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4/13: Morning Mash with the new Spiff and Fred morning show on True Oldies 106.7 (Bye, Imus!)

Spiff Carner and Fred Brooks took over for Don Imus on True Oldies 106.7 this morning, moving from afternoons. I sampled the first hour.

“We can now officially say you are getting out of bed with Spiff and Fred!” Fred said. (right)

“We are open for business!” said Spiff (left.)

Then the guys just played songs with no talk at all from 6:02 a.m. until 6:13 a.m. First song of the morning: “Love Me Do” by the Beatles (No. 1 in 1964) followed by “Cracklin’ Rose” by Neil Diamond (No. 1 in 1970) , “Oh How Happy” by The Shades of Blue (No. 12 in 1966) and “Lady Willpower” by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap (No. 2 in 1968).

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The pair came back with weather, then took some congratulatory calls from fans. Most were pretty generic but they got one guy who did reference Imus.

“Archaeologists are waking up having to find that old fossil Imus,” he said.

“They have to dig somewhere else,” Fred said.

“I’ve been listening to him for 30 years,” the caller added. “He was spot on but the last few years, he’s been going downhill. I’m glad you changed and I hope you do well.”

“Fossils? We’re getting there,” Fred said.

“I thought he was talking about us!” Spiff added.

Then ads starting at 6:16 a.m. At 6:18 a.m., there was a gap of silence for 20 seconds and an inadvertent clip from a call. In other words, minor technical problems. But that’s to be expected the first hour. Among the advertisers in the first six-minute stopset: McDonald’s, allergy remedy Asterpro and Credit Guard of America.

6:22 a.m.: “My Music” Loggins & Messina. (Peaked at No. 13 in 1973)
6:25 a.m.: “Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind” Lovin’ Spoonful (No. 2 in 1966)
6:27 a.m.: “Uptown Girl” Billy Joel (No. 3 in 1983 – a relatively recent song for the station but it sounds older)

6:30 a.m.: A quick music news rundown by Freddy, traffic and weather. Lou Gramm of Foreigner is recording again after an illness, the Beatles won Best New Artist at the Grammys in 1965 and David Crosby was arrested again for drugs. (Oh, and Al Green is 63 and Bill Conti of “Gonna Fly Now” fame is 67.)

6:32 a.m.: Fred does an endorsement for a crabgrass preventer Top Turf, followed by Tax Relief USA. Walmart, OnStar, Home Depot and

6:36 a.m.: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Four Seasons (No. 1 in 1962)
6:38 a.m.: “Soulful Strut” Young-Holt Unlimited (No. 3 in 1968)
6:41 a.m.: “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” – Jim Croce (No. 8 in 1972)
6:44 a.m.: “Don’t You Care” The Buckinghams (No. 6 in 1967)

6:46 a.m.: Freddie and Spiff give away tickets to a Yaarab Shrine Circus. Then traffic by Greg Talmadge.

6:48 a.m.: A third ad stopset: The Happy Hocker Jewelry & Loan in Sandy Springs (Yes, a pawn shop!), Goody’s Powder, (credit reports for free), the Atlanta Union Mission thrift stores

6:52 a.m.: “Sweet Mary” Wadsworth Mansion (one-hit wonder in 1971, peaking at No. 7)
6:54 a.m.: “Suavecito” Malo (top 20 hit in 1972)
Brief intro to the next song by Freddie.
6:57 a.m.: “Rescue Me” Fontella Bass (No. 4 in 1965)

The hour’s tally: 14 songs, three ad stopsets for about 15 minutes and four breaks for talk by Spiff and Fred (one intro, one to take calls, one to provide entertainment news and one to give away tickets).

True Oldies had a bit of a split personality when it launched a year ago when it launched with an all-talk Imus in the morning followed by music the rest of the day. It hired its only local jocks soon after, Spiff (formerly of the Randy & Spiff show on three different stations) and Fred (who had a long run at various radio stations in the Midwest.)

Near the end of 2008, True Oldies began incorporating music into the morning show, chopping up the Imus show. That ultimately displeased the Imus acolytes but didn’t exactly satisfy many oldies fans either. So it was all good when Citadel, which felt obligated last year to place Imus on an Atlanta affiliate since it owns his syndication, found an AM station willing to take Imus (1160/WCFO-AM).

Spiff’s former on-air partner Randy Cook now competes against him on 640/WGST-AM.

The music mix, programmed by legendary jock Scott Shannon out of New York, is far deeper than that of Fox 97.1 before it ended earlier this decade and Cool 105.7, which aired from 2003 to 2005. Atlanta went three years without a major FM signal oldies station until Citadel swapped country station the Eagle to oldies in February, 2008.

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Jennifer Brett

April 13th, 2009
9:11 am

RoHo, I’m trying to listen to 1160 AM and getting about every ninth word. Their feed seems problematic. The ads and promo spots for other shows are coming in just fine. The programming is unintelligible. If I didn’t know what the show was supposed to be I’d think I was listening to a telegraph punching Morse code.

Big Al

April 13th, 2009
6:28 pm

Wow!!! Randy & Spiff are back on mornings, albeit on different stations, and the AJC’s Cynthia Tucker is moving to DC. Can life get any better?

Happy Listener

April 15th, 2009
4:28 pm

Much better without Imus


May 14th, 2009
10:17 pm

Nutie Still

October 21st, 2009
2:22 pm

Good, Good & more Good.

Looking for the recording artist that did the song “So Fine”. Goes something like
So Fine, So Fine, My Baby’s so doggone fine
runs chills up and down my spine, oh oh so fine.

Thrill me, Thrill me, ——That’s all I know.