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3/31: Morning Mash with February radio ratings, Kevin & Taylor marathon running, Glenn Beck on the rise

Fish morning host Taylor Scott finished the ING marathon in four hours, 36 minutes!

Fish morning host Taylor Scott finished the ING marathon in four hours, 36 minutes!

Breaking the stereotype of schlubby morning radio DJs, Kevin Avery and Taylor Scott of the Fish ran the ING marathon this past weekend and both made it to the finish line. Kevin did it in a respectable four hours and 6 minutes. Taylor, who had told everyone (including her husband) she was going to run the half marathon, pulled a fast one and went all 26.2 miles. She finished with a time of 4 hours and 36 minutes.

“I had done a marathon three years ago,” Avery told me Monday. “I signed Taylor to the half marathon a year ago with 10 days notice. She is a serious runner so it wasn’t signing up a couch potato.” This year, he made two New Year’s resolutions: become a personal trainer (done) and do the marathon again.

He said the weather was nearly perfect. “You want cool temperatures and overcast,” he said. Then he joked, “I usually try running with the Kenyans but wasn’t feeling it.”

Avery said his goal was four hours but came up short. (Three years ago, he ran the San Francisco marathon in four hours and 49 minutes.) He said he’s now ten pounds lighter and better prepared. And he’s 42 years old. Not bad!

- The February ratings are in and the usual suspects are at top: V-103 had its best numbers since the new people meters became official. So did No. 2 performer WSB-AM. And with football over, both sports stations saw a sag. Overall ratings top 10:

1- V-103 2- WSB-AM 3- Kiss 104.1 4- B98.5 5- 95.5/The Beat 6- Hot 107.9 7- Kicks 101.5. 8- Q100 9- Praise 10- True Oldies

The big surprise is the performance of True Oldies, a format that hasn’t been in the top 10 in years.

Among 25-54, the picture is a little different.

1-V103 2- WSB-AM 3-Kiss 4-Q100 5-B98.5 6-Grown Folks (before it became Praise at 102.5) 7- Dave (best performance in ages!) 8- 95.5/The Beat (unusually high for a station that targets 18-34), tied with Project 9-6-1 and 10. The River (a relatively weak showing) 11. Kicks (a bit weak, too, for them) 12. Praise 13. Hot 14. Fish 15. True Oldies 17 (tie) Star 94 (ouch!), 94.9/The Bull 19- Rock 100.5 (no momentum outside mornings yet)

25-54 mornings
1- Scott Slade/WSB-AM 2- Frank & Wanda/V-103 3-Tom Joyner/Kiss 104.1 4- Bert Show/Q100 5- Steve Harvey/Grown Folks (now over at Majic) 6- Caddy & Dallas/Kicks 7- Kaedy Kiely/The River 8- The Regular Guys/Rock 100.5 9- Steve & Vikki/B98.5 10- Kevin & Taylor/Fish 11- Murph Dawg & CJ/The Beat 12- Orff/Dave FM 13- El Patron 14 tie Yolanda Adams/Praise 14 tie Ricky Smiley 14 tie Morning Edition/WABE-FM 17 (tie) – Giant Brian & Shafee/Project 17 (tie) Viva 17 (tie) 94.9/the Bull 17 (tie) Imus/True Oldies 21 (tie) Morning Mess/Star (since fired) and Mayhem in the AM/The Zone 23- Rude Awakening/the Fan 24 (tie) – Bill Bennett/WGKA, Monk & Kelly/J93.3 26- Morris Baxter/91.9/Clark Atlanta 27 (tie) Randy Cook/WGST-AM, Moby in the Morning/WTSH-FM 29- 96.7/The Legend, Moby/WNGC-FM

Here’s 25-54 middays. WGST, which includes Glenn Beck (new on Fox News) & Rush Limbaugh (in the headlines in February), saw its strongest PPM numbers to date. The new program director Scott Jameson at Dave FM should be happy with his numbers as well.

1- V-103 (Elle Duncan) 2- WSB-AM (Neal/Clark) 3- Kiss 104.1 (Cynthia Young) 4. B98.5 (Jordan Graye) 5- Dave FM (Mara Davis) 6- Q100 (Brittany) 7- Project 9-6-1 (Aly) 8- True Oldies (Scott Shannon) 9- Kicks (Sari Rose) 10 (tie) WGST (Beck/Limbaugh) and Grown Folks (before it died).

And here’s the top 10, 18-34. Not a lot of surprises here.

