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The Great Streak of 1974

The month of March can’t be allowed to escape without some celebration of that spring night, 35 years ago, when 1,543 students at the University of Georgia ran naked across the Sanford Stadium bridge.

It was a streaking record that still stands, and may never be matched — not in a world littered with cell phone cameras and Internet connections.

Mass nudity is a strange topic for political discussion, you say. But think about it. A generation ago, more so than today, UGA was home of the gentleman’s “C” and a training ground for the children of Georgia’s ruling elite.

The naked students of 1974 — as well as several thousand more who lined the streets to urge them on — are now well into their 50s. Their bodies may be sagging, their hair may be gray or missing, but some of them are now in command of large slices of your world.

More than three decades later, the act of throwing caution and clothes to the wind remains a sensitive topic. In a phone conversation, one …

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