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Radio ads target two GOP senators for school voucher vote

Speaking of religious conservatives reasserting their clout.

The Georgia Christian Alliance launched radio ads this morning in Gainesville and Augusta, in an attempt to pressure two Republicans to vote a school voucher bill out of a Senate committee this week.

Listen here to the ad aimed at Bill Jackson (R-Appling). And here to the ad aimed at Jim Butterworth (R-Cornelia.

The legislation is S.B. 90, which state Sen. Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) is using as a cornerstone for his campaign for lieutenant governor. The voucher bill is scheduled for a vote by the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

The bill would allow parents to shift their children to the public school of their choice, with the receiving school having the authority to refuse, or to any private school.

Say both radio ads:

“I’m Jason Fields. I want the best education for my children, and one that does not conflict with our family’s values. The Georgia Legislature’s now considering Senate Bill 90, that will give …

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