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A rebuilding year for Christian conservatives

One cold morning last week, 10 religious conservative groups gathered at the front steps of the state Capitol to list what they wanted from the 236 lawmakers inside.

Restrictions on fertility clinics. Defeat of a bill to permit Sunday sales of beer and wine in grocery stores. Say no to casinos. Provide help to young girls forced into prostitution.

No organization’s agenda was the same, and attendance was far from complete. The Georgia Family Council was missing. So was the Catholic Archdiocese.

Sadie Fields, head of the Georgia Christian Alliance, had chosen to do her lobbying a day earlier, testifying in favor of school vouchers and against academics who explore topics such as oral sex and male prostitution.

But two close friends of Fields, activists Kay Godwin and Pat Tippett from south Georgia, were at the morning event. They’re forming yet another group: Georgia Conservatives in Action.

Five years past the height of their power, when they persuaded two-thirds of the …

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