over at his house? What’s next-a national holiday?

Christopher Cook

July 1st, 2009
9:21 am

Don’t give them an ideas.

You can’t turn aywhere on TV or radio without seeing Jackson being canonized. Not even NPR.

Christopher Cook

July 1st, 2009
9:22 am

My bad…that should be “any” and “anywhere.” (Just waking up, y’know.)

who cares

July 1st, 2009
2:02 pm

$100 on Elvis to Kick Michael’s BUTT if jackson ever walks thru the pearly gates.