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Because the Capitol is all about reincarnation

The lieutenant governor’s office just put out a press release explaining why the state Capitol is surrounded by video vans and sound trucks.

Wrote spokeswoman Jaillene Hunter:

A new television series, “Past Life,” which will premiere on FOX in 2010, will be shooting scenes in Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office today and tomorrow.

How nice, we thought. A documentary about Cagle’s postponed career as a candidate for governor. But the lieutenant governor won’t appear in a single shot.

No, “Past Life” is about an unlikely pair of detectives _ there being no other kind _ who investigate the spooky world of the unexplained. Like why baseball stadiums can sell beer on Sunday, but grocery stores can’t.

In truth, Cagle’s office was far more eager to discuss the tax credit that attracted TV crews to the Capitol and movie crews to other parts of the state. Writes Ms. Hunter:

The Georgia General Assembly passed H.B. 1100 in 2008, which provides tax credits for qualified production …

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