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3/26: Morning Mash with Comcast on demand Atlanta “network,” WABE’s spring campaign

Comcast is developing an “on demand” channel called RealCity TV focused on Atlanta-only content.

My colleague Kristi Swartz wrote a story about it, referencing former 99X jock Steve Barnes’ “High Rise” project as one of the examples.

Comcast began doing local on-demand shows in Atlanta two years ago. Atlanta has been one of the top performers out of two dozen cities. “That’s why we chose Atlanta to debut Real City,” said Comcast Atlanta VP of marketing Larry Schweber. “Crime Stoppers,” “Dating on Demand” and “Pet Adoptions” were the most successful of the early shows, though he wouldn’t release viewership numbers. 

If RealCity as a concept works, Comcast will roll it out to other cities. The target audience, Schweber said, is the “wired” generation of 18 to 45 year olds who are used to going on YouTube. In earlier experiments, shorter on-demand shows did better than traditional long-form 30 or one-hour shows. Thus, all the shows are going short from. 

The shows mostly sound low budget though Comcast hopes to get some advertising support for particular shows. (”High Rise” with Barnes is the only scripted serialized show and Barnes himself got the advertsiers on board, not Comcast.)

Here’s a sampling of some of the 25 (yes! 25!) shows which range from two to 12 minutes long. Episodes from all 25 shows will be ready March 31. These are Comcast descriptons. I’ll blog about the shows on March 31 once I see some of them (though samples are available on the RealCity Web site). 

Style Ambush shows how the victim is the victor by using a makeover mafia to stalk the city and give guests a whole new outfit, plus tips that will raise their cuteness quotient instantly. Here, the frumpy turn into fab as amazing transformations are made.

Instant Critics provides Atlantans with the opportunity to rant, rave or give a five-star rating over the airwaves to their most and least favorite new films, music, restaurants and more.  If it’s hot and happening in Atlanta, Instant Critics will be telling you all about it.

Bodies of Art takes a look at one of Atlanta’s most eclectic neighborhoods, Little Five Points.  The mission is to interview people with tattoos, piercings and wacky hair and find out what makes theirs a Body of Art.  From meeting a man with over 20 piercings who also practices Suspention in which he attaches several large hooks all over his body and hangs only by his skin to a one-on-one with Chuck B, the founder of legendary tattoo magazine, Prick, this show takes body art to a whole other level.

Go Home With… gives viewers the keys inside Atlanta’s most exclusive neighborhoods and coveted houses.  From up-and-coming personalities to established professionals and athletes, the city’s most high-profile citizens open their doors and give a not-so-average house tour.  It’s an in-depth bio of their favorite rooms including what inspired their design, surprising details and the role their special places play in their lives.

When a lawyer (who happens to be a stand up comic and used car salesman) roams the city of Atlanta, looking for the places and people that make this metropolis great, you can only come up with one thing… Odd-Lanta.  If it’s weird and worthy of a visit, Odd-Lanta takes you there to explore it, with a click of your TV remote. 

Hard Courts provides up-close stories about the competition and the social climbing at exclusive clubs catering to the needs of tennis-crazy Atlantans.  Viewers can check in with tomorrow’s stars of this hometown sport and the human interest stories they leave behind.

Instant Blind Date uses an ambush matchmaker to kidnap hapless singles and hook them up!  Viewers are able to tag along and spy on every second of these fly-by-night encounters, even eavesdrop on secret debriefings where daters tell our matchmaker exactly how they feel about their unexpected partner.

Can Your Dog Do This features one-of-a-kind canines in a competition that is part American Idol part Miss USA.  Competing for alpha dog celebrity through photo contests, obedience games, talent competitions and costume shows, these precocious pups will showcase not only their unusual talents but their adorable charisma as well.

-WABE-FM is begging for money for its spring drive now and will do so through April 3. Last fall, they were able to make their goals. Can they do it this time? If you’re feeling warm of heart, go here to donate. Among the “prizes:” $60 gets you two WABE “Go Green” totes. $100 gets you a T-shirt. $120 gets you a travel tumbler. $180 gets you an AM/FM emergency radio. $365 gets you a T-shirt, a tumbler and a radio!

Top 5 shows in Atlanta, primetime, week of March 16, courtesy of Nielsen Media:

1- “American Idol,” (Country week, performance), Fox, Tuesday, 625,000 (down from 707,000 a week earlier)
2- “American Idol,” (results), Fox, Wednesday, 600,000 (down from 779,000 a week earlier)
3- “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, Monday, 468,000 (up from 450K a week earlier)
4- “House,” Fox, Monday, 383,000 (up from 330K a week earlier)
5- “24,” Fox, Monday, 372,000 (up from 338K a week earlier)

WXIA’s Chris Holcomb last week did a funny bit explaining why he couldn’t wear green on TV on St. Patty’s Day. Watch the floating head! (The always fun Liveapartmentfire blog first posted this one.)

-WGCL-TV had technical difficulties Monday and ended up delaying its 4 p.m. news program until 5 p.m., swapping with “Ellen.” I had been awaiting a return call from the GM for an explanation but have not yet heard back as of Wednesday afternoon.

- Kicks 101.5 top 5 songs for the past week, courtesy of

1- “Here Comes Goodye” Rascal Flatts
2- “It Happens,” Sugarland
3- “It’s America,” Rodney Atkins
4- “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You,” Jake Owen
5- “White Horse,” Taylor Swift

-94.9/The Bull top 5 songs for the past week

1- “She’s Country” Jason Aldean
2- “Sweet Thing” Keith Urban
3- “River of Love” George Strait
4- “Whatever It Is” Zac Brown Band
5- “God Love Her” Toby Keith

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March 26th, 2009
2:10 pm

Rodney you dweeb–WABE is not begging for money. Have you ever been to the studios–it’s not fancy my friend. All of the donations goes right back into operations and salaries. Why don’t you write about how this station still puts out quality news and information with limited resources—while you put out gossip and mess. Do you know anything about National Public Radio–no you’re too busy chasing Atlanta Housewives and reporting on drag queens that get movie roles.

And you really think you’re a legit journalist.

Rodney Ho

March 26th, 2009
2:15 pm

Wow. Somebody forgot to take their Happy Pill this morning! I’m being colloquial when I’m saying they are “begging for money” but that’s what any public radio station has to do to keep its doors open. I didn’t mean anything negative by it at all. It’s just the reality of what they do. And yes, I write about the Atlanta Housewives because the bosses know there is huge demand for that stuff. I’m just doing my job. Not sure what you mean by “drag queens” who get movie roles. As for my “legitimacy” as a journalist, that is indeed always up for debate.


March 27th, 2009
1:48 pm

Well, Atlanta radio has calmed down a bit since the firestorms that burned-out 99X, Lite FM et al., but Rodney continues to do an excellent job of covering the cheap and cheesy as well as the highbrow in Atlanta media.

Maybe WABE needs to give him some more news outside of their seasonal fund drives and extremely infrequent personality changes. Maybe if they dropped Second Cup Concert and carried Ludlow Porch instead. I’m not sure what you would characterize as a worthwhile use of Rodney’s time.

Have to Agree

March 27th, 2009
8:55 pm

I have to agree with Brooke. You are a Dweeb. NPR via WABE is the only place in Atlanta to get reasoned news. If they have to beg it’s only because you and your “bosses” continue to feed the masses the low life news about Housewives.

And please, dear god, can’t you come up with a headline other than “morning mash?”