1-V-103 2- 95.5/The Beat 3- Q100 4- Hot 5- Project 6- El Patron 7- Kicks 8- Star 9- Fish 10- Viva

18-34 mornings

1- Frank & Wanda/V-103 2- Bert Show/Q100 3- Murph Dawg & CJ/95.5/The Beat 4- Ricky Smiley/Hot 107.9 5- The Regular Guys/Rock 100.5 6- Caddy and Dallas/Kicks 7- Giant Brian & Shaffee/Project 8- El Patron 9- Scott Slade/WSB-AM t-10 Viva and Kevin & Taylor/The Fish

Glenn Beck has been a force of nature on Fox News since he debuted in late January, killing the competition and nearly drawing numbers matching Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity at 5 p.m. The New York Times has drawn notice.

With a mix of moral lessons, outrage and an apocalyptic view of the future, Mr. Beck, a longtime radio host who jumped to Fox from CNN’s Headline News channel this year, is capturing the feelings of an alienated class of Americans.

In an interview, Mr. Beck, who recently rewatched the 1976 film “Network,” said he identified with the character of Howard Beale, the unhinged TV news anchorman who declares on the air that he is “mad as hell.”

“I think that’s the way people feel,” Mr. Beck said. “That’s the way I feel.”

-The most excellent show “Friday Night Lights” has been renewed for two more seasons. DirectTV and NBC are continuing a relationship in which DirectTV airs the episodes first, then NBC follows. The show’s ratings on NBC have always been modest but its fans have been fiercely loyal.

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March 30th, 2009
11:41 pm

“pulled a fast one and went all 24-plus miles.” Maybe next time you can pull a fast one and actually look up how far a marathon is. It’s a pretty standard distance. Nice reporting.


March 31st, 2009
8:39 am

So I see Elle Duncan is #1 on mid-days. I remember seeing all those posts saying that she couldn’t hold her own and how Rashaan was going to rule middays. I didn’t see Rashaan listed in the top ten. Great job Elle – keep up the good work!


March 31st, 2009
9:13 am

Rodney, I believe Scott Lindy is PD for 94.9/The Bull, not Dave-FM.

Big Boy

March 31st, 2009
9:28 am

Go on Elle. I been following you since you were on 790. Listened to Ryan’s show too and I knew you could do it.


March 31st, 2009
9:34 am

Elle inherited that number one spot from Frank & Wanda being on the air. Give it some time and she won’t be number one. I am not being a hater, but have you heard her show lately. She got in at the right place at the right time. Give it some time.

Big Whoop!

March 31st, 2009
9:54 am

Look at the other shows on midday. There is nothing worthwhile. Elle should be REALLY ashamed if she can’t beat them! That doesn’t mean she doesn’t suck because she does! The trash at the top of the dumpster still stinks!

Big Boy

March 31st, 2009
1:35 pm

Well then why wasn’t Ramona #1 in the time slot if it was just getting Frank and Wanda spot? Stop hatin people and wishing for somebody to fail.


March 31st, 2009
6:42 pm

I definitely wasn’t one of those people saying Rashan was going to rule…if I wanted to listen to someone yell at me for 4 hours, I’d listen to Rickey Smiley in the morning and get it over with!! Anyway, if it was just a difference between Elle and Ramona on middays at V that would be one thing….BUT it’s not. They have also drastically changed the music during that timeslot in order to combat Kiss 104.1 and (what was) Grown Folks, 102.5. Now the midday playlist is no rap whatsoever, strictly R&B AND they’ve added a slew of R&B throwbacks. This was not the case when Ramona was on. PLUS they have cut back on the amount of time Elle gets to talk versus how long Ramona was given to talk. I can’t stand Elle, but even I’ll listen to that…I just turn whenever Elle starts talking. I suspect I’m not alone….LOL!! Now that they’ve got Carol Blackmon permanently on middays at Majic, those numbers may be changing soon. I seriously doubt that Elle will be around for long. Regardless, if you’re not one of the chosen few with a PPM, YOU DON’T COUNT and stations don’t really care what you or I think. Sad but true.

Wayne from AL

April 1st, 2009
1:17 pm

Have Matt Chernoff and Chuck Oliver improved 680 The Fan’s ratings?

Don finley

April 1st, 2009
4:28 pm

Im glad to see that these so called sports talk stations here are not going good because 790 and 680 both suck, you have people that are not from GA trying to talk sports, go back where you came from!

NY Nick

April 2nd, 2009
3:10 pm

Hey Don news flash!!!…Get use to it buddy NOBODY is from here anymore your the minority. Have you been under a rock or something???

Ny Nick