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How Democrats can avoid the next fight over the Ga. flag

Is it possible for the upraised middle finger wielded by so many of you in metro Atlanta’s traffic lanes to become — in say, the next 100 years or so — a greeting of welcome and brotherhood?

Your answer to the question, believe it or not, could determine what kind of future Democrats have in Georgia. At least in the near term.

At the state Capitol, we are on the verge of yet another culture war over our state flag. Early this month, while they were emasculating Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in Macon, Senate Republicans took a spare moment to declare that all members of that chamber will be required to recite a daily pledge of allegiance to the Georgia flag.

The 1879 Georgia flag

The 1879 Georgia flag

The author of the proposal, state Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, said he had no intention of igniting a debate over state sovereignty. But inside and outside the Senate, those who would like to see the federal government shrink to its 19th-century waistline will certainly see it as a sign of favor.

Two …

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Until south Georgia voter fraud inquiry is settled, Terry Coleman says he’ll hold off on concession

According to the secretary of state’s web site, Darryl Hicks of Fayetteville beat former House speaker Terry Coleman of Eastman by 572 votes in the Democratic primary for labor commissioner.

But nearly a week later, Coleman has yet to concede – and won’t until a situation in Brooks County is sorted out by the GBI and Brian Kemp’s office.

“Apparently they’ve never had but a couple hundred absentees. This time they had something like 1,400 requested, and voted about 1,100 of them” Coleman said. “Of course, I lost the absentees by two-and-a-half to one or more. So it looked kind of suspicious.”

In next door Lowndes County, which hosts the big city of Valdosta, 439 ballots were reportedly mailed out – and 169 returned.

Coleman’s allies are now looking to see if any other counties have shown jumps in absentee ballots.

“There may be a little fraud involved. Who knows?” the former speaker said.

Matt Carrothers, a spokesman for the secretary of state’s office, confirmed this …

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Austin Scott close to 8th District GOP win, and gets a bruising welcome from Jim Marshall

Updated at 11:50 p.m.:Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for all of your attention this evening. I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning.

Updated at 11:15 p.m.: On the Republican side of the 8th District congressional contest, state Rep. Austin Scott (R-Tifton), who until this spring was a candidate for governor, has apparently won the nomination without a runoff.

With 89 percent of the vote in, Scott is at 53 percent. Which prompted this bruising welcome from Doug Moore, spokesman for U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall (D-Macon):

“Austin Scott’s been in the legislature his whole adult life, He’s a career politician looking for his next job. Ran for governor, found no takers. Ran for Lieutenant Governor, got run off, and was told to run for Congress.

“He’s voted against taxing illegal immigrants, but he’s voted for, even proposed, multiple new tax increases on every Georgian.

“Politics makes strange bedfellows, but with Jim’s record of protecting and helping the people of this district, …

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Qualifying suprises — and Roy Barnes hits TV today

Click here to look at the details yourself, but these are some suprises as qualifying shut down at noon today:

– Chuck Efstration, the 27-year-old assistant district attorney in Gwinnett and chair of the county GOP, jumped into the GOP race to replace U.S. Rep. John Linder in the 7th District.

Other top candidates are former state Rep. Clay Cox of Lilburn and Linder’s former chief of staff, Rob Woodall. A total of eight Republicans are in the contest.

– Democrats Angela Moore of Decatur, a former 4th District congressional candidate, state Rep. Georganna Sinkfield of Atlanta, have all jumped into the primary for secretary of state. The race is no longer a fight between state Sen. Gail Buckner and party activist Gary Horlacher.

– Former state Rep. Roger Hines of Kennesaw failed to qualify in a GOP primary challenge to Republican incumbent School Superintendent Kathy Cox. Cox still faces a primary challenge from school administrator John Barge of Rome.

On the Democratic side, …

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