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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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3/24: Morning Mash with Dancing With the Stars, Carol Blackmon on Majic 107.5

-Carol Blackmon, formerly of the V-103 morning show with Mike Roberts in the 1990s, has been officially named the mid-day host for the new Majic 107.5, completing that station’s lineup. “We had about close to 80 resumes and applicants and she was the best candidate through the entire process,” said Tim Davies, her boss. He cited her experience in the market, excellent delivery, her professionalism and her ability to connect with the listeners and music.

-The Insider reports that “Dancing With the Stars” stars get paid a decent $200,000 for an entire season, plus bonuses based on how well they do. For some of these “stars,” that’s a decent payday for all the work and potential injury. For others (such as bazillionaire Steve Wozniak), it’s clearly for the public exposure and challenge, not the payday. This sure beats “Celebrity Apprentice,” which reportedly pays a measly $15,000.

-Broadcast TV? Cable TV? Most people under 35 don’t know the difference because they grew up with all the options meshed together. For folks older than 35, most remember the days when their only options were ABC, CBS and NBC. Ad Age explores this phenomenon as broadcast audiences continue to shrink and cable TV’s share continues to grow unabated.

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March 24th, 2009
8:41 am

Congrats to Carol! She sounds great and fits the station well.