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On the slowing flow of people into the South

Perhaps in a few years, each of us will look back and tell of the moment we realized that this economy was spiraling in an exceptional and dreadful way.

When that time comes, I will remember a party out in the ‘burbs of Atlanta last summer. The wife and I were accidental attendees, courtesy of a couple we knew from high school.

The mansion was a multi-million dollar monument to the Southern high life, with countless kitchens and bedrooms and sitting rooms, never mind the home theater, servant quarters, sauna, indoor-outdoor pools and breathless view.

Liquor flowed free. Caterers offered acres of food. Music was non-stop. A dance troupe performed. And the house interior was dressed to the nines – because the party was in fact a last-chance business proposition.

The owner was a developer who had bet that the South’s love affair with growth, its ability to lure a ceaseless tide of newcomers into a sunny and economical embrace, would continue as it has for nearly 50 years.

But …

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